Pre-Thanksgiving Caruth Beat Down

PAX: Sally, Aaarrrggghhh, Sex Panther, PowPow, Ina, Coach K, Angus
QIC: Oatmeal

AO: Caruth Park

SSH x 15 IC

IST x 15 IC

Miyagi’s (Annies) x 15 IC

Deep Squats x 10 IC

Mosey to soft top to begin a circuit x 5 laps running around the park stopping at the corners for the following:

Pullups x10

Lunges x10 each leg at one end of the parking lot

Groiners x10 at the other end of the parking lot

Upon completion of the five laps, YHC had PAX mosey to the tennis courts and line up on the far end line.  A timer was set for 60 seconds to complete the following:

Rd 1: 1 burpee + long suicide across both courts

Rd 2: 2 burpees + suicide

Rd 3: 3 burpees + suicide

Repeato on the minute until individual PAX failed to make it back to start before timer sounded.  Once out, PAX were instructed to bear crawl across court and back stopping to perform 10 LBC’s between courts and at the end. 

All but one PAX made it 11 rounds before we ran out of time.  The remaining PAX picked up the six by bear crawling the last length of the court and getting in at least 10 LBC’s before YHC instructed PAX to mosey back to parking lot.

PAX finished the last minute or so with Homer/Marge and 10 flutter kicks.

During warm up YHC heard a comment about the speed at which I started the SSH’s so YHC continued to increase the rate to “help the PAX warm up” on this chilly morning!  YHC continued his speedy warm up through the IST’s and reigned it back in for the Miyagi’s and deep squats.

Chatter was kept to a minimum since PAX got separated during the early circuit and while there was a pickup in socializing at the beginning of the burpee minutes, this quickly waned as the reps increased. 

YHC extolled the value of spending quality time with family and friends during the holiday.  It’s the memories we make today that we will value for the rest of our lives, not the chores we try to cross off our checklists.  YHC prayed us out.  

1. Adjustment to Thanksgiving schedule

  1. Barkley Marathon on Friday to burn off the extra helping of turkey and pumpkin pie
  2. F3 Christmas Party on 12/15 following the marathon relay. Party starts at 2:00p at Desperado’s on Greenville.
  3. Icebox Family Jingle & Mingle on 12/14 @ 1:00p