Q Source Beatdown – 1/9/2021

PAX: Splash, Alright Alright, Chairman Mao, Agnes, Special Sauce, Whoops, Dirtbag, Classified, Teasip, Kitty, Big Tex, DFib, Avril, Icebox, Nicky Roth, Siesta, Sound Machine, Cougar Bait, Plus One, Oatmeal
QIC: PowPow

AO: Burleson

One warm-up exercise for each Foundation Q Point

F1 Disruption: “Disturbance to the Status Quo”
Slaughter Starter – 20 Burpees OYO

F2 Language: “The Lexicon of Virtuous Leadership”
IST x 15 IC (During which Alright Alright explained to the PAX the meaning of a few words in the F3 Lexicon, I figured since he talks incessantly through the warm-up anyway, I might as well put his words to good use).

F3 Group: “A Voluntary Combination of Two or More People”
Native American run around park

F4 Leadership Development Process: “The Process Employed by a Group to Develop New Leaders”
SSH x 15 IC – Led by Big Tex

F5 Preparedness: “Getting Ready for the Expected While Being Ready for the Unexpected”
Mosey to field to get in position for Tha Thang

As a group, five minute sets of five exercises, 1 minute AMRAP each. Four different sets of exercises, one for each quadrant of the Q Source. Exercises drawn from the fitness test. Run a lap around the park after each set

Q1 Get Right – The The Pursuit of Proper Personal Alignment
Burpees / Calf Raises / Ski Abs / Merkins / Squats

Q2 Live Right – Dedication to Purposefulness
LBCs / Carolina Dry Docks / Russian Hammers / Nipplers / Jump Squats

Q3 Lead Right – The Practice of Virtuous Leadership
Mtn Climbers / Shoulder Raises / Dollies / Hindu Merkins / Squat Jacks
* YHC cut the Hindu Merkins due to lack of time

Q4 Leave Right – Construction of Legacy
Groiners / Burpees / Burpees / Freddie Mercury / WWI Situp

Done during workout, particularly Q4 as YHC Omaha’ed the Q4 set to Groiners/Freddie Mercury/WWI Situp, due to time (ie no Burpees).

Twenty-one PAX is probably an all time record for one of YHC’s Qs. It was an honor to lead today and thanks to the PAX for indulging me to run a workout that involved so much talking by the Q. I spoke a lot from the heart today because I am passionate about the Q Source because it can be such a positive force for improving men’s lives.

It was a pretty cold day, so having a lengthy warm-up that was broken up by mini-speeches explaining the Q Source and the Foundational Q Points was a bit painful for the PAX I’m sure. YHC had originally planned to do a timed plank for F5 Preparedness, but scrapped that in favor of getting to the main part of the workout. Thanks to Alright Alright and Oatmeal for helping with the explanations of the three groups within F3’s leadership model during the Native American run.

Big Tclaps to Big Tex for stepping up to help demonstrate the Leadership Development Process (LDP), he had no advance warning that I would put him on the spot and he did very well – it’s time for him to begin preparing for his VQ, I think. The mistake he made in starting the count without saying “Exercise!” was perfect because it helped demonstrate the fourth step in the LDP (1. Schooling; 2. Apprenticeship; 3. Opportunity; 4. Failure). In F3 (and in all other dynamic, effective organizations) we don’t just accept failure as part of our development process, we court it. Failure is a critical part of the learning process.

The PAX found a mini-football on the field at Burleson and entertained themselves by throwing it back and forth across the 50 foot wide Circle of Pain while waiting for the lagging Q to announce the next exercise and get his timer started. Several PAX impressed the crowd with their throwing accuracy and tight spirals. The breaks between exercises and the fact that we stayed in a group almost the whole workout meant there was an enormous amount of Mummblechatter this morning – unfortunately YHC can’t remember jack sh*t, so it will remain unreported. You just had to be there.

Huge turnout for Coffeeteria at Bubba’s, despite the nearly freezing temps.

