“The Coach K'”

Date: 08/132020
Temp: 82°  
Weather: Clear morning sky, but humid and hot AF!

Count-off & Name-O-Rama:
PAX: Jazzercise, Slushii, Bleep, Froggy, Classified, & Splash
QIC: Rump Roast 

AO: Burleson Park

Disclaimer: Given 

Intro/ Warm-o-Rama:
Mosey to the Track

The Thang:
Pax didn’t know Oatmeal and I planed a KTT 2ndCT convergence!
Partner up – Partner #1 runs 200m while Pax #2 does max Burpees… That’s all
Ar 0600 we decided to leave Oatmeal & Sound Machine to it and moseyed back to Burleson Stopping about every 75yrs, where each PAX called an exercise. 
Slushii – J-Lo’s (Imagine that)
Rump Roast – 10x Erlins + 10x Derkins (IC, SC)
Bleep – 20x IST’s in Mach Turbo Speed!!! (IC, DC)
Classified – 10x Squats (DC)
Froggy 15x Hill Billies (IC, DC)

No music this morning 

When YHC starts the warm-up with a mosey it raises eyebrows… When I took a left at the stop sign there was immediate feeling of seriousness. Then Slushii tried to break it up by asking me if I was lost?!?! I just continued to mosey to the track. Oatmeal & I had texted the evening before about meeting at the gate we “usually” go in from Burleson. We talked about the “Boulevard” being the backup location.  We got in at the opposite end by the stadium and without the KTT gang started with “The Coach K” which started with Coach texting me this workout and saying “I thought about you the whole time, Rump”… I felt compelled to share the beatdown and a little bit of Coach K whom we all miss so much. I heard plenty of grumbling and I may have dropped a few F-Bombs myself! Overall it was a great beatdown. We made 4x laps around the track plus the run there and back. While not a KTT, I thought it was pretty respectable.
Chairman’s walk next Saturday 22 Aug
2.0 workout, also 22 Aug. 0900 @ Burleson (Slushii is heading this up)
GroRuck update coming soon
Circle of Trust (CoT):  YHC Prayed us out.