The New Rump Heads North – McKinney

Date – 5/15/2021
Weather – 65° and beautiful  day to be alive

Count-off & Name-O-Rama:
PAX –  Eruzione, Walmart, Yogger, Maverick, Ultra, Agnes, DFib, Jobu, Shify McCoy, and Draper
QIC –  Rump Roast
AO – Bonnie Wenk Park | McKinney, TX
Disclaimer – Given 
Intro/ Warm-o-Rama:
Dynamic Warm-Up
20x Pop-Up Groiners OYO – (Omaha – Someone, @Walmart was one minute late. 15x burpees for him & AMRAP Merkins for the PAX)
Mosey to Workout Pavilion area 
20x T-Merkins (hold plank till all-in)
10x J-Lo’s IC, DC (Just for @Slushii)
Recover/Mosey thru the woods to the Y 
20x IST IC, DC
Pretty sure I did one more exercise but can’t remember!
Mosey to the Park swings
The Thang:
Break up in semi even groups (3 groups this morning)
5x Swerkins w/ the knee to chest
5x Pull Ups
5x Hand Release Merkins
Run up the stairs, across
Run up the stairs, across the bridge for 
5x Squats
5x DC Lunges
Five rounds of that.
Mosey to the field for Catch Me If You Can BLIMPS!!!
Partner up with someone you don’t know
Partner #1 Bear Crawls while partner #2 does 5x Burpees
When done with exercise run to “catch” the other partner
Then partner #1 has to compete, while partner 2 BC’s forward. 
Repeating until both partners have completed all
Going up by 5 on each new 
B – Burpees x5
L – LBC’s x10 
I – IST’s x15 DC
M – Merkins x20
P – Plank Jacks x 25SC
S – Squats x30
Wind Sprint across that ginormous field, touch the fence and back. This is where the HC’s got their prize. With a page out of the @Slippy book, I let them cut the sprint in half. But in Rump style had them burpee until we were done!
Had a little time left so did a “3 Corners” 
20x Squat Jumps OYO
Mosey across the field
20X Monkey Humpers (Thanks @DFib)
Mosey that length of the field
Ring of Fire  Merkins
Mosey back for Descending Mary
12x LBC’s IC, DC
11x Big Boy Sit Ups IC, DC
10x Penguine Crunched IC, DC…
Circle of Trust (CoT):
YHC prayed us out


A lot of comradery this morning. I was sucking wind all morning so I believe it was a good day. great coffee after

Carry the Load at Reverchon Park (I believe 30 May into 31 May Sunday to Monday)


Sandbags & Coupons

PAX: DFib, TikTok, Rump Roast, Sound Machine, Chairman Mao, Jobu, Shifty McCoy, Phelps, Siesta, Plus One, Big Tex

QIC: Oatmeal

AO: Burleson Park


SSH x 9 IC

Stop x5 penalty burpees for not being “in cadence”

SSH  x10 IC

Squats x10 IC

Little Orphan Annies x10 IC


Count off by 4’s and split into three teams.  Each man took his coupon and each team grabbed a sandbag from YHC’s trunk.  Sandbad must not touch the ground throughout the workout.

Mosey to the Pit of Dispair carrying coupons and sandbag.  Teams getting there first get rest.  Team in the six gets no rest.  

Modified DORA in the pit.  Each PAX must complete the following:

  • x50 merkins
  • x100 squats with coupons
  • x150 flutter kicks with coupons

Teammates rotated through following until exercises above are completed by each PAX:

  • Box jumps up big steps
  • Wall sit with sandbag
  • Cusak run up and down small stairs

Mosey to Turner Quad around the corner to commence a team crab walk relay with sandbag on the belly.  Each team makes one lap with sandbag trading as necessary while other team members alternate lunge walks and Cusak walks around circle.

Mosey back to park

YHC prayed us out.  Extolled the virtues of Shield Lock groups and gave some other inspiring soliloquy that would have gotten an eyeroll or two from Icebox if he was in attendance.   PAX bolted quickly to grab Bubba’s before many returned for the 2.0 workout.


