3/11/2021 Burleson Park

PAX: Agnes, Bleep, Broadway Joe, Classified, Sex Panther, Slushii and Ultra
QIC: Aaarrrggghhh

AO: Burleson Park
F3 DISCLAIMER & WELCOME: Meh, not liable.

SSH, Hillbilly, Veggie Pickers and Good Mornings

Two full pull-ups, four hand-release merkins and six squats x 5

Mosey to tennis courts and paint the lines, both courts/sides

Two full pull-ups, four hand-release merkins and six squats x 5

Scuttle crab across both courts stopping at each line for Lance Armstrongs x 3/flip repeat

Two full pull-ups, four hand-release merkins and six squats x 5

Suicide sprints across both courts starting long

Two full pull-ups, four hand-release merkins and six squats x 5

Crab walk across both courts with two WWI sit-ups at each line and lunge back across

Rugby sit-ups, uptown crunch left/right, lbc and heels to heaven

Thankful for having the ability to get up and work out with such an amazing group of men

Beautiful morning. Started with some Dwight Yoakam for the warm up but flipped the switch to some 90’s/early 2000’s rap. Thank you for the PAX help. Asthma got the lung capacity not at full strength so relied on them to help count off most things. Made sure we did the exercises right with two full grown ass men pull-ups, the hand release merkins and squats with fist on chin and elbows touching knees. Slushii might or might not have been called out. Promised a low cardio day and don’t think that promise was broken. 

1. San Antonio Go Ruck
2. F3 Golf (but seriously) 

Coffee 3/3/21

PAX: Agnes, Ina, Sex Panther, Sound Machine and The Gambler
QIC: Aaarrrggghhh

AO: Coffee Park

SST, IST, Veggie Pickers, Slow side lunges & Good Mornings

ran around the neighborhood and did the following:

  • T-merkins x 20
  • Burpees x 11
  • Knerkins x 21

made our way back to coffee park to partner up for a DORA

  • Bonnie Blair’s x 150
  • American Hammer x 100
  • Nolan Ryan’s x 50 (both sides)
  • Kraken Burpees x 25

slight jog back to the soft top and finished up with the following: 

  • Turkish get-ups x 12
  • Revers crunch x 12
  • Indian run bear crawl x 2 rounds
  • Uptown crunches x 12 each side
  • Mountain climbers x 25
  • Plank jacks x 25
  • Heels to heaven x 25


Continue to pray for our doctors/nurses and hope the nation can continue to heal with each other. 

West side was thin this AM but can only assume they are just resting to give it all they got at a 2nd Choice  workout with the one and only Rump Roast. The legs are feeling a little sore but really glad the audible is ALWAYS in the back pocket and switched the Bonnie Blair’s to single count vs double. Thankful for you guy in F3 that make this so fun. Can’t recall any mumblechatter that I haven’t enjoyed with F3. 


  1. F3 Golf
  2. TID 18K this weekend 3.6.21
  3. San Antonio Go Ruck
  4. Last chance to donate for fundraiser Agnes is working on. Even the little stuff counts. 

2/4/21 Katy Trail



PAX: The Gambler and Sex Panther

QIC: Aaarrrggghhh

AO: La Madeleine/Katy Trail


WARM-O-RAMA: Curb taps?, veggie pickers and slow side lunges


Mosey to trail: 9 x hand release burpees

(Each exercise was double count x 9)

1/4 mile: Rugby sit-ups and uptown crunch left

1/4 mile: Rugby sit-ups and uptown crunch right

1/4 mile: Rugby sit-ups and LBCs

1/4 mile: Rugby sit-ups and penguin crunch

1/4 mile: no assist sit-up and reverse crunch

1/4 mile: no assist sit-up and rosalita

1/4 mile: no assist sit-up and flutter kicks

1/4 mile: no assist sit-up and freddy mercury 

Mosey back to La Madeliene 

CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM: Thankful for all of our friends/family and blessed for such a beautiful morning

MOLESKIN: What a morning to be out. Seemed like the wind was always at our backs. No complaints were heard during a classic Abmazing Katy Trail run. Had to skip the SSH during warm up since we did 10 straight minutes yesterday. 

ANNOUNCEMENTS: 4x4x4x24 starting Friday (2/05), Patriot Run, Texas Independence 18K, Grow Ruck, F3 Golf



PAX: Agnes, Bleep, Classified, Sex Panther, Slippy & Slushii

QIC: Aaarrrggghhh

AO: Coffee Park


WARM-O-RAMA: SSH, IST, Veggie Pickers

THA THANG: Made our way to the Caruth Park tennis courts down Turtle Creek Blvd. and stopped at end of each block and completed the following: 

  1. Squats & reverse crunches x 12
  2. Loiners & WWI sit ups x 12
  3. Merkins & Rugby sit ups x 12
  4. Turkish get ups x 12
  5. Hand raises x 12
  6. Burpees  x12

Tennis Court Suicides: 

Round 1) Run to long end and bear crawl/crab walk back

Round 2) Run to long end and lunge/broad jump back

Mosey back to Coffee Park with same set of exercises between blocks. 

