The Balboa… With a Side of Burpees

Date – 3/04/2021
Weather – 50° Moon still out and clear skies

Count-off & Name-O-Rama:
PAX –  Broadway Joe, Alright Alright, Aaaarrrrgggghhhh, Pow-Pow, Plus One, Agnes, Coach K, Classified, Sex Panther, Sound Machine, Ina, Sally, and Slusii & Bleep  decided to show up about 0600!
QIC –  Rump Roast
AO – Burleson Park
Disclaimer – Given 
Intro/ Warm-o-Rama:
SSH x20 (IC, DC)
IST x20 (IC, DC)
T-Merkins x20 (IC, DC)
Burpees x20 (OYO)
Mosey to the fountain = Burpees x10 (OYO)
Mosey to top of Dallas Hall steps x20 (OYO)
Burpees x50
American Hammers x100 (DC)
Lunges x150 (DC)
Big Boi Situps x200
Overhead Press x250
Air Squats x300
Mosey back to start
Circle of Trust (CoT):
 YHC prayed us out



What a way to celebrate… Yesterday way my 18th wedding anniversary and I decided to take it out on the PAX! (Joking, I’m a very lucky man to have an amazing wife that’s put up with me for as long as she has. Hoping I’ll grow up eventually)

Anyway, while I was STOKED to get Sally back out even if it was just a guest appearance, I was let down that my man Special Sauce and the #subarumafia were all MIA.  Was a ton of mumble chatter during the warm-up to the point I really don’t know how many IST’s we really did… Did anyone actually count?

I had planned to do 50 total OYO Burpees by the time we started the Balboa but, saved the last 20 for the end before we moseyed back to the start. There was some grumbling from AA that the double count lunges was a little too much. So once he was done with all of them I Omaha’d to move on to the Big Boi Sit-ups. I think that was about as far as we got before time was up. Slushii & Bleep FINALLY showed up at like 0550 or some where really close to the end but, honestly I was just glad to see them. More than I can say for someone…. 

Overall, it was a great turnout, I believe a record attendance for 2ndCT. Way to push yourself men. Thank you all for making me a better version of me.  

Texas Independence Day 18K – March 6th
GrowRuck Alamo – April 10th
F3 Golf 

Salty Dogs

PAX: Rump Roast, Slushii, Bleep, Broadway Joe, Agnes, Sound Machine, Big Tex
QIC: Oatmeal

AO: Burelson Park

SSH x15 IC

IST x15 IC

Overhead Claps x20 IC

Windmills x10 IC


Mosey to softball diamond

1: Farmer carry both coupons, abyss merkins x5 at each base

P2: Run big loop

x2 for each partner


Curls x1 at west end tree

Triceps x10 at east end tree

Cusak walk between exercises 

  • Coupon comes down on walk or hits ground anytime x3 man makers
  • Rump Roast throws coupon x5 man makers

Mosey to tennis courts

Suicides: long to short.  Squats at each line starting x10 and counting down at each line

x2 full-length suicides

Mosey to soft top for some Mary

Reverse plank pounders w/ coupon on belly x10

LBC’s with coupon x15

YHC prayed us out.


Wow, what a salty group this morning.  Workout started very mundane with the farmer carries/abyss merkins although I did get a personal “FU” from Rump to kick start the morning as we were rounding second!  Once we transitioned to the 11’s the real fun started.  The moans and groans started almost immediately with the first round of Cusaks and it went downhill from there as YHC exacted punishment if blocks were lowered during Cusaks and after what seemed to be half the PAX dropping their coupons after the first Cusak walk, YHC added more punishment for each block that hit the ground.  Finally fed up with the pain, the Salt King of the morning, Rump Roast, began to give the PAX lessons in shot putting as he routinely heaved his coupon to get a rest from carrying it overhead.  This elicited many choice words from the PAX as the man makers began to add up.  YHC ended the pain early and we made the mosey to the tennis courts where I practiced some reverse psychology on the PAX by allowing them to vote on whether to continue using the coupons.  The vote went in favor of continuing so I allowed them to drop the coupons and we proceeded to our suicides sans coupons.

The running was foreign to most of the West Siders but they adapted to the small amount that YHC presented.  Overall, it appears the workout was a favorite…especially on the Rump Scale.


