College Football Kickoff

PAX: Ant Man, Classified, Dfib, Dirtbag, Fanny, Icebox, Oatmeal, Plus One, Pow Pow, Siesta Sound Machine, Splash, Whoops
QIC: Teasip

AO: Burleson
F3 DISCLAIMER & WELCOME: Given, with the added COVID disclaimer

SSH x25, IST x15, Produce Picker x12, then a warmup lap and end up at the field


Fingertip Merkins x12
Oh Claps x14
Outlaw with 10 circles clockwise and counter clockwise
T-Merkins x14
Burpees x10
Alternating Side Squats x14)
LL Cool J x14

Alabama Ass Kickers x14
Carolina Dry Docks x14
Cheerleaders x14

Big Boy Sit Ups x10
mperial Squat Walkers x10
Get ups, Prisoner Style x10

Squats x14
E2K x14 each leg
Circle Burp (go around in a circle with each PAX yelling “down” to do a burpee. Chop your feet while in between).

Next started the running across the “football field” portion of the workout.

Plank Hurdles
Suicides, but wait at each point for all the PAX (chopping your feet while you wait) then everyone does a Burpee together. Continue with suicide.

Red Barchetta – run 1/4 of the way down, 25 merkins, run back. Then run 1/2 way down, 50 squats, run back. Run 3/4 of the way down, 75 Mountain Climbers, run back. Run all the way down, 100 SSHs, then run back.

Finished it up with some forward and backwards arm circles, as well as some burpees.

LBC x24, Rugby Sit Ups 14 OYO, Rosalita x14

YHC prayed us out

Not a lot of mumblechatter that YHC could hear, though he was right next to the speaker that was blaring different fight songs for different schools. Oatmeal asked DFib to sing Boomer Sooner, but Dfib declined. Splash correctly identified several fight songs. May have to do a contest at some point.

1. F3 Golf confirmed for October 3rd. 
2. F3 10 year anniversary in January

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