The New Rump Heads North – McKinney

Date – 5/15/2021
Weather – 65° and beautiful  day to be alive

Count-off & Name-O-Rama:
PAX –  Eruzione, Walmart, Yogger, Maverick, Ultra, Agnes, DFib, Jobu, Shify McCoy, and Draper
QIC –  Rump Roast
AO – Bonnie Wenk Park | McKinney, TX
Disclaimer – Given 
Intro/ Warm-o-Rama:
Dynamic Warm-Up
20x Pop-Up Groiners OYO – (Omaha – Someone, @Walmart was one minute late. 15x burpees for him & AMRAP Merkins for the PAX)
Mosey to Workout Pavilion area 
20x T-Merkins (hold plank till all-in)
10x J-Lo’s IC, DC (Just for @Slushii)
Recover/Mosey thru the woods to the Y 
20x IST IC, DC
Pretty sure I did one more exercise but can’t remember!
Mosey to the Park swings
The Thang:
Break up in semi even groups (3 groups this morning)
5x Swerkins w/ the knee to chest
5x Pull Ups
5x Hand Release Merkins
Run up the stairs, across
Run up the stairs, across the bridge for 
5x Squats
5x DC Lunges
Five rounds of that.
Mosey to the field for Catch Me If You Can BLIMPS!!!
Partner up with someone you don’t know
Partner #1 Bear Crawls while partner #2 does 5x Burpees
When done with exercise run to “catch” the other partner
Then partner #1 has to compete, while partner 2 BC’s forward. 
Repeating until both partners have completed all
Going up by 5 on each new 
B – Burpees x5
L – LBC’s x10 
I – IST’s x15 DC
M – Merkins x20
P – Plank Jacks x 25SC
S – Squats x30
Wind Sprint across that ginormous field, touch the fence and back. This is where the HC’s got their prize. With a page out of the @Slippy book, I let them cut the sprint in half. But in Rump style had them burpee until we were done!
Had a little time left so did a “3 Corners” 
20x Squat Jumps OYO
Mosey across the field
20X Monkey Humpers (Thanks @DFib)
Mosey that length of the field
Ring of Fire  Merkins
Mosey back for Descending Mary
12x LBC’s IC, DC
11x Big Boy Sit Ups IC, DC
10x Penguine Crunched IC, DC…
Circle of Trust (CoT):
YHC prayed us out


A lot of comradery this morning. I was sucking wind all morning so I believe it was a good day. great coffee after

Carry the Load at Reverchon Park (I believe 30 May into 31 May Sunday to Monday)


3, 2, 1… Lift Off

PAX: Pee-can, Wal-Mart, Boomer, Rabbit, Bubba, Mookie, Eruzione, Ledger, Silicon, Mizzourah, Petrified (FNG formerly known as Chris), Smuckers (FNG formerly known as Evan), Dr. Dirt (FloMo), Rocket Man (FloMo), Griswold (FloMo), Ghia (FloMo), Rump Roast (F3 Dallas), Agnes (F3 Dallas), Pepper (F3 Dallas), Oatmeal (F3 Dallas)
QIC: Alright Alright

AO: Rice Middle School
F3 DISCLAIMER & WELCOME: Thoroughly given.

Side Straddle Hops x25

Imperial Storm Troopers x15

Merkins x10

Squats x10

Mosey to Soccer Field #1

The Ball Sack: 55 Burpees, 66 Lunges, 33 Imperial Storm Troopers, 44 Merkins, 22 Plank Jacks, 11 Squats.

Mosey to Tennis Courts

Partner Work: Partner 1 run across 4 courts and back, Partner 2 burpees, flapjack and repeato until the team has completed 100 burpees.

Mosey to Football Field

Jacob’s Ladder: Run across football field, 7:1 Jumping Spiders, 1:7 Monkey Humpers

Mosey around school to starting point.

Flutter Kicks x25

Wilt Chamberlain Kicks 15

Dying Cockroaches x15

10 Plano PAX (including a bunch of #kotters), 5 Dallas PAX, 4 Flower Mound PAX and 2 FNGs.  Not too shabby.

The PAX did get to see some #RocketFuel.  I think it got the best of him during the Tennis Court work.

Petrified asked to be named Mahogany, but as a #TripleRespect from California Petrified made more sense.

Smuckers is a Petroleum Engineer.

This was a great relaunch for Plano and will hopefully give you guys some momentum.  Look forward to working out with you again soon.

Wanna Get Away?

PAX: Eruzione, Mookie, and Boomer
QIC: Maverick

AO: Vines HS

DATE: January 21, 2020

F3 DISCLAIMER & WELCOME: All pax showed up late so they’ll never know if I gave it or not.


87 SSH solo as I waited for PAX to show



25 Seal clap IC


Mosey to the Tennis courts with 2 coupons.

Paired up for some DORA.

PAX 1 did cattle bell swings with Coupon, PAX 2 bear crawled to mid line of court then crawl bear back, bear crawl to end and crawl bear back. Swap rinse and repeat x3

Partner carry across 4 tennis courts, swap rinse and repeat x3

PAX 1 over head presses with coupon while PAX 2 crab walked to mid line in court, walk crab back, then crab walk to end of court walk crab back. Swap rinse and repeat x3 

11s We started with 21s but after 1 round quickly realized time was behind us so Q called an audible and changed to 11s. 

10 burpees, run to other side of courts, 1 squat back peddle to start.

9 burpees 2 squats and so on.

Returned coupon to coupon holding area.

Closed with picture and discussed inviting pax and FNGs to the relaunch on Jan 25th. Closed with a prayer.

Boomer mentioned something about a “Wanna Get Away” fare In regards to the workout so Q decided that was an appropriate name for the beat down.

1. Plano relaunch January 25th 0700 Rice Middle School. AlrighAlright from Dallas is giving away a T-shirt to the PAX with the most FNGs.
2. be sure to share phone numbers on Band if you want to stay in the loop.