Fourth Annual Texas Independence Day 18K #TID18K

On March 2, 1836, 59 #HIM signed the Texas Declaration of Independence to declare independence from Mexico and create the Republic of Texas. To celebrate these #Disrupters we will hold our fourth annual Texas Independence Day 18K on March 5, 2022. (This year it is a 17k because of construction at Caruth Park.)

We will launch at 0700 from Reverchon Park Baseball Field. From 0700 – 1200 we will complete the following: 6 miles of running, 4.5 miles of rucking and 120 minutes of boot camp workouts.

Men across Dallas and F3 Nation are invited to join us for all or some of this event.

  • 0700 – 0730 – Boot Camp At Reverchon Park Baseball Field
  • 0730 – 0805 – 3.5 mile Run to Glencoe Park
  • 0805 – 0835 – Boot Camp at Glencoe Park
  • 0835 – 0850 – 1.5 mile Run to Burleson Park
  • 0850 – 0920 – Boot Camp at Burleson Park
  • 0920 – 0930 – 1 mile Run to Curtis Park
  • 0930 – 1000 – Boot Camp at Curtis Park
  • 1000 – 1130 – 4.5 mile Ruck to Reverchon Park Baseball Field
  • 1130 – Parking Lot celebration with spouses, girlfriends, kids, and dogs.


Torturing Rump Roast at The Harbor

Date: 3/24/2021
AO: The Harbor
PAX: Trash Panda Harrison Coffman Benjamin James Bolin Bleep Rump Roast Icebox Dirtbag Meatball Special Sauce Slippy Jobu F150 Stingray Avril Big Tex Armpit Gold Digger adam visosky
QIC: Your Humble Correspondent
Mosey to parking lot by football field. Burpee rule in effect. 6 burpees.
Side Straddle Hops x15
Imperial Storm Troopers x15
Merkins x10
Mosey to Trail
Burpee Penalty x10
Mountain Climbers x10
Start over because form wasn’t good.
Mountain Climbers x26
Mosey up trail
Burpee Penalty x27
Side Straddle Hops while you wait
Mosey to church
Burpee Penalty x10
Plank Jacks x10
Mosey to CUL-de-sac #1
Burpee Penalty
T-merkins x10
Mosey to CUL-de-sac #2
Burpee Penalty
Hand Release merkins x10
Mosey to CUL-de-sac #3
Carolina Dry Docks x10
Mosey to CUL-de-sac #4
Burpee Penalty
Some other exercise
Mosey to tennis courts
Burpee Penalty x14
Partner 1: begin bear crawl suicide
Partner 2: run across all courts and back twice
Flapjack and Repeato until time is up
Mosey back to launch.

Black Diamond

#backblast #blackdiamond #attendancepost
PAX: Classified, Dirtbag, Icebox, Meatball, Oatmeal, Siesta, Special Sauce, Swiper
Q: Alright Alright
AO: Lindsley Park

Side Straddle Hops x10
Imperial Storm Troopers x10

The team has four bombs to diffuse. They must select a Captain to choose people for specific roles throughout the workout. They elected Icebox the Captain.

Run to Icebox‘s house. Diffuse Bomb #1:
20 Burpees & 20 Merkins for each PAX (PAX can share burpees). One PAX must do all 20 Burpees with the bomb (coupon). Another PAX must do 20 nipplers on the bomb instead of their merkins. (diffusers: Classified, Dirtbag)

Run to opposite side of Grand and up the hill to touch the guard rail. 5 Burpees for each PAX to kill the enemy that is shooting at us.

Captain Icebox was KIA. (He could no longer speak strategically, but was still responsible for his reps)

Oatmeal takes the lead. Appoints himself, but the PAX don’t disagree and there’s no time for argument or speculation of some possible friendly fire that might have taken Icebox out.

Run to Oatmeal‘s house. Diffuse Bomb #2:
Same Exercises (diffusers: Oatmeal, Special Sauce)

Captain Oatmeal was KIA.

Dirtbag takes the lead.

Run down Ash and down Santa Monica to the Santa Fe Trail to return to the battlefield at Grand. Repeato the fire fight.

Run to Icebox‘s house. Diffuse Bomb #3:
Same Exercises (diffusers: Special Sauce, Alright Alright)

The bomb needed to be delivered to the Combat Outpost for further investigation, so Captain Dirtbag sent Oatmeal and Special Sauce to take the bomb to Lindsley. Not sure how he got the dead man to do it, but we didn’t have time to discuss.

