Harbor Frost

F150 Swiper Big Tex Dirtbag joined YHC for a frosty AM in the gloom

Warmup, SSH, IST, veggie pickers

The thang:
Mosey to closest playground
10 pull-ups
10 dips
10 rugby sit ups
Short lap
Repeat twice

Mosey to sloped parking lot
Jacob’s Ladder: burpees and squats
Mrs Icebox Arms

Mosey to tennis courts
Pilates leg circuit
Run to the end of the 4 courts and back
Bear crawl to court 1, crab walk to court 2, bear crawl to court 3, crab walk to court 4, run back to start

Mosey to playground 2
10 irkins
10 slow elevated big boy sit ups, like real slow
10 dirkins
10 slow elevated big boy sit ups
10 dips

Mosey back to start for some Mary
Plank leg lifts
Ring of fire with hollow hold + rugby sit-up to 41
Slow Freddy Mercury’s
Uptown crunches

8 burpees to kill the last minute

YHC was disappointed to not see the #subarucrew after I promised light jogging and mumblechatter

Dirtbag was second guessing his decision to come out this AM when the first thing I asked him was “what do you want to do today”, admittedly YHC spent more time on building a playlist than thinking about the beatdown

Was a small intimate crowd, like when I used to spin acoustic covers at Glencoe back in the day but we got after it hard in the gloom

The ground had some frost on it so I announced at the start that we won’t be messing with that nonsense. F150 said that he wished Teasip would’ve been so observant yesterday

Not a lot of mumblechatter as we kept moving from spot to spot quickly to stay warm, solid full body workout

T claps to Big Tex who slayed the workout leading the PAX in just about every exercise we did today!

Announcements: CSAUPs are coming

Frosty Double Time

Swiper Michael Ryan and Slippy joined YHC for a frosty double time run this AM

The above mentioned, more athletic PAX cruised at a sub 8 minute pace and left me in their dust. So similarly to MRM I was alone but still managed to complete the loop twice before 0615

Mumblechatter was going strong after the run but a suspicious looking vehicle came in hot into the parking lot and beached themselves a few feet away from us so we called it a day

HBD Oatmeal!

Q Source Beatdown – 1/9/2021

PAX: Splash, Alright Alright, Chairman Mao, Agnes, Special Sauce, Whoops, Dirtbag, Classified, Teasip, Kitty, Big Tex, DFib, Avril, Icebox, Nicky Roth, Siesta, Sound Machine, Cougar Bait, Plus One, Oatmeal
QIC: PowPow

AO: Burleson

One warm-up exercise for each Foundation Q Point

F1 Disruption: “Disturbance to the Status Quo”
Slaughter Starter – 20 Burpees OYO

F2 Language: “The Lexicon of Virtuous Leadership”
IST x 15 IC (During which Alright Alright explained to the PAX the meaning of a few words in the F3 Lexicon, I figured since he talks incessantly through the warm-up anyway, I might as well put his words to good use).

F3 Group: “A Voluntary Combination of Two or More People”
Native American run around park

F4 Leadership Development Process: “The Process Employed by a Group to Develop New Leaders”
SSH x 15 IC – Led by Big Tex

F5 Preparedness: “Getting Ready for the Expected While Being Ready for the Unexpected”
Mosey to field to get in position for Tha Thang

As a group, five minute sets of five exercises, 1 minute AMRAP each. Four different sets of exercises, one for each quadrant of the Q Source. Exercises drawn from the fitness test. Run a lap around the park after each set

Q1 Get Right – The The Pursuit of Proper Personal Alignment
Burpees / Calf Raises / Ski Abs / Merkins / Squats

Q2 Live Right – Dedication to Purposefulness
LBCs / Carolina Dry Docks / Russian Hammers / Nipplers / Jump Squats

Q3 Lead Right – The Practice of Virtuous Leadership
Mtn Climbers / Shoulder Raises / Dollies / Hindu Merkins / Squat Jacks
* YHC cut the Hindu Merkins due to lack of time

Q4 Leave Right – Construction of Legacy
Groiners / Burpees / Burpees / Freddie Mercury / WWI Situp

Done during workout, particularly Q4 as YHC Omaha’ed the Q4 set to Groiners/Freddie Mercury/WWI Situp, due to time (ie no Burpees).