1. Q Source study launch
2. Splash’s fastest F3-er workout on January 20th – includes a clothing donation drive. Look for info on Band.
3. 4 x 4 x 24 CSAUP on February 5 – 6th – See Special Sauce’s post on Band (Notices section) and start preparing!
4. Texas Independence Day 18K CSAUP on March 6th – Mark your calendars!
5. Grow Ruck Alamo – April 9th – 11th – Mark your calendars and start learning what Grow Ruck is all about –

Turkey Bowl and a Beatdown

PAX: Classified, Dirtbag, Ina, Rump Roast, Shifty McCoy, Siesta, Sound Machine, Splash, Whoops
Q: Alright Alright

Side Straddle Hops x10

Tha Thang:
Imperial Storm Troopers x10
Merkins x10
Side Straddle Hops at Stop Light
Mosey to Christmas Tree at Snider Plaza
Irkins x10
Derkins x5
Dips/Irkins ring around the rosey (alternate dips and Irkins while PAX take turns running a lap around the Christmas tree, exercise is finished when each PAX has run a lap)
More moseying
More side straddle hops
More moseying
Reverse Lunges x16
Crawl Bear up library stairs
Bear Crawl down library stairs – the overall grade for the PAX on this was N for Needs Improvement. Guess we’ll have to practice it….
Mosey to benches by Hot Box
Dirty McDeuce (3 rounds of 4 exercises with 12 reps in each round): Box Jumps, Dips, Australian Mountain Climbers, Heels to Heaven
Mosey to Burleson Soft Top
Rugby Sit Ups x15

Ultimate Football:
Rump Roast and Ina were named Captains as the only members of the group that didn’t modify the crawl bears and bear crawls (YHC excluded because… all together now: if you can’t do it don’t Q it).

Team Meat:
Classified, Sound Machine, Splash, Shifty

Team Math:
AA, Dirtbag, Siesta, Whoops

We played for 20 minutes and Team Math came out on top: 4-2. We all agreed that it was spectacular cardio and should be done again soon.

Over the course of the workout we covered about 2.5 miles.


College Football Kickoff

PAX: Ant Man, Classified, Dfib, Dirtbag, Fanny, Icebox, Oatmeal, Plus One, Pow Pow, Siesta Sound Machine, Splash, Whoops
QIC: Teasip

AO: Burleson
F3 DISCLAIMER & WELCOME: Given, with the added COVID disclaimer

SSH x25, IST x15, Produce Picker x12, then a warmup lap and end up at the field


Fingertip Merkins x12
Oh Claps x14
Outlaw with 10 circles clockwise and counter clockwise
T-Merkins x14
Burpees x10
Alternating Side Squats x14)
LL Cool J x14

Alabama Ass Kickers x14
Carolina Dry Docks x14
Cheerleaders x14

Big Boy Sit Ups x10
mperial Squat Walkers x10
Get ups, Prisoner Style x10

Squats x14
E2K x14 each leg
Circle Burp (go around in a circle with each PAX yelling “down” to do a burpee. Chop your feet while in between).

Next started the running across the “football field” portion of the workout.

Plank Hurdles
Suicides, but wait at each point for all the PAX (chopping your feet while you wait) then everyone does a Burpee together. Continue with suicide.

Red Barchetta – run 1/4 of the way down, 25 merkins, run back. Then run 1/2 way down, 50 squats, run back. Run 3/4 of the way down, 75 Mountain Climbers, run back. Run all the way down, 100 SSHs, then run back.

Finished it up with some forward and backwards arm circles, as well as some burpees.

LBC x24, Rugby Sit Ups 14 OYO, Rosalita x14

YHC prayed us out

Not a lot of mumblechatter that YHC could hear, though he was right next to the speaker that was blaring different fight songs for different schools. Oatmeal asked DFib to sing Boomer Sooner, but Dfib declined. Splash correctly identified several fight songs. May have to do a contest at some point.

1. F3 Golf confirmed for October 3rd. 
2. F3 10 year anniversary in January

Full Body Beatdown w/ Rump & Co.

Date: 09/10/2020

Temp: 73°  
Weather:  Cloudy a little rainy but felt great!

Count-off & Name-O-Rama:
PAX: Jazzercise, Splash, Ultra, Slushii, Bleep, Agnes, Island Time
QIC: Rump Roast

AO: Burleson Park

Disclaimer: Given – Today I wanted to focus on TUT – Time Under Tension // “Move with purpose”  Reps slow and controlled, but move inbetween reps and to places quickly.

