Up and Down the Parking Deck

PAX: Agnes, Alright Alright, Big Tex, Classified,  Lil Smokey, Oatmeal, Rump Roast, Silent Bob, Slippy, Slushii, Sound Machine, Special Sauce, Supercuts, Sweet Baby
QIC: Teasip

AO: Burleson #2CT
F3 DISCLAIMER & WELCOME: Given with COVID disclaimer

SSH x20
Hillbillies x15
IST x15
T merkins x15

Merkins were changed to T merkins by request of some of the PAX and it spelled out what many PAX were thinking when we began Tha Thang

Mosey to the parking garage for Parking Garage Suicide. Run up and back each ramp, with a burpee at the top and bottom of each ramp.

Quick Mary for some recovery, then bear crawl up the entire parking deck. Mosey back to the park for a couple of burpees before time.

LBC x15, J Los x10 (for the West Side)

YHC prayed us out

YHC was very torn on what to do for his first SCT posting and Q, and after some discussion with other PAX, YHC decided to go back to the TID crowd pleaser of a parking deck suicide with some bear crawling (which was promised in the preblast, not beers. Reading is tough eh Special Sauce?)

The PAX enjoyed the spelling of the warmup exercises, but did not enjoy the next phase. Several PAX jokingly asked if we were doing the TID suicide again and when YHC informed them that yes, we were, quite a few four letter words similar to the word spelled by the warmups were uttered. It’s always a crowd pleaser. YHC even got an “EAD” from Rump, which YHC thinks is at the top of the Rump scale, above the F bombs.

The bear crawling was also a crowd pleaser, but everyone finished in time to mosey back to the park. We took the poop stairs back which led several jokes of bear crawling, crawl bearing, crab walking, and walk crabbing those stairs, so now YHC has ideas for his next 2CT Q.

Some good 2ndF after the beatdown as Slippy humble bragged about being an Hawaii expert and gave YHC his recommendations. Some Band discussion about the length of running during the workout, with some apps showing about 1.5 and Alright Alright’s showing over 3. We agreed it was closer to 1.5 

1. Launch of the Shops at Park Lane  AO on Tuesday, April 27
2. Launch of McKinney workout on Saturday, May 1
3. Carry the Load from Noon on Sunday, May 30-Noon on Monday, May 31 (Memorial Day)
4. 2.0 Workout on Saturday, May 8 at 0900 at Burleson


PAX: Silent Bob, Agnes, Classified, Slushii, Slippy, Lil Smokey and Lifeboat
QIC: Gold Digger

AO: Burleson Park
F3 DISCLAIMER & WELCOME: Announced and Acknowledged by all.

In Cadence… SSH x15, IST x15

Mosey to the George W. Bush Presidential Center (GWBPC) from Burleson Park. There, in the parking lot, we began the first of many 43 Strategery workouts. 

The PAX was instructed to do to following:

3 Rounds: 43 Squats > Run 43yds > 43 American Hammers, repeat…

3 Rounds: 43 Lunges (Double Count) > Run 43 yds > 43 LBCs,  repeat…

3 Rounds: 43 Good Mornings > Run 43 yds > 43 Mountain Climbers

We made it through 1 round of the last group of exercises before moseying back to Burleson for Mary.

Circled up and went around doing 43 reps (single count oyo) of everyone’s exercise choice. YHC began with Freddie Mercury’s, followed by Agnes’ Penguin  Crunches, followed by Lifeboat’s Bear Crawls twice in a circle, followed by Slippy’s Frog Crunches, followed by  Lil Smokie’s Supermans, followed by, last but not least, Classified’s JLo’s.

YHC prayed us out, giving particular thanks to the men of F3, our community and the freedoms we enjoy in this country.

YHC dressed up for the occasion, in my best early 2000s presidential running gear. The plan was to do the workout in the GWBPC field, but multiple security guards, all of which were packing heat, deterred us. During the workout, GWBPC employees kept driving around the parking lot, backing into parking spots etc. I particularly appreciated the person driving a blacked out late 90s model Lincoln Town Car. Such a great automobile!