Mumblechatter was varied.  There was a ‘new and improved’ (???) Rump Roast present.  While he did refer to YHC several times as Cadre Oatmeal for the GrowRuck approach to the workout, I never got an ‘F*** You,’ only a “This is great, we should do more workouts like this again!’  This almost caused YHC to grab his block and go home in disgrace and shame.  Overall some complaints, but the PAX were resilient and showed great toughness.


  • Carry the Load Memorial Day Event: May 30, noon – May 31, 13:30
  • 2.0 workout following at 0900
  • McKinney workout May 15, May 22 @ 0700, Bonnie Wenk Park
  • F3 Golf

Dual QOTY for Retail Therapy

Hey Dirtbag hold my beer real quick…

Special Sauce Trash Panda Stingray Stingray Meatball Slushii Rump Roast Draper sound machine DFib Jobu Sex Panther Bleep Phelps (Tim) Noah “Don’t Call me Baby Shark” Phelps, Shifty McCoy, and Sally joined AlrightAlright and YHC for the first ever Dual QOTY beatdown

SSH, ISTs, Veggie Pickers

The Thang (alternating Q’s with every other song)
AlrightAlright took us up to rock out with our Camp Gladiator friends to flex our muscles and intimidate them with our EDM beats

Then I ran us to one of the parking decks and stopped us on an incline for some Mary to work on the lower core

AlrightAlright made us do some spider man push ups and and mountain climbers…Draper and other PAX showed some genuine concern about “just” holding a plank for a bit and were disappointed that planking was the exercise we were doing

OG Icebox Alert!
Listening to Baby Shark, SSH with burpees every time they said “Shark” (basically two minutes of burpees)

AlrightAlright ran us up to the top of the parking deck and had us doing bear crawl suicides

Because YHC is a sadist we followed that up with a few minutes of Arms by Mrs Icebox

AlrightAlright wasn’t done bear crawling so we had to bear crawl down a flight of stairs and followed that up with some irkins

YHC then went for a mosey to a different parking deck and was disappointed in the lack of hustle by the PAX so started to burpee, even more confusion by the PAX as I’ve never instituted the burpee rule during a Q which led to 21 burpees once the 6 was in (would’ve been 40 if AlrightAlright had been doing the burpees)

AlrightAlright took a page of of the DJ Icebox instruction manual and had us mosey to a big stairwell for Mony Mony dips (listening to Billy Idol’s Mony Mony, hold a back plank and do a dip every time they say “Mony”)…Jobu asked how many that was and I promised I’d do a real OG workout where I count out the number of reps for each song

AlrightAlright then took us back where we started to roll around and do merkins on ant hills (clearly his tolerance for ant bites is greater than his disdain for doing core exercises on concrete)

Someone must have said something because AlrightAlright used some words my playlist wasn’t allowed to use and made us run around Starbucks, taunting us with what we could be doing instead of working out

YHC then rocked out with 4 more minutes of Mary on the ant hills since we were already contaminated


Draper is kicking us off of Band 6/1 so Teasip doesnt have to repost my backblasts on the website

2.0 workout 5-8, bring the kiddos out and give the M’s a break on Mother’s Day weekend!

Carry the Load

F3 Golf

Growruck Infinity

Avril VQ Groundhog Day

#Backblast Glencoe 03/09/2021

PAX: Alright Alright, Sex Panther, DFib, F150, Shifty McCoy, Rump Roast, Ultra, Gambler, Bleep, Oatmeal, Teasip, Draper, Agnes, Jobu, Slushii, Plus One, Classified, Stingray, PowPow, and Special Sauce 
QIC: Avril

AO: Glencoe

13x SSH IC

13x Daisy Pickers

13x Hillbillies



Indian Run around Glencoe

Groundhog Day:

Deadlifts x10

Overhead Press x10

Upright Rows x10

American Hammers x10

Squats x10

Short loop through Glencoe

Rinse Repeat

Finishing Touches:

Rifle Carry width of football field with 10 burpees then Rifle Carry back

Little touches of abs:

Commandos x13

Burpees x10

Flutter Kicks x20

Penguin Crunches x13

LBC x5


YHC thought about what should be touched on and that was upper body, back, and cardio.