Twenty-one PAX is probably an all time record for one of YHC’s Qs. It was an honor to lead today and thanks to the PAX for indulging me to run a workout that involved so much talking by the Q. I spoke a lot from the heart today because I am passionate about the Q Source because it can be such a positive force for improving men’s lives.

It was a pretty cold day, so having a lengthy warm-up that was broken up by mini-speeches explaining the Q Source and the Foundational Q Points was a bit painful for the PAX I’m sure. YHC had originally planned to do a timed plank for F5 Preparedness, but scrapped that in favor of getting to the main part of the workout. Thanks to Alright Alright and Oatmeal for helping with the explanations of the three groups within F3’s leadership model during the Native American run.

Big Tclaps to Big Tex for stepping up to help demonstrate the Leadership Development Process (LDP), he had no advance warning that I would put him on the spot and he did very well – it’s time for him to begin preparing for his VQ, I think. The mistake he made in starting the count without saying “Exercise!” was perfect because it helped demonstrate the fourth step in the LDP (1. Schooling; 2. Apprenticeship; 3. Opportunity; 4. Failure). In F3 (and in all other dynamic, effective organizations) we don’t just accept failure as part of our development process, we court it. Failure is a critical part of the learning process.

The PAX found a mini-football on the field at Burleson and entertained themselves by throwing it back and forth across the 50 foot wide Circle of Pain while waiting for the lagging Q to announce the next exercise and get his timer started. Several PAX impressed the crowd with their throwing accuracy and tight spirals. The breaks between exercises and the fact that we stayed in a group almost the whole workout meant there was an enormous amount of Mummblechatter this morning – unfortunately YHC can’t remember jack sh*t, so it will remain unreported. You just had to be there.

Huge turnout for Coffeeteria at Bubba’s, despite the nearly freezing temps.

1. Q Source study launch
2. Splash’s fastest F3-er workout on January 20th – includes a clothing donation drive. Look for info on Band.
3. 4 x 4 x 24 CSAUP on February 5 – 6th – See Special Sauce’s post on Band (Notices section) and start preparing!
4. Texas Independence Day 18K CSAUP on March 6th – Mark your calendars!
5. Grow Ruck Alamo – April 9th – 11th – Mark your calendars and start learning what Grow Ruck is all about –

Burleson Park – Let’s have FUN

PAX: Broadway Joe, Bleep, DFib, Rump Roast, Sound Machine, Big Tex
QIC: Slushii

AO: Burleson Park 

SSH x 20 IC

IST x 15 IC

Hillbillies x 15 IC

Windmill x 10 IC

NA run on street around Burleson 

Mosey to Tennis Courts – DORA (PAX 1 run across courts to fence and back for first exercise, PAX 1 run across courts to fence and Bear Crawl 1 court for second exercise, PAX 1 run across courts to fence and Crawl Bear 1 court for third exercise) Exercises – 100 Merkins, 200 Squats, 300 LBC’s

Mosey to Basketball courts – divide up PAX to minimize contact and PLAY BASKETBALL! 

Hunt for Big Tex’s key

Thankful for each man and others that were not in attendance 

YHC wanted to continue #makingsecondchoicefirstchoice and decided to keep it simple and fun today. What’s more fun than some old school basketball pick-up games!?! Other than Rump Roast I think all enjoyed the 12min of cardio. Rump Roast stated “he would rather do burpees than play basketball”. YHC will keep that in mind next time. Big Tex stated during DORA that his key was lost. A quick scramble was made to find the key but he decided to push on with the workout instead. We all found out that Bleep is a beast from the elbow, Broadway Joe kept DFib on his toes during the game of 21, Sound Machine is far quicker and nimble on the court than he looks, and DFib hates deflated balls. I guess DFib and Tom Brady have differing opinions on how they like their balls. We spent the last couple of minutes retracing our NA run and route to DORA. YHC found the key where Big Tex was standing during warmups. 

