Tabata Time!

PAX: Ina, Sex Panther, Aaarrrggghhh, Special Sauce
QIC: Draper

AO: Caruth


15x IST IC

10x Windmill IC

Each exercise was done for 30 seconds with 10 second rest in between.

Merkin circuit

Regular Merkins

Ranger Merkins

Left arm high Merkin

Right arm high Merkin

Hand release Merkin


Squat circuit


Single leg squat right

Single leg squat left

Gorilla squat

Hold squat position

Pulse squat


Triceps circuit


Dip and touch right leg

Dip and touch left leg

Dip while left leg stays up

Dip while right leg stays up

Triceps Bow (elbow down then up on palms)


Lunge circuit

Forward lunge

Reverse lunge

Walking lunge

Lunge kicks

Bonnie Blair


Plank circuit

Hold plank

Walking plank forward

Walking plank sideways

Spin circle right

Spin Circle Left


Burpee Circuit

Regular Burpee

One legged burpee -right

One legged burpee -left

Burpee with star jump


Ab circuit


Russian Hammer

Heels to heaven


Plank Jacks

Ski Abs

In and out abs

In and out plank jacks

Run 1 lap from tennis courts to parking lot and back


Push up circuit R2

Ranger Merkins

Hand release Merkins


Squat circuit R2

Hold squat position

Pulse squat


Triceps circuit R2

Dip and touch alternating feet

Triceps Bow (elbow down then up on palms)


Lunge circuit R2

Lunge kicks

Bonnie Blair


Plank circuit R2

Spin circle right

Spin Circle Left


Ab circuit R2


In and out plank jacks

YHC thanked the PAX for showing up and indulging him in today’s beatdown experiment.  YHC asked that we continue to push ourselves to mix it up and experiment not just with F# but in all aspects of life.

YHC was not sure how this workout would go, but was surprised at how hard it was.  The PAX seemed to agree.  The goal was to work all body parts and through each circuit progression push us to our limit. There was some mumble chatter the first time we had to touch the wet ground, but that quickly settled once we were all soaked.

Cole Park Friday


Pre-Thanksgiving Caruth Beat Down

PAX: Sally, Aaarrrggghhh, Sex Panther, PowPow, Ina, Coach K, Angus
QIC: Oatmeal

AO: Caruth Park

SSH x 15 IC

IST x 15 IC

Miyagi’s (Annies) x 15 IC

Deep Squats x 10 IC

Mosey to soft top to begin a circuit x 5 laps running around the park stopping at the corners for the following:

Pullups x10

Lunges x10 each leg at one end of the parking lot

Groiners x10 at the other end of the parking lot

Upon completion of the five laps, YHC had PAX mosey to the tennis courts and line up on the far end line.  A timer was set for 60 seconds to complete the following:

Rd 1: 1 burpee + long suicide across both courts

Rd 2: 2 burpees + suicide

Rd 3: 3 burpees + suicide

Repeato on the minute until individual PAX failed to make it back to start before timer sounded.  Once out, PAX were instructed to bear crawl across court and back stopping to perform 10 LBC’s between courts and at the end. 

All but one PAX made it 11 rounds before we ran out of time.  The remaining PAX picked up the six by bear crawling the last length of the court and getting in at least 10 LBC’s before YHC instructed PAX to mosey back to parking lot.

PAX finished the last minute or so with Homer/Marge and 10 flutter kicks.

During warm up YHC heard a comment about the speed at which I started the SSH’s so YHC continued to increase the rate to “help the PAX warm up” on this chilly morning!  YHC continued his speedy warm up through the IST’s and reigned it back in for the Miyagi’s and deep squats.

Chatter was kept to a minimum since PAX got separated during the early circuit and while there was a pickup in socializing at the beginning of the burpee minutes, this quickly waned as the reps increased. 

YHC extolled the value of spending quality time with family and friends during the holiday.  It’s the memories we make today that we will value for the rest of our lives, not the chores we try to cross off our checklists.  YHC prayed us out.  

1. Adjustment to Thanksgiving schedule

  1. Barkley Marathon on Friday to burn off the extra helping of turkey and pumpkin pie
  2. F3 Christmas Party on 12/15 following the marathon relay. Party starts at 2:00p at Desperado’s on Greenville.
  3. Icebox Family Jingle & Mingle on 12/14 @ 1:00p

Better late than never…11/6/19

PAX: Sally, Ultra, Special Sauce, Aaarrrggghhh, Sex Panther, Coach K, Ina
QIC: Oatmeal

AO: Caruth Park

SSH x 15 IC

Slow Squats x 10 IC

IST x 15 IC

Mosey to Turtle Creek Blvd intersection for Circle of Pain: PAX hold Al Gore why facing PAX complete burpees.  Proceed around the circle x 20 (if I remember correctly, but probably do not).

Run to next intersection + exercises below

Backward run to next intersection + exercises below

Side shuffle right side to next intersection + exercises below

Side shuffle left side to next intersection + exercises below

Partner carry to next intersection + exercises below

Exercises: x10 merkins, x10 LBC’s.  SSH while waiting on the six.

