Q of the Year Round 1 – Special Sauce vs. Plus One

#2 Special Sauce vs. #7 Plus One

Plus One:

Classic 7 Seed – UCONN

Kemba (Walker) spelled backwards, rifle carry coupons 20 yards between exercises

Apollo Ohnos x64

Burpees x32

Mickey Mouse Merkins x16

E2K x8

Kraken Burpees x4

UCONN spelled forwards, same rifle carry between exercises

Upright Rows

Copperhead Squats with Coupon Overhead



Nolan Ryans

Special Sauce:

Teams of 3 – FIRE drill – following exercises start with 10 reps of each, then decrease by 1. Minus One because he was up against Plus One. #cleverpoints. Every time Sauce yells fire the team must run a lap Native American style.

Front Squats with Coupon


Rugby Sit-Ups

Earth to Sky with Coupon

Moleskin: Both portions of this beatdown were brutal. Living up to the half black diamond (black triangle?) that they advertised.

Plus One definitely earned some points for creativity especially from the college basketball fans in attendance.

Special Sauce taught us the value of a simple #snotwoggler of a workout. We all learned that workouts go by faster and tend to be more difficult with Co-Qs. We can make that happen whenever we want! It doesn’t have to be a special occasion.