As always, I am nervous to Q and always feel that my workouts aren’t that great. I felt much more confident when Agnes looked over mid-workout to drop an “FU Gold Digger” in Rump’s voice. Arguably one of my favorite things in life is hearing Rump getting pissed at everything around him, even when he’s not physically present. Thanks Agnes. I am particularly proud of Lil Smokie for crawling out of the fart sack to post. Keep it up Braaa. Lifeboat left to go back to ATL. Come back soon! Silent Bob was silent, Slippy was stealthy,  Classified was sweaty Slushii’s calves were, well… sexy.

1. GrowRuck 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025 infinity…

F150 3rd Anniversary



PAX:Pow Pow, Oatmeal, Isaiah, Slushii, Lil Smokey, Classified, Alright Alright, Chairman Mao, Double Pane, Sound Machine, Draper, Stingray, Plus One, Oo-De-Lally 

QIC: F150

AO: The Harbor



36 SSH, 36 IST, 36 SSH, 36 Grass pickers


Ring of fire burpees 4 rounds

Rd 4 Snowflake plank while waiting

Mosey with Coupons to field on other side of pool

2 Rounds


·       Manmakers x5

·       Overhead press x10

·       Curls x15

·       Skull Crushers x20

Hold Squat with Coupon until all in.


·       Vup x5

·       Elf on a shelf x10

·       American Hammers x15

·       LBCs x20

Cusack until all in.


·       Lunges x5

·       Lt Dans x10

·       Calf raises x15

·       Squats x20

Plank until all in.

Mosey back to flag


Coupon Growing Pains IC x30 (LBC, BBS, American Hammers, Flutter Kicks)

Snowflake Plank



A simple invite is all it takes to get men out. Don’t let that little voice deter you extending an invitation. All it took for me was someone inviting me to come workout with men and it peaked an interest for me to check it out. Since then I have been hooked by the fellowship, fitness, and faith. Great job today men and looking forward to where we are headed!


1.     F3 DFW Golf Tourney talk with Ultra.

2.     GROWRuck moved to April 9-11, 2021

3.     Happy Hour this Friday

4.     2.0 Workout following Siesta’s VQ at 9 AM.

Club Rehab, #Beachbod Edition

#backblast 8/6

Slushii Lil Smokey and Bleep joined YHC for another rendition of #clubrehab

At 0524 YHC was alone wondering if the Ultra and Rump Roast HC’s for KTT were going to mean a solo workout, the SMU police stopped by the Jeep to see what was going on, apparently someone sitting in a car at that time without lights on is suspicious…YHC talked to the officer about what I was doing, but missed the EH opp as let’s face it, not really used to talking to cops that early in the AM but Slushii gave me a hard time for not putting on the press when I told him the story, next time I’ll give him a business card

The thang:
SSH (YHC pretty pumped to be able to do those again!)

Every Minute on the Minute (EMOM), 4 min
10 merkins, 10 Superman’s, 10 mountain climbers

As Many Rounds As Possible (AMRAP), 3 minutes
10 L cheek rugby sit-ups, 10 regular rugby sit-ups, 10 R cheek rugby sit-ups (AlrightAlright would have been pissed with that much tailbone friction)

EMOM, 5 minutes
10 right plank hip raises, 10 left plank hip raises, 10 dry docks

AMRAP, 4 minutes
10 squat jumps, 5 L leg dead lifts, 5 R leg dead lifts

3 minutes of arms “toning”

EMOM, 5 minutes
10 merkins, 10 Superman’s, 10 mountain climbers

AMRAP, 4 minutes
10 L cheek rugby sit-ups, 10 regular rugby sit-ups, 10 R cheek rugby sit-ups

EMOM, 4 minutes
10 right plank hip raises, 10 left plank hip raises, 10 dry docks

4 minutes of arms toning

Round robin of more shoulders per Bleep legs per Lil Smokey and more arms toning per Slushii

Keeping up the golf theme, the minutes for each circuit correspond with the par for the front 9 of Tenison Highlands

Decent mumblechatter since there wasn’t a ton of counting, always great to catch up with my #clubrehab crew and look forward to getting back into the routine in a couple weeks hopefully!