Mosey to Coffee Park where YHC had PAX line up on bleachers.

2x sets of Step Ups x12, Derkins x 10

Mosey to playground & partner up. Alternating Carolina Dry Docks and Pull Ups.  I believe there were 50 total of each performed in sets of 10. 

Mosey back to Turtle Creek Blvd to complete x10 Bonnie Blairs, x10 Crab Cakes.  SSH while waiting on the six. Exercises completed at each intersection.

Partner Carry, Backward Run and Side Shuffle the first three blocks and then YHC decided time was tight so we ran back to Caruth Blvd to gather before going moseying back to park.  YHC had PAX at the 12 continue Bonnie Blairs and Crab Cakes at park in sets of 10 until six arrived.

YHC prayed us out.

Due to YHC’s overwhelming delinquency, all mumblchatter has long since leaked down the memory hole!

1. There were some…

Caruth Park with SP


Date: October 23, 2019 at 5:45 AM

AO: Caruth Park

Q: Sex Panther

PAX: Ina; Oatmeal; Sally; Spread; Alright Alright; Icebox; Abercrombie; Splash; Aaarrrggghhh; Valveeta (FNG from Mother Russia)


SSH x20; IST x15; Hillbilly’s x10; mosey around the block to the tennis court


Suicide Sprints (short-to-long)

Bearway to Heaven

Indian run around the block with pain stations at three of the four corners (20 prisoner squats at corner 1; 20 merkins at corner 2; 20 prisoner squats at corner 3)

Suicide Sprints (long-to-short)

Partner Wheel Barrows (one length of court each)

Partner Carry’s (one length of court each)

Mosey to the soft top


LBC x20 IC; Penguin Crunches x20 IC; Flutter Kicks x20 IC (Alright Alright’s choice); Nolan Ryan’s x10 each side IC; Rosalita x20 IC (Sally’s choice); Crab Cakes x10 IC


Ed is Abercrombie’s cousin’s husband who just moved to Dallas from Boston.  He is originally from Russia and shared a story of how he inadvertently made cheese from yogurt.  PAX appropriately named him Valveeta.  YHC prayed PAX out.


Today was a day of firsts for YHC (1) finally completed the Bearway to Heaven in the allotted time and (2) fully participated in the partner carry (T-Claps to Aaarrrggghhh who stepped-up and actually carried me instead of making me lunge-step!).  Alright Alright fully embraced the PAX Choice Mary with the extra long count flutter kicks.  T-Claps to Abercrombie for EH’ing his cousin Ed.


  1. Tornado clean-up Saturday
  2. F3 Kids Saturday at 0800
  3. CSAUP 11/01/19 2359 hours at Flag Pole Hill (meet at Burleson Park at 2330 hours)

Good Morning Highland Park!

PAX & QIC: Rump Roast & Sally

AO: Caruth

Ruck ~27 minutes

Mosey to the port-a-potties for a bilateral pit-stop

Mosey westward 1 block of the park

Jacob’s Ladder with merkins and rugby sit-ups, 1 to 10 and 10 to 1. Run the half-block in between.

Saunter back to parking lot.

Done intra workout


Great time on another #SPS with Rump and Sally.

Titled “Good Morning HP” because between the RumpTruck and the SallyMobile, there was enough aggressive-sounding beats to instill slight discomfort into the local HP residents. Hopefully we didn’t wake up too many…

Initial plan for this Q was to do a lot more Mary (a la #sixpacksunday), but it was not in the cards today. Still got in a great sweat. Both Rump and YHC said we felt bad after the workout but better than we might have given the 2nd F yesterday evening.

1. 2nd F was great. T-claps to PowPow (and M Sandee) for organizing, holding down the fort at The Rustic, and for providing the secondary AO.
2. Come out this week, should be great weather.
3. Panzerschwein in 12 days. If you aren’t planning on doing the whole thing, we could still really use your help. AA will be participating from ~0500-0800, and joining him and bringing energy and leadership to the rest of the PAX after our first 5 hours will be immensely helpful.


PAX: Ultra, Rump Roast, Draper, F150, Coach K, Pow Pow, Sweet Baby, Sex Panther
QIC: Sally

AO: Caruth Park
F3 DISCLAIMER & WELCOME: Given. Also asked PAX to work hard during work sets and attempt to allow YHC to manage recovery; and to ask for an additional count if needed.

SSH IC x 15
IST IC x 15

Accelerated mosey around the tennis courts, back to the playground, where you do 7 knees-to-chest and 14 dips. Continue accelerated mosey back to tennis court. PAX were told if they were in before the 6 they were to complete 8-count bodybuilders until all in.

25 8-count bodybuilders

10-count recovery


Groups of 3.
P1 and P2 are each down in a plank, parallel with the doubles line. P3 hops over each man’s legs and then places himself down in a plank a few feet after P2, and P1 repeats the process. Kind of an inchworm/Native American thing. Perform down and back (the other outside doubles line). Once finished, complete as a team 180 Carolina Dry Docks.