Run to Oatmeal‘s house. Diffuse Bomb #4 or not…. we were working through the diffusion when it was clear that we weren’t going to get it done in time, so we decided to get the bomb away from civilians and back to the Outpost to diffuse it. We arrived at the Outpost at 6:14 and were able to get some of our burpees done, but not all of them. MISSION FAILURE

Punishment for failing: 54 burpees (6 per PAX) and 180 merkins (20 per PAX). The PAX decided to complete these before COT.

Mission Totals: 3.78 miles (Strava told me it was a 7:57/mile running pace), 90 burpees and 80 merkins.

Thanks to the PAX for putting up with my creativity or lack thereof for this one. The goal of this Black Diamond workout was to put in some serious miles in preparation for the CSAUP on February 5th and 6th. Future Black Diamond workouts might be more stationary or involve shorter running distances. The key for Black Diamond is to get the whole group to push themselves beyond a regular workout.

New Year’s Day 2021

#backblast #attendancepost
F3 Nation’s 10th Birthday

PAX: Dirtbag F150 Ina Oatmeal Plus One Rump Roast Slushii Teasip
QIC: Alright Alright

Mosey to top of parking deck
Side Straddle Hops x75 (as a penalty for six lagging)
Side Straddle Hops x10 (for good measure)
Imperial Storm Troopers x15
Merkins x10
Squats x10
Monkey Humpers x10

Tha Thang:
Jacob’s Ladder – run down two ramps, burpees (1:5), run up two ramps, burpees (5:1)
Mosey down three ramps
Jacob’s Ladder Repeato – same as before but 3:1 and 1:3 on burpees instead

Disguised Dirty McDeuce – Mosey to benches (yes, benches)
Derkins x6 (double count)
Box Jumps x12
Irkins x12
Australian Mountain Climbers x12
Mosey to the Quad
11 burpee penalty
Mosey to “Stonehenge”
Derkins x6 (double count)
Box Jumps x12
Irkins x12
Australian Mountain Climbers x12
Mosey to Centennial Quadrangle in front of Laura Lee Blanton Building
Bear Crawl lap around Centennial Quadrangle
Crab Walk lap around Centennial Quadrangle
Derkins x6 (double count)
Box Jumps x12
Irkins x12
Australian Mountain Climbers x12
Mosey back to Burleson Park, Native American run when picking up the 6

3 Minutes of Mary:
LBCs x12
Flutter Kicks x15

10 years ago Dredd and OBT led the first ever F3 beatdown. Today, F3 is in close to 30 states and there are 2900 workouts each week. Men around the nation need F3 for all three F’s, Fitness, Fellowship and Faith. It is our responsibility to share this gift with every man we come in contact with. No more excuses men. EH all men. #AlwaysBeEHing #GiveItAway

Very quiet group today, but they did respond properly to every request to “grab a bench.”

Slushii argued that it should only be a 45 minute workout since it is Friday. YHC told him that since it was a holiday we would be doing a full 60 minutes. The exact stunt that was pulled on Plus One at his first workout ever 6 years ago today.

Happy F3 Birthday Plus One. F3 Dallas probably wouldn’t exist today without your leadership and commitment. There’s no way I could have persevered in those early months without you.

Rump Roast courageously fought through some serious back pain to finish this one. #tclaps for an incredible effort.

Dirtbag is quickly climbing the fitness charts. I thought he was going to beat Oatmeal on the Jacob’s Ladder. Everybody is going to have to post regularly and push themselves to try to keep up with this dude.

It was so cold that Ina had to put on a pullover.

F150 gave it everything he had on the crab walks despite some tricep cramping. He wasn’t gonna modify that’s for sure. Great work!

Oatmeal was full of energy after getting chased away from Klyde Warren Park by security last night.

Teasip put in a really impressive crab walk too. I thought he was gonna catch me at the end. It was closer than I like.

Happy 6th F3 Birthday Plus One and Glencoe

PAX: Big Tex, Bleep, Classified, Oatmeal, Rump Roast, Slushii
QIC: Alright Alright, Plus One

8 PAX posted this morning and 6 were surprised and perhaps disappointed to find out that Teasip had delegated this morning’s Q to Your Humble Correspondent and Plus One. Conveniently, this week is the sixth anniversary of Plus One’s first F3 workout and the first F3 workout at Glencoe Park. We decided that we would throw it back (sort of) to the theme from that day six years ago…

YHC led the PAX to the football field for Warmorama…
Side Straddle Hops x15
Upright Rows x6
Curls x6
Kraken Burpees x6
During the Kraken Burpees, Classified made a comment about my loss in the Q of the Year Quarterfinals …. and I took that personally (insert MJ meme)… so I scrapped the original plans and decided to punish the PAX.