MOLESKIN: YHC wanted to thank all the PAX that showed up for YHC first Q. Was exciting and focused on a mixture of cardio, upper body, and back. Ready for the next one!


  • Grow Ruck San Antonio 4/8 and 4/9

Turkey Bowl and a Beatdown

PAX: Classified, Dirtbag, Ina, Rump Roast, Shifty McCoy, Siesta, Sound Machine, Splash, Whoops
Q: Alright Alright

Side Straddle Hops x10

Tha Thang:
Imperial Storm Troopers x10
Merkins x10
Side Straddle Hops at Stop Light
Mosey to Christmas Tree at Snider Plaza
Irkins x10
Derkins x5
Dips/Irkins ring around the rosey (alternate dips and Irkins while PAX take turns running a lap around the Christmas tree, exercise is finished when each PAX has run a lap)
More moseying
More side straddle hops
More moseying
Reverse Lunges x16
Crawl Bear up library stairs
Bear Crawl down library stairs – the overall grade for the PAX on this was N for Needs Improvement. Guess we’ll have to practice it….
Mosey to benches by Hot Box
Dirty McDeuce (3 rounds of 4 exercises with 12 reps in each round): Box Jumps, Dips, Australian Mountain Climbers, Heels to Heaven
Mosey to Burleson Soft Top
Rugby Sit Ups x15

Ultimate Football:
Rump Roast and Ina were named Captains as the only members of the group that didn’t modify the crawl bears and bear crawls (YHC excluded because… all together now: if you can’t do it don’t Q it).

Team Meat:
Classified, Sound Machine, Splash, Shifty

Team Math:
AA, Dirtbag, Siesta, Whoops

We played for 20 minutes and Team Math came out on top: 4-2. We all agreed that it was spectacular cardio and should be done again soon.

Over the course of the workout we covered about 2.5 miles.


Burleson 09/17/2020

PAX: Shift McCoy, Rump Roast, Bleep, Sound Machine
QIC: Slushii

AO: Burleson Park

SSH x 20 IC

Hillbillies x 10 IC

Produce pickers x 10 IC

Mosey to tennis courts – “4 Corners” – forward lunge on long stretch and reverse lunge on short stretch. 1st corner – 10 merkins, 2nd corner – 20 big boy situps, 3rd corner – 30 plank jacks, 4th corner – 40 peter parkers

Mosey to big steps – “7s” – box jumps on the fountain, run up the stairs, rugby situps

Mosey to round-a-about on next to steps – bear crawl 3/8, lunge to center, reverse lunge to outer loop, bear crawl back to start

Mosey back to muffin top

JLo x 10 IC

Penguin Crunches x 30 IC

Uptown Crunch x 10 each side IC

Flutter Kicks x 10 IC

Always be EHing. Never be afraid to reach out and have the conversation. 

Lots of mumblechatter this morning around the soreness from IPC. Didn’t hit many F’s on the Rump scale so must have been a fairly simple workout. Bleep was working on Sound Machine on his ABC’s (Always Be Closing for the non sales guys). Rump Roast made some comments about them not counting and maybe we should workout harder. Sound Machine was giving some good advice on “how to become an efficient runner” which we were all taking note of. 

1. F3 golf tournament on 10/3

Murph Alert!

#backblast #murphaltert!

Sex Panther F150 Slushii Bleep Island Time Classified Jazzercise Rump Roast Shifty McCoy joined YHC for some Second Choice Thursday action

To prepare for this AM YHC asked Rump Roast last night what he wanted to work on and he said he was looking for a leg day. YHC thought hard about that and thought that a modified Murph would be able to get the job done

Warm Up
SSH, ISTs, Daisy Pickers

The Thang
4 laps around Burleson Park (a little debate about that being further than a mile, which it probably is, but it was my Q so thats what we did)

100 lunges (double count)
200 merkins
300 squats

4 laps around the park

maybe it was the debate on distance, maybe it was the long warmup, maybe it was because 2 lunges take longer to complete than 1 pullup, maybe it was because 4 laps was really was longer than a mile, but no PAX completed the modified Murph

I let Rump pick the first 30 minutes of music (rap, because what else does Rump listen to?) but after a song with particularly explicit lyrics I switched it up to Beach Music (aka a shitty version of Motown) for the last 15, was a huge motivator for me to finish reps and get back to running.

thankful to be back at it with y’all!

