Katy Trail Thursday – JINGLE BElls

PAX: Ina, Pow Pow

Q: Alright Alright

YHC was expecting a small crowd today because some of the PAX might have needed (or thought they needed) a rest day in a week full of Q of the Year competitions and VQs, but 3 PAX was even smaller than expected. That said, YHC couldn’t have been more grateful that the two men that posted were PowPow and Ina. These two #HIM are always willing to try something new and to allow a Q to experiment (as long as it isn’t in a garage). They also know how to push themselves on a heavy run day. We took off eastward, headed for The Bridge, when YHC had a change of heart. With only 3 in the group, The Bridge wouldn’t allow for as much encouragement as it usually does, so YHC led the PAX to the SMU tennis courts instead.

Once there we did the following:

Suicide over 5 tennis courts. Took about 8 minutes and was just over a mile of running.

Suicide over 5 tennis courts with the following exercises thrown in. The exercises were done each time back to the start line, but here are the totals:

Jumping Spiders x25

Imperial Storm Troopers x25

Nipplers x25

Groiners x25

Lunges x25

E2K until the Six is in

Suicide over 5 tennis courts, but we only finished 2 courts before time was up.

Burpees x25

E2K x25

Native American run back home.

Burpees x10

Didn’t cover quite the mileage we hoped, but still got about 3.5 miles. And 3.5 miles of suicides is worth something.