Fast mosey to The Bridge with #burpeerule in effect.
17 Burpee Penalty.
12 Jumping Spiders OYO, run across The Bridge. 12 Burpee Penalty.
12 Freddie Mercury’s IC, run across The Bridge, 12 Burpee Penalty.
12 Merkins Single Count, run across The Bridge, 6 Burpee Penalty to be made up later.
Run Back to Glencoe Park and our Coupons. (We were supposed to complete American Hammers, Monkey Humpers and Jump Squats, but ran out of time)

Plus One took the reins from there.
Rifle Carry 50 yards
31 Curls
7 Merkins
Murder Bunny 50 yards
31 Overhead Presses
8 Merkins
Rifle Carry 50 yards
30 Curls
9 Merkins
Lunge Walk 50 yards
31 Curls 10 Merkins
30 LBCs
11 Penguin Crunches
12 something else…

6 Penalty Burpees

Only 8 men in attendance today with lots out of town and lots exposed to COVID. Keep checking on each other. And keep working out OYO if you have to. You don’t want to just take a week or two off. You will feel the pain.


#backblast 12/22/2020
PAX: Aaarrrggghhh Armpit  Bleep Dirtbag Icebox Meatball Oatmeal Slushii Special Sauce Teasip Pokey
Q: Alright Alright

Mosey with blocks to field
6 Burpees for #BurpeeRule punishment
Curls x10
Side Straddle Hops x20

Tha Thang:
Murder Bunny the width of the field
Mosey to Bridge – 4 Burpee punishment
Burpees x5 OYO
Mosey Across Bridge
Lunges x10
Mosey to Stairs Leading up to The Nest
Crawl Bear up the stairs
Mosey to more stairs
Bear Crawl down the stairs
Mosey to benches
Irkins x10
Dips x10
Derkins x10
Box Jumps x10 OYO
Mosey to Garage
Imperial Storm Troopers x15
Burpees x5
Hillbilly x10
Merkins x6
Mosey full lap around garage
3 burpee penalty
Mosey to bottom of garage
Squats x15
Mosey to top
Burpees x5
Yeah Thrusts/Sky Pickle x15
Mosey to stairs
Bear Crawl down
Mosey to Bridge
Bear Hunt to the top (Partner 1 crawl, partner 2 burpee then run down partner, flapjack and repeato)
Mosey down bridge
Mosey back to Glencoe field
Murder Bunny the width of the field
1 minute of LBCs

Naked Man Moleskin:
YHC arrived early to stretch because YHC is getting old.

Much to YHC’s surprise, Teasip was in attendance after getting back from Boston yesterday.

At 0528 we still hadn’t seen the Westsiders and YHC was beginning to plan the Germany Park workout from Hell to punish them… fortunately for Rump Roast, Slushii and Bleep posted as we were about to launch.

YHC didn’t hear much Mumblechatter, but the groans were audible during the first set of murder bunnies.

Pokey joined us during our Bench session at The Nest, and put the PAX to shame for the rest of the workout.

Pokey told us that he just got out of prison and is trying hard to turn his life around. He told us that he needs a group of men to be a family for him and to help him grow. We told him that this is the group for him.

All in attendance learned what F3 is all about today. Pokey joining us is a great opportunity for this group to help a man change his life. And he’s also going to push us all to be better… especially physically… watch out Special Sauce.

#tclaps to Teasip for giving Pokey a ride back to The Nest after the workout and then downtown.

Pokey doesn’t have a phone and is going to need a ride to workouts in the future. We’re going to have to work really hard and think old school on how we can coordinate that with him. I think Bleep and sound machine can help us understand communication pre-phones.

Right now we are working to get him a ride from the Target near City Place to tomorrow’s workout.

Katy Trail Thursday – JINGLE BElls

PAX: Ina, Pow Pow

Q: Alright Alright

YHC was expecting a small crowd today because some of the PAX might have needed (or thought they needed) a rest day in a week full of Q of the Year competitions and VQs, but 3 PAX was even smaller than expected. That said, YHC couldn’t have been more grateful that the two men that posted were PowPow and Ina. These two #HIM are always willing to try something new and to allow a Q to experiment (as long as it isn’t in a garage). They also know how to push themselves on a heavy run day. We took off eastward, headed for The Bridge, when YHC had a change of heart. With only 3 in the group, The Bridge wouldn’t allow for as much encouragement as it usually does, so YHC led the PAX to the SMU tennis courts instead.

