Torturing Rump Roast at The Harbor

Date: 3/24/2021
AO: The Harbor
PAX: Trash Panda Harrison Coffman Benjamin James Bolin Bleep Rump Roast Icebox Dirtbag Meatball Special Sauce Slippy Jobu F150 Stingray Avril Big Tex Armpit Gold Digger adam visosky
QIC: Your Humble Correspondent
Mosey to parking lot by football field. Burpee rule in effect. 6 burpees.
Side Straddle Hops x15
Imperial Storm Troopers x15
Merkins x10
Mosey to Trail
Burpee Penalty x10
Mountain Climbers x10
Start over because form wasn’t good.
Mountain Climbers x26
Mosey up trail
Burpee Penalty x27
Side Straddle Hops while you wait
Mosey to church
Burpee Penalty x10
Plank Jacks x10
Mosey to CUL-de-sac #1
Burpee Penalty
T-merkins x10
Mosey to CUL-de-sac #2
Burpee Penalty
Hand Release merkins x10
Mosey to CUL-de-sac #3
Carolina Dry Docks x10
Mosey to CUL-de-sac #4
Burpee Penalty
Some other exercise
Mosey to tennis courts
Burpee Penalty x14
Partner 1: begin bear crawl suicide
Partner 2: run across all courts and back twice
Flapjack and Repeato until time is up
Mosey back to launch.