#backblast 12/22/2020
PAX: Aaarrrggghhh Armpit  Bleep Dirtbag Icebox Meatball Oatmeal Slushii Special Sauce Teasip Pokey
Q: Alright Alright

Mosey with blocks to field
6 Burpees for #BurpeeRule punishment
Curls x10
Side Straddle Hops x20

Tha Thang:
Murder Bunny the width of the field
Mosey to Bridge – 4 Burpee punishment
Burpees x5 OYO
Mosey Across Bridge
Lunges x10
Mosey to Stairs Leading up to The Nest
Crawl Bear up the stairs
Mosey to more stairs
Bear Crawl down the stairs
Mosey to benches
Irkins x10
Dips x10
Derkins x10
Box Jumps x10 OYO
Mosey to Garage
Imperial Storm Troopers x15
Burpees x5
Hillbilly x10
Merkins x6
Mosey full lap around garage
3 burpee penalty
Mosey to bottom of garage
Squats x15
Mosey to top
Burpees x5
Yeah Thrusts/Sky Pickle x15
Mosey to stairs
Bear Crawl down
Mosey to Bridge
Bear Hunt to the top (Partner 1 crawl, partner 2 burpee then run down partner, flapjack and repeato)
Mosey down bridge
Mosey back to Glencoe field
Murder Bunny the width of the field
1 minute of LBCs

Naked Man Moleskin:
YHC arrived early to stretch because YHC is getting old.

Much to YHC’s surprise, Teasip was in attendance after getting back from Boston yesterday.

At 0528 we still hadn’t seen the Westsiders and YHC was beginning to plan the Germany Park workout from Hell to punish them… fortunately for Rump Roast, Slushii and Bleep posted as we were about to launch.

YHC didn’t hear much Mumblechatter, but the groans were audible during the first set of murder bunnies.

Pokey joined us during our Bench session at The Nest, and put the PAX to shame for the rest of the workout.

Pokey told us that he just got out of prison and is trying hard to turn his life around. He told us that he needs a group of men to be a family for him and to help him grow. We told him that this is the group for him.

All in attendance learned what F3 is all about today. Pokey joining us is a great opportunity for this group to help a man change his life. And he’s also going to push us all to be better… especially physically… watch out Special Sauce.

#tclaps to Teasip for giving Pokey a ride back to The Nest after the workout and then downtown.

Pokey doesn’t have a phone and is going to need a ride to workouts in the future. We’re going to have to work really hard and think old school on how we can coordinate that with him. I think Bleep and sound machine can help us understand communication pre-phones.

Right now we are working to get him a ride from the Target near City Place to tomorrow’s workout.