Intro/ Warm-o-Rama:
10x Veggie Pickers (DC, IC)
12x Lunges (DC,IC)
14x Ranger Merkins (SC, IC )
16x Jump Squats (OYO) – EXPLODE on the jump! 
18x Carolina Dry Docks (SC, IC) – SLOW
20x Pop-Tarts (OYO) – Good form, Ankles even or in front of hands!

Mosey around the Short loop of the park to soft-top

Split into groups for circuit work:
Station #1 – 5x pull-ups
Station #2 – 7x Big Boi Sit-ups
Station #3 – 5x Shoulder Tap Merkins
Station #4 – 3x Bulgarian Squats 

Mosey to SMU Blvd – Fountain & Stairs

The Thang:
Jacobs Ladder x11
At the Bottom @ the street – 10x Curtsey Lunges (DC)
Run to top of stairs
At the Top – 1x Rugby Sit-up
We didn’t complete the Jacobs ladder… I wanted to go to the tennis court for the below but, ran out of time. We finished with 3mins of Mary

Mosey to the Tennis Court
10x Foot Over Toes (IC, Each Leg)
Suicide Long to short
10x Pistol Squats (5x Each Leg)

Circle of Trust (CoT):
YHC prayed us out

PAX Choice – https://play.google.com/music/playlist/AMaBXynhfyzqPNcVDUVGXKiuZV-YTMstH97lBednsclM17EC4JAgIyJ-1D4A4opSlJiOC6LuDmAYLNqYSgMYIueLjRG9Eok2Tw%3D%3D

Today for me was about planning something different. I’ve been posting for almost 2yrs ad Q’ing for maybe a year. I’m still a weak runner and have a desire to be better. I tried to focus on legs more and to run more than I like to. 
I was a little disappointed that without Alright Alright there, no one even seemed to notice that there was no SSH or IST’s! I was glad to see everyone that came out this morning. I feel like this one could use a little improvement but it was a good work out. I HAVE to get a new speaker as mine is terrible. 

Lots of stuff I don’t remember – 
College football at Ultra’s on Saturday 09/12
IronPax at The Harbor tomorrow | Alright Alright is Q’ing  9/11 alternative
Golf October 3rd… Ultra, thinks


“The Coach K'”

Date: 08/132020
Temp: 82°  
Weather: Clear morning sky, but humid and hot AF!

Count-off & Name-O-Rama:
PAX: Jazzercise, Slushii, Bleep, Froggy, Classified, & Splash
QIC: Rump Roast 

AO: Burleson Park

Disclaimer: Given 

Intro/ Warm-o-Rama:
Mosey to the Track

The Thang:
Pax didn’t know Oatmeal and I planed a KTT 2ndCT convergence!
Partner up – Partner #1 runs 200m while Pax #2 does max Burpees… That’s all
Ar 0600 we decided to leave Oatmeal & Sound Machine to it and moseyed back to Burleson Stopping about every 75yrs, where each PAX called an exercise. 
Slushii – J-Lo’s (Imagine that)
Rump Roast – 10x Erlins + 10x Derkins (IC, SC)
Bleep – 20x IST’s in Mach Turbo Speed!!! (IC, DC)
Classified – 10x Squats (DC)
Froggy 15x Hill Billies (IC, DC)

No music this morning 

When YHC starts the warm-up with a mosey it raises eyebrows… When I took a left at the stop sign there was immediate feeling of seriousness. Then Slushii tried to break it up by asking me if I was lost?!?! I just continued to mosey to the track. Oatmeal & I had texted the evening before about meeting at the gate we “usually” go in from Burleson. We talked about the “Boulevard” being the backup location.  We got in at the opposite end by the stadium and without the KTT gang started with “The Coach K” which started with Coach texting me this workout and saying “I thought about you the whole time, Rump”… I felt compelled to share the beatdown and a little bit of Coach K whom we all miss so much. I heard plenty of grumbling and I may have dropped a few F-Bombs myself! Overall it was a great beatdown. We made 4x laps around the track plus the run there and back. While not a KTT, I thought it was pretty respectable.
Chairman’s walk next Saturday 22 Aug
2.0 workout, also 22 Aug. 0900 @ Burleson (Slushii is heading this up)
GroRuck update coming soon
Circle of Trust (CoT):  YHC Prayed us out.