10-count recovery

Frogger, Round 2:
Repeato as above, but once finished, complete as a team 60 burpees.

10-count recovery

Squats, double-count, IC x 16
Box cutter IC x 14, HOLD ’em up,
Straight into 6 inches, HOLD ’em up,
Straight into slow rugby sit-ups IC x 4.5.

Line up on the outside doubles line.
Double suicide. First long-to-short then short-to-long.

10-count recovery

PAX line up on one outside doubles line. All exercises OYO.

Start by performing Flutter kicks (4-count) x 10; then get up and frog jump to the first court’s other doubles line.
Once there, perform Ranger merkins (double-count) x 10; get up and frog jump to the next court’s doubles line.
At that line, perform Overhead claps (double-count) x 10; frog jump to the outside doubles line.
At the outside line, perform Good mornings (single-count) x 10

Repeato starting with Flutters back to the other side of the court.

Done intra-workout

Done. As is standard, asked for rhythm between pushing ourselves and taking time to love and enjoy life.

Sweet Baby, F-150, and YHC did a pre-ruck at 0500. First time YHC has rucked in several months, and he is STILL feeling it (and the whole week’s beatdowns). We talked about the upcoming CSAUP (Q: Oatmeal) and about GoRucks and GrowRucks. YHC learned a ton that he did not know.

As has also been standard recently, it was hot and humid.

The warm-up ended up being just about right to get everyone huffing but not exhausted, but the feeling of light energy may have quickly been sapped with the announcement of the 25 8-count bodybuilders. Several PAX feigned confusion with the instructions to try to delay the inevitable..

We were initially going to do Frogger in groups of 2, but with attendance of 9, PAX’s suggestion (Sweet Baby’s?) for groups of 3 was quickly confirmed. This may or may have not been a good decision – it meant holding a plank for a much longer time interval, and also having to jump over two men to proceed forward. Not sure which would be more difficult. Perhaps we will have to try.

It took several minutes to complete the down and back, and took much more stamina than YHC estimated. The Carolina Dry Docks and burpees were great grinder exercises to add to the routine.

FROG also turned out great. Frog walking/jumping is definitely an animal walk we should incorporate more.

Or, to get knuckles of steel, you can replace all frog walking with gorilla walking.

Thanks to all the PAX for allowing YHC to lead. The rest thing worked out (in YHC’s humble opinion), we should try to incorporate that more.

1. QSource Wednesday Dinner 1800 Chick Fil A Hillcrest, Friday Lunch 1130, probably Preston Center.
2. Iron Pax Challenge starts next week. Sign up online. Link on Band.
3. Fall CSAUP starts at 23:59 on 11/1. Yes, you will need to train for it. Start soon.

One year down…

PAX: Sex Panther, Flo(w) (Down range from JAX), AlrightAlright, Ina, Spread, Coach K, Aaarrrggghhh, Plus One, Sally, Sting Ray, Special Sauce, Pow Pow, Ultra, F150
Conspicuously Absent: Pepper (Happy birthday!)
QIC: Oatmeal

 AO: Caruth Park
F3 DISCLAIMER & WELCOME: Given after a reminder from Coach K

SSH x 10IC
IST x 10IC
Cotton Pickers x 9 IC 

YHC lead PAX on a mosey to Turtle Creek at which point we performed one exercise at each intersection up to Coffee Park.  Moseyed around the park and worked our way back down to the start.

We performed the following exercises ~x30 followed by a run, backward run, karaoke or, following the merkins, a bear crawl to the next intersection.
Gorilla Squats
Dancing Bears
Ski Abs
Freddie Mercury’s
Reverse Lunges
Monkey Humpers
AL Prom Dates
Moseyed back to Caruth given the time remaining to perform

YHC prayed us out.

Mumblechatter was random and at times muted based on exercises.  Bear crawl over the first block of Turtle Creek was a crowd pleaser and something about merkins today and Mustang tomorrow. We may have also offended an HP walker with our reps of AL Prom Dates, for which someone shouted apologies.  But I apologize for nothing in my work out!!  Workout was centered on Pepper’s milestone birthday (happy 30th) and YHC’s one-year anniversary hence the 30 reps of each exercise at 12 intersections.  Unfortunately, we ran out of time to complete a total of 365 reps.  YHC shared his thankfulness for F3 and the men in Dallas for making him a better man both physically and mentally.  Without the men of F3 YHC would still be a sad clown looking for a spark so I thank God every day for bringing me to this organization.  Also, YHC reminded the PAX to always be EH’ing other men to change them for the better.


  1. QSource tonight at CFA on Hillcrest @ 1800.  Topic: TARGETING
  2. Leadership dinner @ Torchy’s tomorrow night beginning at 1745 to ??? Come seek out leadership opportunities as we continue to expand in the Metroplex
  3. Registration forthcoming for Dallas Marathon Relay teams. Stay tuned to Band for more details.