PAX: Silent Bob, Agnes, Classified, Slushii, Slippy, Lil Smokey and Lifeboat
QIC: Gold Digger

AO: Burleson Park
F3 DISCLAIMER & WELCOME: Announced and Acknowledged by all.

In Cadence… SSH x15, IST x15

Mosey to the George W. Bush Presidential Center (GWBPC) from Burleson Park. There, in the parking lot, we began the first of many 43 Strategery workouts. 

The PAX was instructed to do to following:

3 Rounds: 43 Squats > Run 43yds > 43 American Hammers, repeat…

3 Rounds: 43 Lunges (Double Count) > Run 43 yds > 43 LBCs,  repeat…

3 Rounds: 43 Good Mornings > Run 43 yds > 43 Mountain Climbers

We made it through 1 round of the last group of exercises before moseying back to Burleson for Mary.

Circled up and went around doing 43 reps (single count oyo) of everyone’s exercise choice. YHC began with Freddie Mercury’s, followed by Agnes’ Penguin  Crunches, followed by Lifeboat’s Bear Crawls twice in a circle, followed by Slippy’s Frog Crunches, followed by  Lil Smokie’s Supermans, followed by, last but not least, Classified’s JLo’s.

YHC prayed us out, giving particular thanks to the men of F3, our community and the freedoms we enjoy in this country.

YHC dressed up for the occasion, in my best early 2000s presidential running gear. The plan was to do the workout in the GWBPC field, but multiple security guards, all of which were packing heat, deterred us. During the workout, GWBPC employees kept driving around the parking lot, backing into parking spots etc. I particularly appreciated the person driving a blacked out late 90s model Lincoln Town Car. Such a great automobile!

As always, I am nervous to Q and always feel that my workouts aren’t that great. I felt much more confident when Agnes looked over mid-workout to drop an “FU Gold Digger” in Rump’s voice. Arguably one of my favorite things in life is hearing Rump getting pissed at everything around him, even when he’s not physically present. Thanks Agnes. I am particularly proud of Lil Smokie for crawling out of the fart sack to post. Keep it up Braaa. Lifeboat left to go back to ATL. Come back soon! Silent Bob was silent, Slippy was stealthy,  Classified was sweaty Slushii’s calves were, well… sexy.

1. GrowRuck 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025 infinity…

Half-Caff Half-Murph at Coffee


PAX: Alright Alright, Special Sauce, Spread, Stingray, F-150, Sally, Rump Roast, Ina (Official Timer), Sex Panther, Coach K, Icebox, Principal Belding (FNG)

QIC: Gold Digger

AO: Caruth Park/Coffee Park


10x Merkins IC

10x Side Straddle Hop IC

10x Imperial Storm Troopers IC


Starting at Caruth Park, the PAX ran a half mile to Coffee Park for the Inaugural “Half-Caff Half-Murph.” After picking up the SIX, we dove into Tha Thang:

50 Pull-Ups

100 Merkins

150 Squats

Those who finished early began LBCs. While I walked around fist bumping to catch my breath, Sally, squawked at the LBCers to stop sitting around while he squatted, in perfect Sally form.

Once finished, the PAX jogged a half mile back to Caruth Park for some Elevens (or Twelves for Ina). Beginning that the NE corner of the park:

10 (11) Good Mornings, Run, 1 Pickle Up;

9 (10) Good Mornings, Run, 2 Pickle Ups;

2 (3) Good Mornings, Run, 9 Pickle Ups;

1(2) Good mornings, Run, 10 Pickle Ups.

We finished at 6:30, on the dot. Alright Alright ended the workout with a BARBARIC YAWP. I think it scared the Sauce Man.


We prayed to finish out the week strong, lifting up everyone to stay positive and keep pressing forward.


Loved having FNG Principal Belding at the workout. Thanks to F-150 and Stingray for bringing him out. Please continue to encourage everyone at workouts. We all need to wake up, speak up and lift up the PAX! Keep in mind that tight muscles are weak muscles. Stretch and work on core daily.


Lake Highlands AO starting as an alternate Fridays. Keep an eye on Band for 2F and 3F events.