2. Be on the lookout for 2ndF event coming up soon (also F3 Golf)

Dropping LBs at Germany

PAX: Cougar Bait, D-Fib, Pop Up (Willy Loman from Bellevue), Rump Roast, Slushii, Sound Machine
QIC: Teasip

AO: Germany

SSH x15, IST x15, Vegetable Pickers x10

Split into 3 groups. Group 1 does 5 pull ups, then goes to relieve group 2 who is doing AMRAP Squats. Group 2 then relieves group 3 who is doing AMRAP Rugby sit ups, and group 3 goes to do pull ups. 3 rounds.

Mosey to the track and do a lap. Dirty McDeuce (3 rounds of 12 reps of the following: Irkins, Step Ups, Derkins, Dips) with running across the football field and back in between each set. 

Do an LB’s lap: Lunge walk 100 M, Backwards Run 100M, Bear Crawl 100M, Burpee Broad Jump 100M

Mosey to the tennis court for Bolt 45’s, then some Mary

LBC x20, Low Dolly x15, Flutter kicks x10, Freddie Mercury x15

YHC prayed us out.

YHC went across the tracks to the West Side to Q at Germany and complete the first part of his #icicle. The first guy to show up was Pop Up, who got the name in St. Louis since he said he liked to read and the PAX assumed he read pop up books. Loved having him. Lives in Bellevue, but is here now with his wife since they had a kid a few months ago, her family lives here, and he can work remotely. Will be curious to see if it takes others (*cough* Ultra *cough*) three months to post after having a baby.

No Bleep this morning, which Slushii mentioned his text to Bleep in the morning was green and not iMessage blue so maybe his phone didn’t charge? Slushii debated knocking on his door, but decided not to. Rump was kind enough to keep the caravan going by letting Slushii still chauffeur him to the workout this morning.

YHC has decided that Sex Panther meant he would skip 200 workouts instead of attend 200 when he posted his goal of 200 for the year, so he is on a good pace for that.

Had some airplane talk during the warmup, including Sound Machine recounting a flight where he was asked to grab a ladies leg if the plane were to crash, and Rump remembering a time when a fellow passenger got a garbage bag for a barf bag. Otherwise, not a lot of mumblechatter during the workout, though got a few choice words from Rump doing the last part of the McDeuce and during the LBs lap.

1. 4x4x24 CSAUP Feb 5-6
2. Grow Ruck in April

Germany Park 12/28/2020

PAX: Bleep, Cougar Bait
QIC: Slushii

AO: Germany Park

SSH x 15
IST x 15
Hillbilly x 15
Windmill x 10

Lap around track
20 of each exercise on the concrete bleachers – derkins, irkins, step up kicks, box jumps, plank jacks
Lap around track
20 of each exercise on the concrete stairs – WW1 sit-ups, LBC, jump squats, monkey humpers, JLo’s
Lap around track

Mosey to tennis courts
7’s (merkins and LBC) – lunge walk between lines
DORA – 100 merkins, 200 Freddie Mercury, 300 lunges

Box cutters to time

Thankful for each man and prayed for all of the fartsackers that didn’t show up

YHC was a bit worried when we pulled into Germany Park. Bleep said “it might just be me and you today Slushii”. We saw a guy wandering around looking like he was looking for someone. We got out of the car and Cougar Bait immediately said “are you guys with F3?”. Was excited to have another PAX join the #westside crew this morning since all of our fellow #westsiders decided not to show up. 

1. F3 Golf
2. NYE workout at midnight 

Burleson 12/24/2020 “4 guys and 2 cars”

PAX: Rump Roast, Sound Machine
QIC: Bleep, Slushii

AO: Burleson Park
F3 DISCLAIMER & WELCOME: Given – kind of

SSH x 20

Windmill x 10

Bleep – Prisoner NA Run around park x 4 laps, each lap stop at tennis court and do the following exercise (Lap 1 – LBC x 30, Lap 2 – Squats x 40, Lap 3 – Merkins x 20, Lap 4 – Prone Cobras x 20)

