PAX: Ultra, Rump Roast, Draper, F150, Coach K, Pow Pow, Sweet Baby, Sex Panther
QIC: Sally

AO: Caruth Park
F3 DISCLAIMER & WELCOME: Given. Also asked PAX to work hard during work sets and attempt to allow YHC to manage recovery; and to ask for an additional count if needed.

SSH IC x 15
IST IC x 15

Accelerated mosey around the tennis courts, back to the playground, where you do 7 knees-to-chest and 14 dips. Continue accelerated mosey back to tennis court. PAX were told if they were in before the 6 they were to complete 8-count bodybuilders until all in.

25 8-count bodybuilders

10-count recovery


Groups of 3.
P1 and P2 are each down in a plank, parallel with the doubles line. P3 hops over each man’s legs and then places himself down in a plank a few feet after P2, and P1 repeats the process. Kind of an inchworm/Native American thing. Perform down and back (the other outside doubles line). Once finished, complete as a team 180 Carolina Dry Docks.

10-count recovery

Frogger, Round 2:
Repeato as above, but once finished, complete as a team 60 burpees.

10-count recovery

Squats, double-count, IC x 16
Box cutter IC x 14, HOLD ’em up,
Straight into 6 inches, HOLD ’em up,
Straight into slow rugby sit-ups IC x 4.5.

Line up on the outside doubles line.
Double suicide. First long-to-short then short-to-long.

10-count recovery

PAX line up on one outside doubles line. All exercises OYO.

Start by performing Flutter kicks (4-count) x 10; then get up and frog jump to the first court’s other doubles line.
Once there, perform Ranger merkins (double-count) x 10; get up and frog jump to the next court’s doubles line.
At that line, perform Overhead claps (double-count) x 10; frog jump to the outside doubles line.
At the outside line, perform Good mornings (single-count) x 10

Repeato starting with Flutters back to the other side of the court.

Done intra-workout

Done. As is standard, asked for rhythm between pushing ourselves and taking time to love and enjoy life.

Sweet Baby, F-150, and YHC did a pre-ruck at 0500. First time YHC has rucked in several months, and he is STILL feeling it (and the whole week’s beatdowns). We talked about the upcoming CSAUP (Q: Oatmeal) and about GoRucks and GrowRucks. YHC learned a ton that he did not know.

As has also been standard recently, it was hot and humid.

The warm-up ended up being just about right to get everyone huffing but not exhausted, but the feeling of light energy may have quickly been sapped with the announcement of the 25 8-count bodybuilders. Several PAX feigned confusion with the instructions to try to delay the inevitable..

We were initially going to do Frogger in groups of 2, but with attendance of 9, PAX’s suggestion (Sweet Baby’s?) for groups of 3 was quickly confirmed. This may or may have not been a good decision – it meant holding a plank for a much longer time interval, and also having to jump over two men to proceed forward. Not sure which would be more difficult. Perhaps we will have to try.

It took several minutes to complete the down and back, and took much more stamina than YHC estimated. The Carolina Dry Docks and burpees were great grinder exercises to add to the routine.

FROG also turned out great. Frog walking/jumping is definitely an animal walk we should incorporate more.

Or, to get knuckles of steel, you can replace all frog walking with gorilla walking.

Thanks to all the PAX for allowing YHC to lead. The rest thing worked out (in YHC’s humble opinion), we should try to incorporate that more.

1. QSource Wednesday Dinner 1800 Chick Fil A Hillcrest, Friday Lunch 1130, probably Preston Center.
2. Iron Pax Challenge starts next week. Sign up online. Link on Band.
3. Fall CSAUP starts at 23:59 on 11/1. Yes, you will need to train for it. Start soon.