Full Body Beatdown w/ Rump & Co.

Date: 09/10/2020

Temp: 73°  
Weather:  Cloudy a little rainy but felt great!

Count-off & Name-O-Rama:
PAX: Jazzercise, Splash, Ultra, Slushii, Bleep, Agnes, Island Time
QIC: Rump Roast

AO: Burleson Park

Disclaimer: Given – Today I wanted to focus on TUT – Time Under Tension // “Move with purpose”  Reps slow and controlled, but move inbetween reps and to places quickly.

Intro/ Warm-o-Rama:
10x Veggie Pickers (DC, IC)
12x Lunges (DC,IC)
14x Ranger Merkins (SC, IC )
16x Jump Squats (OYO) – EXPLODE on the jump! 
18x Carolina Dry Docks (SC, IC) – SLOW
20x Pop-Tarts (OYO) – Good form, Ankles even or in front of hands!

Mosey around the Short loop of the park to soft-top

Split into groups for circuit work:
Station #1 – 5x pull-ups
Station #2 – 7x Big Boi Sit-ups
Station #3 – 5x Shoulder Tap Merkins
Station #4 – 3x Bulgarian Squats 

Mosey to SMU Blvd – Fountain & Stairs

The Thang:
Jacobs Ladder x11
At the Bottom @ the street – 10x Curtsey Lunges (DC)
Run to top of stairs
At the Top – 1x Rugby Sit-up
We didn’t complete the Jacobs ladder… I wanted to go to the tennis court for the below but, ran out of time. We finished with 3mins of Mary

Mosey to the Tennis Court
10x Foot Over Toes (IC, Each Leg)
Suicide Long to short
10x Pistol Squats (5x Each Leg)

Circle of Trust (CoT):
YHC prayed us out

PAX Choice – https://play.google.com/music/playlist/AMaBXynhfyzqPNcVDUVGXKiuZV-YTMstH97lBednsclM17EC4JAgIyJ-1D4A4opSlJiOC6LuDmAYLNqYSgMYIueLjRG9Eok2Tw%3D%3D

Today for me was about planning something different. I’ve been posting for almost 2yrs ad Q’ing for maybe a year. I’m still a weak runner and have a desire to be better. I tried to focus on legs more and to run more than I like to. 
I was a little disappointed that without Alright Alright there, no one even seemed to notice that there was no SSH or IST’s! I was glad to see everyone that came out this morning. I feel like this one could use a little improvement but it was a good work out. I HAVE to get a new speaker as mine is terrible. 

Lots of stuff I don’t remember – 
College football at Ultra’s on Saturday 09/12
IronPax at The Harbor tomorrow | Alright Alright is Q’ing  9/11 alternative
Golf October 3rd… Ultra, thinks