  • Patriot Challenge 
  • TID18K on 3/6
  • GrowRuck Alamo 4/9-4/11
  • F3 Golf…

Backblast – January 14th, 2021 – Glencoe Park

PAX: Aaarrrggghhh Ant Man Bleep Big Tex Broadway Joe sound machine
QIC: Agnes

AO: Glencoe Park

SSH – 20
IST – 20
Veggie pickers – 15
Baby arm circles – 10 (front)+ 10 (back
Indian Run – 2 laps

Mosey with coupon to field

Murder bunny across the field – sprint back and forth (can’t forget the coupon!) … murder bunny back

Coupon Carry/Mosey across the field, switching shoulders

Partner up (200 reps – 100 each alternating exercise with partner)
Bicep curls
Overhead shoulder presses

Coupon carry/mosey repeato

WW1 x 12 double count cadence
Flutter kicks – 18 double count cadence
Dracula – 8 OYO
JLo – 16 cadence
American hammer – 12 double count cadence
Outlaws – 10 each way
Plank x 60 seconds

Burpee x 10 OYO to close out

YHC prayed us out

Morning started off cold but warmed up fast with the Native American run, which YHC was quickly reminded this isn’t KTT by other PAX (we may have run a mile today). YHC woke up at 3:00 AM and couldn’t fall back asleep so the ideas were flowing to get a little bit of cardio and some good coupon work in. Felt good to do Murder Bunnies again, but probably won’t feel good later.

2. INSERT1 – Next Wednesday 1/20business casual/professional/interview clothing donations to splash
2- 4x4x24 CSAUP Feb 5-6 starting at 1900
3- TID 18k March 6 at 0700
4 – Grow Ruck April 8-10 in the land of Gregg Popovich
5- F3 golf

Burleson Park – Let’s have FUN

PAX: Broadway Joe, Bleep, DFib, Rump Roast, Sound Machine, Big Tex
QIC: Slushii

AO: Burleson Park 

SSH x 20 IC

IST x 15 IC

Hillbillies x 15 IC

Windmill x 10 IC

NA run on street around Burleson 

Mosey to Tennis Courts – DORA (PAX 1 run across courts to fence and back for first exercise, PAX 1 run across courts to fence and Bear Crawl 1 court for second exercise, PAX 1 run across courts to fence and Crawl Bear 1 court for third exercise) Exercises – 100 Merkins, 200 Squats, 300 LBC’s

Mosey to Basketball courts – divide up PAX to minimize contact and PLAY BASKETBALL! 

Hunt for Big Tex’s key

Thankful for each man and others that were not in attendance 

YHC wanted to continue #makingsecondchoicefirstchoice and decided to keep it simple and fun today. What’s more fun than some old school basketball pick-up games!?! Other than Rump Roast I think all enjoyed the 12min of cardio. Rump Roast stated “he would rather do burpees than play basketball”. YHC will keep that in mind next time. Big Tex stated during DORA that his key was lost. A quick scramble was made to find the key but he decided to push on with the workout instead. We all found out that Bleep is a beast from the elbow, Broadway Joe kept DFib on his toes during the game of 21, Sound Machine is far quicker and nimble on the court than he looks, and DFib hates deflated balls. I guess DFib and Tom Brady have differing opinions on how they like their balls. We spent the last couple of minutes retracing our NA run and route to DORA. YHC found the key where Big Tex was standing during warmups. 

2. Be on the lookout for 2ndF event coming up soon (also F3 Golf)

Burleson 11/19


PAX: Dfib, sound machine, Agnes, Broadway Joe, 
QIC: Slushii, 

AO: Burleson

Mosey to meet KTT group

SSH x 12 IC

Hillbillies x 15 IC

Windmill x 10 IC

Merkins x 10 IC

5x5x5  at Cox building (5 dips on bench, run up stairs 5 burpees, run to other side and 5 (each leg) step ups on bench, around the world plank on street blockers, 5 box jumps on fountain

AB Station – LBCs, WW1, and Box Cutters

Mosey back to tennis courts at the park – calisthenic suicides (karaoke runs, high knee jump, backwards run)

On tennis practice wall – wall squat for 2 min, legs up on the wall and 5 irkins

Jlo x 10 IC

Homer to Marge

WWI x 10

Thankful for this day and time with these men

YHC went to an immediate mosey after the disclaimer and PAX felt we were going to go and run with the KTT. Last night YHC talked with Draper about a meetup for warm up. After a quick warm up the two groups split and we commenced on for a bootcamp beatdown. Some decent mumblechatter about what we would name our FNG. Lot’s of “that’s what she said” comments were made on the tennis court. Great getting to know Broadway Joe this morning and welcoming him to the group! 

1. HH at Dfibs house 11/20
2. Cocktail making class December 9th – see Chairmans post