Announcements: Q Source and meats today at 1230 at the Meat Shop
Possible 2nd F tomorrow at Oatmeals
F3 Golf 10/3 or 10/10, best to block both days with the M so you can play twice in a month (or am I the only one who has to do that?)

Arms and Abs

PAX: Bleep, Classified, Rump Roast, Shifty McCoy, Slushii, Sound Machine
QIC: Teasip

AO: Glencoe Park #glencoefasho
F3 DISCLAIMER & WELCOME: Given w/added COIVD disclaimer

SSH x20, IST x15, Don Quixote x10

Divide into three groups and start with a 3x5x3 (5 pull ups with the other two groups doing squats and step ups, wait for the pull ups to finish to rotate).

Mosey to the bleachers for a coupon Dirty McDeuce (Curls, Bent over rows, Dips, Upright rows) with a run across the field and back in between rounds.

Ab work – LBC x20, Uptown Crunch x12 each leg, Penguin crunch x15, Flutter kicks x15, Homer to Marge with some Rosalita and Low Dolly added in.

Finish with 10 Burpees and a few squats since we had a minute left.

Done during the workout

YHC prayed us out.

There was some relief when YHC announced there would be no rifle carry or squat thrusters during the beatdown after all the fun of IronPax last week. Shifty defended his dad’s honor by telling Bleep to “can it old man” which got some chuckles. Overall, a good time had at the beat down and hopefully it didn’t destroy anyone for IronPax tomorrow.

1. F3 Golf 10/3.
2. F3 10 year anniversary in January.

Burleson Park 08/27/2020

PAX: Sound Machine, Agnes, Rump Roast, Shifty McCoy
QIC: Slushii

AO: Burleson


SSH x 15

IST x 15

Produce Pickers x 10


Slushii – around the world walking plank on park bench and half lap around Burleson x 3

Rump Roast – Ball Sack with BLIMPS

Sound Machine – big lap around Burleson, paint the lines on tennis court, suicide run on tennis court

Shifty McCoy – CHOICE – Paint the lines on both tennis courts and merkins OR big lap around Burleson 

Agnes  – MARY – Jlo x 10, penguin crunch x 25, LBC’s until time

See Agnes! 

Thankful for each man this morning. 

YHC had the idea this morning of a little Q roulette. With the consistency of the PAX it’s important for each PAX to get some time to work on leading for a period of time. Was mumblechatter about IRONPAX and PAX are still feeling the fatigue! 

1. F3 golf tournament October 3rd or 10th

#backblast Burleson 8/22. Siesta VQ


PAX: Isaiah, Island Time, Shifty McCoy, Rump Roast, Chairman Mao, Oatmeal, sound machine, Draper, PowPow, Plus One, Fluoride, Whoops, Classified, DFib

AO: Burleson



SSH x 17 IC

IST x 17 IC

Windmill x 10 IC

Indian run across the park (2 full laps)


16 burpees (the goal was to complete 46 overall, but some things got in my way)

Mosey to the track field (supposedly it was opened)

Stop to grab some benches on our way there for 46 reps overall:

16 box jumps

15 side lunges (left leg)

15 side lunges (right leg)

F3 relays

Once we got to the track filed it was closed –> crap!! :-(. But siesta got a plan B, doing the same F3 relays on the quad. 

The idea was to make teams of 3/4 PAX, spread out evenly around the track at four stations, each station with an assigned exercise, then run between stations as in a relay race. After some confusion, Chairman Mao and Oatmeal step up to clarify directions and we were able to complete 2 full laps.

Station 1 – Monkey Humpers (nobody seemed to like those)

Station 2 – Merkins

Station 3 – Carolina Dry Docks

Station 4 – Overhead Claps

Hopefully, this idea will work better when the track field is opened back.

Mosey back to the playground with a stop for:

8 Durkins

16 deeps


16 Rosalita

No time for more, but at least I had time for some bilingual counting.

We still owe 30 burpees, that will be done on my next Q (first F3 anniversary, followed by a beer salute this time)