Once there we did the following:

Suicide over 5 tennis courts. Took about 8 minutes and was just over a mile of running.

Suicide over 5 tennis courts with the following exercises thrown in. The exercises were done each time back to the start line, but here are the totals:

Jumping Spiders x25

Imperial Storm Troopers x25

Nipplers x25

Groiners x25

Lunges x25

E2K until the Six is in

Suicide over 5 tennis courts, but we only finished 2 courts before time was up.

Burpees x25

E2K x25

Native American run back home.

Burpees x10

Didn’t cover quite the mileage we hoped, but still got about 3.5 miles. And 3.5 miles of suicides is worth something.

Q of the Year Round 1 – Special Sauce vs. Plus One

#2 Special Sauce vs. #7 Plus One

Plus One:

Classic 7 Seed – UCONN

Kemba (Walker) spelled backwards, rifle carry coupons 20 yards between exercises

Apollo Ohnos x64

Burpees x32

Mickey Mouse Merkins x16

E2K x8

Kraken Burpees x4

UCONN spelled forwards, same rifle carry between exercises

Upright Rows

Copperhead Squats with Coupon Overhead



Nolan Ryans

Special Sauce:

Teams of 3 – FIRE drill – following exercises start with 10 reps of each, then decrease by 1. Minus One because he was up against Plus One. #cleverpoints. Every time Sauce yells fire the team must run a lap Native American style.

Front Squats with Coupon


Rugby Sit-Ups

Earth to Sky with Coupon

Moleskin: Both portions of this beatdown were brutal. Living up to the half black diamond (black triangle?) that they advertised.

Plus One definitely earned some points for creativity especially from the college basketball fans in attendance.

Special Sauce taught us the value of a simple #snotwoggler of a workout. We all learned that workouts go by faster and tend to be more difficult with Co-Qs. We can make that happen whenever we want! It doesn’t have to be a special occasion.

Q of the Year Play-In Game: Teasip vs. Slushii


Warm-o-Rama 20 SSH, 15 IST, 10 Hillbilly, 10 punishment burpees for PowPow being late

Seven levels of the Candy Cane Forest

-25 Merkins at the playground

-Tennis court suicide

-3 point squat jumps

-Bear crawl around the baseball field cuz of the mud (comment about people not going the right way)

-12 Burpees by field goal post

-12 Elf on a Shelf by bleachers

-12 step ups (each leg) at pavilion

The Sea of Swirly, Twirly Gum Drops

Forest to the Sea – Bear crawl the length of the pavilion, 5 burpees, then crab walk back

Pickle Pounders of Love

10 pickle pounders



Get to know the liquor store – Tennis Courts – paint the lines (both courts) – “handshake” merkins (double count x 20)

My first score – home plate of north field – star jumps x 20 – “thank you” burpees x 10

I’m ready for Pappy – basketball court bear crawl length of court “Van Winkle” monkey humpers x 20

Bring me the BTAC – North goal post – gasser (down and back twice) – “we are the champions” Freddie Mercury’s x 20 (IC)

Neat or on the rocks – Pavilion JLo’s x 20

Christmas Spirit is Here

PAX: DFib, Dirtbag, Ina, Plus One
Q: Alright Alright

Mosey with Coupon from the park to Quad

Tha Thang:
Crawl Bear up the stairs, Bear Crawl down

Odd Man Out (1 PAX runs a lap around the fountain, other PAX exercise, when runner returns other PAX run, and first runner exercises, repeato and rotate runner)

Rugby Sit-ups
———Crawl Bear, Bear Crawl stairs again
Man Makers
American Hammers
Side Straddle Hops
———Crawl Bear, Bear Crawl stairs again
Crab Cakes
Hand Release Merkins
Rugby Sit-ups
Imperial Storm Troopers
———Crawl Bear, Bear Crawl stairs again
Man Makers
Alabama Prom Dates
Squat Jacks

Mosey to Benches with Coupons

Odd Man Out (1 PAX does 10 box jumps, other PAX exercise AMRAP)
Overhead Press

Australian Mountain Climbers x10

Mosey to park

Dying Cockroaches x10
Dancing Wilt Chamberlains x10
Crab Cakes x10