#backblast 7/30
Aaarrrggghhh Bleep Lil Smokey Subprime joined YHC for some #ClubRehab this AM at Burleson

Here’s the thang

Warmup of IST’s, low and slow squats, and walkouts

30 seconds of each exercise, 2 rounds
Plank w/ shoulder tap
Tricep pushups
Tricep dips
Hold all appendages up in the air
Holding all appendages in the air, lift L leg to R hand
Holding all appendages in the air, lift R leg to L hand
Legs straight up in the air, crunch up
American hammers

2 minutes each of the following
AMRAP (as many rounds as possible): 5 Superman’s, 5 hand release merkins, 2 sloooow Peter Parker’s
Round the world lunges, R leg
Arms by Ms Icebox
AMRAP 5 Yeah! Marches, 5 flutter kicks, 5 heels to heaven
Round the world lunges, L leg
Arms by Ms Icebox
AMRAP repeat of each

1 minute of the following
Tricep push-ups
Tricep dips
Carolina dry docks
All appendages up
Deadlift R leg only
Deadlift L leg only
Hand release merkins

Some decent mumblechatter this AM, PAX appreciated the Fly2K top hits in the playlist and good to meet Lil Smokey!

Appreciate the PAX coming out to support #ClubRehab while I continue to nurse the Achilles/calf. Really missed being out there, the 3 weeks w/o F3 is the longest stretch I’ve had in 3 years, and with my only ventures out of the house being to get groceries I really needed the 2nd F of seeing other people!

Will run back a similar workout next Thursday as I takeover SCT one more time to finish up getting ripped for Gulf Shores!

Germany Park – 07/24/2020

PAX: Bleep, Special Sauce, Lil Smokey, Sound Machine
QIC: Slushii

AO: Germany Park


SSH x 20 IC
IST x 20 IC
Cotton Pickers x 10 IC


Mosey from muffin top to south side parking lot

Creature merkins (modified to merkins after round of 8) and monkey jumpers

Mosey from south side parking lot to tennis courts

Paint the lines on complete tennis court

2 partner
100 squats, 200 LBC’s, 300 Baby Arm Circles (150 each way)

3 partner
200 squats, 300 LBC’s, 400 Baby Arm Circles (200 each way)


Rosalita x 16 IC
LBC x 20 IC
Penguin Crunch x 20 IC
JLo x 10 IC
WW1 x 10 SC

Give it away! 


YHC started this morning heading to Germany reminiscing with Bleep and Lil Smokey about the Rumpdown yesterday. YHC was curious what his day 2 workout was going to consist of. After waiting an extra minute YHC decided to start the beatdown in hopes of Rump Roast showing up. No Rump Roast today but we continued on. Ended up being a fun and challenging beatdown. Most of the mumblechatter consisted of how much Rump Roast is going to catch today for not showing up to his own Q. Bleep was excited to commence on Rump Roast so we shall see how that plays out. Great to have Sound Machine back out! We might have to find a new parking lot to workout in because they empty the PortaJon’s around 0545…just in time for a sweaty PAX beatdown on the southside lot. 

1. Happy Hour on 7/24/20 in PowPow’s front yard. Starts at 1730
2. GrowRuck Alamo in San Antonio on September 19 – Sign up now!
3. F3 Nation 10 year anniversary – January 2021 in Cape Fear, North Carolina. Sign ups are open now with discounted pricing!

Germany Park 07132020

PAX: Slushii, Classified, Bleep, Aaarrrggghhh, Lil Smokey
QIC: Slushii

AO: Germany Park


SSH x 16 IC
IST x 15 IC
Cotton Pickers x 10 IC
Windmill x 10 IC


Lap around track – Native American style
Bear crawl/lunge race along pole vault track
Mosey to south parking lot
11s – Mike Tyson’s and Iron squats 
11s – Star jumps and Shoulder taps (double count


Penguin Crunches x 12 IC
Monkey Crunches x 12 IC
LBC x 12 IC
JLo x 10 IC
WW1 x 12

Thankful for each man

Up until 0528 YHC thought this was going to be a Midway Hollow only beatdown. A few PAX became better men this morning and came along to join us! Some mumblechatter about the weekend commenced. The 7.5 happy hour was also discussed amongst the PAX. Seems a great time was had by all. The sweat immediately commenced with no breeze this morning. @classified put up a bear crawl speed I’m not even sure @alrightalright could keep up with. 

1. GrowRuck in September
2. F3 10 year anniversary in Cape Fear, NC