Friday Fun at the Harbor

#Backblast – 01/08/2021

PAX: Sound Machine, Big Tex, Ant Man, F150
QIC: Stingray


SSH x 15
Cotton Pickers x 10
IST x 10

Mosey to parking lot entrance

Merkin Escalator – 10x merkins at one entrance; run to the other entrance; 9x merkins… Repeato until 0x merkins

Mosey to the White Rock Trail hill

Jacob’s Ladder – Run Backwards up, 6 diamond merkins, Run down, 1 gorilla squat… Repeato until…. 1 diamond merkin…. 6 jumping bean squats

Mosey to LHHS Tennis Courts

Modified CATS
20x Carolina dry docks at one corner
Bear Crawl length of one full court to second corner
20x American Hammers at second corner
Mosey length of two full courts to third corner
20x T-Merkins at third corner
Bear Crawl length of one full court to fourth corner
20x Squats

Repeato for a Round of 19

Mosey to practice football field
Stingray Sling – PAX alternates throwing/punting football as far as they can; while the ball is in the air, PAX sprints toward the ball; once it lands, PAX lunge walks to where the ball landed; first PAX to get the ball throws it next

Mosey back to parking lot

MARY: 20x LBCs

MOLESKIN: Despite the chilly breeze, the PAX came ready to work. Good group w/ comparable fitness levels that kept everyone in the same group for the most part. As promised by YHC in the #preblast, the Stingray Sling provided some fun and smiles.

CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM: Completed – YHC prayed us out

2. 18K

Birthday burpees and hills

PAX: F150, Belding
QIC: Stingray

AO: The Harbor/Lake Highlands North Park

SSH x 15
IST x 10
Cotton Pickers x 10

Burpees x 10

Mosey to Church/Ravensway

Dolly x 10
Burpees x 9

Mosey to Church/Garden Oaks

Rugby sit-ups x 10
Burpees x 9

Mosey to Church/Ravensway

Sitting Scissor Kicks x 10
Burpees x 9

Mosey to Ravensway/Estate

Jacob’s Ladder:

Run to the top of the hill, 3 hands-free merkins
Run back to the bottom of the hill, 3 prayer squats
REPEATO, increasing by one hands-free merkin and one prayer squat until you reach 10 of each

Mosey back to parking lot

MARY: Done with burpees at intersections during tha thang

MOLESKIN: The PAX was not especially excited to perform YHC’s birthday burpees with him but followed through nonetheless… The exploration of Lake Highlands North Park and its surroundings continues. YHC estimated that there would be time for additional exercises following Jacob’s Ladder. Now that he’s aware of the length of time it takes to run the surrounding streets w/ the PAX, YHC will modify future workouts to allow for more time for other exercises. That said, the Q offered a lot of good cardio for the three sleek runners who came out in the gloom this morning.

CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM: YHC expressed gratitude for the PAX coming out and prayed the group out.


  1. Happy Hour/2ndF tonight at 17:30 at Ozona
  2. The Harbor will converge its Wednesday Iron Pax workout with the Dallas PAX, but will resume its regularly scheduled Qs at the Harbor/Lake Highlands North Park next Friday.
  3. We’re continuing to emphasize EHing as the Lake Highlands/Harbor group matures. Please refer/invite any guys who could benefit from the group, even if you’re not planning to join.