Slushii – Mosey to parking garage – partner up DORA (30 4×4’s, 100 Monkey Humpers, 150 JLo’s) while other partner runs up to next level of the garage, across to the opposite side, and back down the stairs. Bat wings (20 forward, 20 backward, 20 overhead claps, 20 seal claps, 20 forward pulse, 20 backwards pulse)

Completed during workout

Thankful for the men this morning, seeing the #KTT guys for a post workout 5min beatdown, and for bringing Pokey (Alex) to our group

Bleep started off the workout with calling out IST and doing a SSH. Atypical westside warmup only doing 2 warmup exercises. Lots of F bombs dropped by Rump Roast during out running….a bit more than usual. Bleep had promised a 750cal workout and according to the highly sophisticated Apple iWatch I got 684cal. Pretty good beatdown for #secondchoice. Per norm – 2nd choice brought out more PAX than KTT. As we made our way back to the park from the garage (6:16am) I looked over and saw some runners I recognized heading out way. Alright Alright, Oatmeal, and Pepper joined in for a 5min quick circuit before their run back to the launching point for KTT. Sound Machine gave them a good #westsidecropdust and sent them on their way. Merry Christmas Eve men! 

1. F3 golf
2. NYE workout that is a mystery 

Coffee Run!

PAX: Aaarrrggghhh, Bleep, Slushii, Big Tex, Agnes, TikTok, sound machine, Rump Roast

AO: Burleson Park
F3 DISCLAIMER & WELCOME: YHC forgot but Slussii saved the day!

SSH, Hillbillies, ISTs, Tempo Merkins (X13 each except X10 Tempo Merkins) all in Cadence 
Run short lap and end inside the Tennis Courts

J – Jingle Balls (yes it’s on the Exicon Bleep I didn’t make it up!) X10 In Cadence
A – Agassi’s X2 – Short to Long, Long to Short
V – V-Up Roll Ups X15 OYO
A – Agassi’s X1 Long to Short but run backwards on the return to home

Coffee tends to pass through you, so had to get it out with Mexican Jumping Beans – X15 OYO

Native American Run to the bottom of Caruth Hall outdoor amphitheater.
C – Catalina Wine Mixers X10 in Cadence
U – Up Downs X10 (some mummblechatter here on reliving glory days)
P – Pamela Anderson’s X10 OYO (Burpee with Nippler on the pushup)
O – Outlaws X15 in Cadence
F – Flutter Kicks X15 in Cadence
J – Jump ups (to the top of the amphitheater)
O – Obama’s (to the bottom of the amphitheater – did 16 Merkins as part of it)
E – Everest (back to the top – Lunge up step with a squat every step)

Had to empty the chamber pot with Mountain Man Poopers – X15 in Cadence
Native American Run back to Burleson, but lost a member, so everyone had to pick up the 6. Leave no man behind!

Rosalita’s X15, Box Cutters X15, J-Lo’s X10; Freddie Mercuries X15 and Marge/Homers X15 all in cadence

We welcomed back Cotter (TIKTOK), YHC prayed us out.

YHC stopped by Starbucks on way in served it post beat down. YHC has been getting shade all week from Oatmeal about our slow start last Thursday and wondering if we were just going to mosey to Starbucks today and make it an F2 event – Hence today’s theme. The post beat-down Coffeeteria turned into a 30 minute F2 event with 7 of the PAX not only welcoming Big Tex as an official Westsider #westside but also intently listening to sound machine impart his wisdom to the PAX. Lot’s of fun today and the camaraderie is very strong in this group. Thanks men for the hard effort today!

F2 Event Sunday at 1pm Glencoe Park – wear your gear!; PowPow’s F3 food drive – get Germany AO credit; Potential NYD at midnight Ruck.

Sandbagging It

December 17, 2020

PAX: Oatmeal, Ina, Alright Alright, Special Sauce
QIC: PowPow

AO: La Madeline / Katy Trail

SSH x 15 DC IC // IST x 10 DC IC

PAX 1 picks up 120 lb GORUCK sandbag and starts mosey to tennis courts behind CVS. Remaining PAX jailbreak to tennis courts and back to PAX 1. First PAX to reach PAX 1 picks up sandbag and continues mosey to tennis courts.  Remaining PAX repeat jailbreak to tennis courts and back to PAX with sandbag. Repeato until sandbag has arrived at tennis court.

