#backblast 7/30
Aaarrrggghhh Bleep Lil Smokey Subprime joined YHC for some #ClubRehab this AM at Burleson

Here’s the thang

Warmup of IST’s, low and slow squats, and walkouts

30 seconds of each exercise, 2 rounds
Plank w/ shoulder tap
Tricep pushups
Tricep dips
Hold all appendages up in the air
Holding all appendages in the air, lift L leg to R hand
Holding all appendages in the air, lift R leg to L hand
Legs straight up in the air, crunch up
American hammers

2 minutes each of the following
AMRAP (as many rounds as possible): 5 Superman’s, 5 hand release merkins, 2 sloooow Peter Parker’s
Round the world lunges, R leg
Arms by Ms Icebox
AMRAP 5 Yeah! Marches, 5 flutter kicks, 5 heels to heaven
Round the world lunges, L leg
Arms by Ms Icebox
AMRAP repeat of each

1 minute of the following
Tricep push-ups
Tricep dips
Carolina dry docks
All appendages up
Deadlift R leg only
Deadlift L leg only
Hand release merkins

Some decent mumblechatter this AM, PAX appreciated the Fly2K top hits in the playlist and good to meet Lil Smokey!

Appreciate the PAX coming out to support #ClubRehab while I continue to nurse the Achilles/calf. Really missed being out there, the 3 weeks w/o F3 is the longest stretch I’ve had in 3 years, and with my only ventures out of the house being to get groceries I really needed the 2nd F of seeing other people!

Will run back a similar workout next Thursday as I takeover SCT one more time to finish up getting ripped for Gulf Shores!