Lindsley Park Warriors Only Friday

Date: 1/15/21

PAX: AlrightAlright, Classified, Sound Machine, Avril, Teasip, Icebox, Meatball, Oatmeal, Special Sauce, Big Tex, Siesta
QIC: Dirtbag (disclaimer given
AO: Lindsley Park

Big lap around park
SSH – 15
Windmills – 10
Baby arm circles – 10 (front)+ 10 (back) + 10 (cross)


Round 1

Coupon Curls x12
Coupon Upright row x12
Coupon Squats x15
Big lap – Net Burpees 5 Teasip actually tied AlrightAlright but we wanted the work

Round 2
Coupon Curls hold in position half way then full curl x 20
Coupon Upright row hold at top x 13
Coupon Squats hold at bottom x 15
Big lap – makeup burpees

Round 3
Benches box jumps x12
Irkins x 13
Jump squats x12
Dirkins x10
Big lap – makeup burpees

Round 4
Coupon Curls x 15
Rapid bench press in cadence x 20
Grave diggers x 12 (need to work on cadence)
Big lap – makeup burpees

Round 5
Rapid bench press x 20
Squats and overhead press x 12 OYO
Skull crushers x 12 OYO
Hold coupon out in front until failure Special Sauce Won at 25 seconds could have gone for another 12 mins probably 
Big lap – makeup burpees

Round 6
Sprint on Santa Monica road to trail and back 
Mosey to picnic area and finish with Freddy M’s and planks (flat, right, left)


A lot of mumble chatter today for those who chose to battle today over Rump Roast pilate slayer class on west side. Big time warrior mentality was shown by all. 

We welcomed the return of AlrightAlright who may be experiencing early effects of fatherhood fitness levels due to his break (or lack of sleep), no question it will be back to par in no time. 

Special Sauce set the alarm 30-45 seconds too late but made up ground quickly. 
T claps to Teasip for keeping net burpees low today for the group and Big Tex for the continuous display of fitness improvement and excellence. Also shout out to Oatmeal for continuing to remain in the front of the pax (will catch you eventually).


  1. Next Wednesday 1/20business casual/professional/interview clothing donations to splash
  2. 4x4x24 CSAUP Feb 5-6 starting at 1900 Sauce to assign accountability groups
  3. Texas Independence Day 18k March 6 at 0700
  4. Grow Ruck April 8-10, bring the Dallas wave
  5. F3 golf

VQ Lindsley Park

PAX: AlrightAlright, Icebox, Meatball, Oatmeal, Slushii, F150, Big Tex, Bleep, Classified, Special Sauce, Siesta, Sex Panther, Sound Machine, Stingray, Double Pain
Q: Dirtbag

Side Straddle Hop, Abe Vigoda’s, High Knees, Should Streches, and a few duck calls from the PAX

Mosey to Shadyside field – Burpees x12, LBCs x20, Merkins x12 OYO

Mosey to THE HILL – 4 full sprints with one core and one arm workout to follow each. Rotated between merkins, derkins, irkins, bat wings and LBCs, flutter kicks, freddie mercuries. 2 modified shuffle sprints, lead with left leg, then lead with right. Final sprint was back pedal with bear crawl down the hill.

Mosey to Shadyside park and reverse order of THE HILL warmup – Merkins x12, LBCs X15, Burpees x10 in cadence

Mosey to SantaFe Trail half way point for more merkins (x10) and LBCs (x25)

Mosey to Lindsley Park picnic area for cadence leds merkins x10 – hold at the bottom final rep. Flutter kicks x20 double count, hold at top for final rep. Air squats x20, hold squat for final count.

Coffee and Breakfast Beverages for the PAX

1. F3 10 Year Anniversary