Let’s get warmed up with gassers and BLIMPS (no sandbag):

Gasser across the five courts to the other side – Burpees x 5

Gasser two lengths (other side and back) – Lunges x 10

Gasser three lengths – ISTs x 15

Gasser four lengths – Merkins x 20

Gasser five lengths – Plank Jacks x 25

Gasser six lengths – Squats x 30


Sandbag work

PAX 1 pick up sandbag and mosey across courts and back. When PAX 1 returns to start, he drops the sandbag for the next PAX down the line to pick up.

When not carrying the sandbag PAX cycle through rounds of BLIMPS: run across courts and back – Burpees x 5 – run again – Lunges x 5. Repeato through to squats and then start again on Burpees.

Reverse the sandbag carry / jailbreak to return to La Madeline.

Flutters x 20 IC // Alabama Prom Dates x 20 IC

YHC thanked the PAX for the inspiration they provide by living true to F3’s mission and purpose and exhorted the PAX to keep thinking about the impact they are having at home, with their friends and in their community.

Alright Alright was not happy to see the sandbag laying on the sidewalk when he got out of his truck, and to be fair the sandbag is approximately 80% of Alright Alright’s body weight so he’s at a disadvantage for sure.  YHC promised there would be a lot of running despite the inclusion of a sandbag, and with 3.5 miles YHC believes he made good on the promise.

We discovered that at 0530 the smell of bagels coming from Shug’s is very prominent on the tennis courts. YMMV as to whether it’s pleasant or just makes you feel weirdly hungry during the beatdown.

After the beatdown Special Sauce showed us the form we *should* have been using to Clean and Press the sandbag to get it in position on our shoulders.  YHC takes responsibility for that error, as the Q YHC should have demonstrated the form at the beginning.

1. Food drive – get your donations to PowPow this week! See the notice on Band
2. Holiday gathering at Glencoe on Sunday 12/20 at 1pm. Wear F3 gear, bring a gift for the gift exchange

Q of the Year Semifinal 1 – Old Fashioned Cage Match

AlrightAlright Aaarrrggghhh sound machine Meatball Oatmeal PowPow Rump Roast Slushii Special Sauce Stingray joined Teasip and YHC for the QOTY Semi Final Cage Match

Teasips’s Beatdown:
One PAX carries a coupon around tennis courts

Elvis meets Forrest

Carolina Dry Docks, then suicide
E2K, then suicide
Newton’s Cradle, then suicide

Mac Tar Jie’s
Alabama Ass Kickers
Not so lazy boys
All in

YHC’s Beatdown:
Suicide long to short – suicide short to long
Bear crawl court one, 10 merkins
Crawl bear back, 10 mountain climbers
5 burpees, run down and back, 5 burpees
Mrs Icebox Arms – 2 min
Suicide short to long, long to short
Crab walk forward court one, 10 Freddy Mercury’s
Crab walk backward back, 10 flutter kicks
Pilate Plank Routine – 2 min

If there was mumble chatter I didn’t hear much of it as the socially distant lineup along the tennis courts didn’t allow for a lot of interaction among the PAX

Stingray fulfilled his prophecy of showing up late and having to do penalty burpees and t claps to Rump Roast for doing them with him when no one else did

AlrightAlright figured that the Beatdown was going to be mild and decided to wear his ruck vest during the whole thing, and on top of that called out the PAX on the crab walks for being slow (someone is still getting over his #upsetalert vs Teasip last week).

Apologies for needing to b line it out as soon as the clock struck 0615 but the Jeep was about to turn into a pumpkin and I had 10 minutes to get home before the M changed the locks on me!

YHC is humbled to make it to the finals and look forward to an all-timer against either Special Sauce or Coach K, let’s all find the motivation to fight the fart sack and deal with some colder temps, I can guarantee that the Q’s this week will get us up and moving quickly!

Reminder: see PowPow’s post on the food drive, if able try to find a way to contribute to those less fortunate