MARY: Reverse crunch, big boy sit ups, rugby sit ups x 6

MOLESKIN: Beautiful crisp morning. We did start out beat down with GAMS (grown ass men skipping) and were called out by neighborhood runners. It was great to hit the courts again at Caruth and look forward to future rings and things workouts once that AO opens again. 


  1. Wednesday 1/20 please bring any suits, slacks, button ups that are no longer in use to you but still have life in them. Splash is collecting to support a great cause. 
  2. 4x4x24 CSAUP Feb 5-6 starting at 1900 on Feb 5.
  3. TID 18K March 6 at 0700
  4. GROWRUCK April 8-10 in SA
  5. F3 Golf

Caruth 1/09


PAX: Alright Alright, Chairman Mao, Coach K, F150, Gambler, Icebox, Ina, Oatmeal, Rocket Man, Rump Roast, Special Sauce and Spread

QIC: Aaarrrggghhh

AO: Caruth Park


Done said it


SSH, IS, Windmill, Side Lunges, Slow Squats, Slow Merkins, Freddy Mercury uphill/downhill


Mosey to soft top for a Caruth 3x3x3:  3 grown a** man pull ups, lunge across the bridge, 3 burpees and repeat 3 times

Dirty McDeuce: 12 reps of dips, pull up under bench thing single count, alternating step-ups, dirkins single count, run around the soft top park and repeat 3 times. Mosey to tennis courts

4 CORNERS (kind of): 10 hand release merkins, lunge to next corner, first exercise plus 20 gorilla squats, bear crawl to next corner, first two exercises plus 30 flutter kicks, reverse lunge to next corner, first three exercises plus 40 arms raises.

Lined up for one round of burpee dans (four lunges followed by a burpee) across both courts and back


Mosey to soft top: American Hammer x 12, rugby sit-ups x 12, reverse crunches x 12, about 8 seconds of six inches


We need to continue on working on improving ourselves and doing things right. This can be doing pull-ups like a grown a** man, counting slow on exercises, being better husbands, being a better father or working on whatever goals you might have.


Yeah yeah yeah, still continuing bench mark week. Wasn’t planning on doing a repeat of Teasip’s Q at Glencoe, but thought the Caruth guys needed a reminder of a standard workout. This is why we always need guys to sign up to Q to keep things different, this is one of many reasons I enjoy coming to F3 beat downs.


Without a formal vote, we can assume F3 Happy Hour will be at Ozona’s this Friday (1/11) at whatever time you can get there. Sign up for Run Ranger Run, two spots available. Get a $20 raffle ticket from Sally for his upcoming mission. Put March 2nd down of our ruck event.

Katy Trail 11/29

PAX: AlrightAlright, Ina, Coach K, Gold Digger (welcome back!), Teasip, Mile High and Chairman Mao
QIC: Aaarrrggghhh

AO: Katy Trail

The Classic
SSH, IS and sloooooow side lounges, jog to start of the trail

5 burpees OYO

1/4 mile
5 burpees OYO, 7 rugby sit-ups (attempted) 10 peter parker’s before a herd of joggers came by

1/4 mile
5 burpees OYO, 7 rugby sit-ups, 10 shoulder taps (4 count)

1/4 mile
5 burpees OYO, 7 rugby sit-ups, 10 mountain climbers (4 count)

1/4 mile
5 burpees OYO, 7 rugby sit-ups, 10 plank jacks (4 count)

1/4 mile
5 burpees OYO, 7 rugby sit-ups, 10 pick pounders (4 count)

1/2 mile indian run
5 burpees OYO, 7 rugby sit-ups, 10 j-lo’s (4 count)

1/4 mile
5 burpees OYO, 7 rugby sit-ups (started running thin on time)

1/4 mile
10 lance armstrong’s -each side (4 count)

Back to La Madeline

I hope everyday that we are working to better ourselves. When I first started F3, I could barely do five burpees in a row. I looked like an idiot flopping around attempting Lance Armstrong’s. Couldn’t even perform a rugby sit-up this summer but have been working hard to improve them. Let’s try to work harder everyday to be better men, brothers, fathers, friends or husbands. Work on being more patient and forgiving. We all have things to improve, let’s continue to help each other out and work harder everyday to be a better you.