Swiper VQ – 1/20/2021

PAX: Oatmeal, Big Tex, F150, Avril, Stingray, Walmart, Alright Alright, Ice Box, FNG (Matt Hall)
QIC: Swiper

AO: The Harbor

SSH – 12 – IC
Hillbilly Walkers – 12 – IC
Daisy Pickers – 12 – IC

Mosey to the sloped parking lot

Jacob’s ladder – 8:1
Merkins at the bottom
Mountain Climbers at the top

Native American Run on LH Trail to Royal Highlands Dr.

34 Dirkins – Using Curb – IC
34 American Hammers OYO

Mosey to Tennis Courts

Lunge to third court, run back, sprint to fourth court, run back – Repeat 3x

Mosey to other playground w/big knee wall
34 Irkins – IC
34 Penguin Crunch – OYO

Mosey back to Parking Lot

34 Burpees – group count off to 34, SSH while you wait
34 IST – IC

YHC prayed us out asking us to be better husbands, fathers, co-workers, friends, family, etc. and prayed for a quick end to COVID and new normals to resume. 

Good mumblechatter throughout, PAX were given a quick history lesson on Hershel Walker, the greatest running back in college football history and should have learned what his jersey number was while playing at UGA.  His workouts were primarily abs and pushups, which was also incorporated.  


Cleanup hosted by Walmart Saturday at 75/Royal

TX Independence Day 18k

Grow Ruck – San Antonio

Warrior Slayer Style

Date – 1/15/2021
Weather – 42 and windy AF, Google said it feels 37 and I agree

Count-off & Name-O-Rama:
PAX –  Dr. Suess, Slushii, Bleep, Stingray, Agnes
QIC –  Rump Roast
AO – The Harbor
Disclaimer – Given 
Intro/ Warm-o-Rama:
20x SSH
15x IST
12x Veggie Pickers

The Thang:
Tabata w/ an F3 Twist (2 rounds of each)
Mountain Climbers
Squat jumps
Diamond Merkins to Toe Grab
American Hammer
Elbow to High plank
Shoulder Tap Merkins
Big Boi Sit Ups
Plank Jacks
Jack Reachers
Broad Jump and Back Pedal
Standing to Plank (half Burpee)
Peter Parker Merkins
Merkins to Extension
Freedy Mercury’s 
Hold a Plank
Burpee Tuck Jump
Chuck Norris Merkins
Gorilla Squats
Penguin Crunches

Circle of Trust (CoT):
Stingray prayed us out

Slushii wore short and like a cut-off t-shirt under his hoodie so complained incessantly that it was cold. I have to say that it started out bumpy (Ice Box makes this stuff look so easy), between my speaker having a bad Bluetooth connection, my email kept turning sideways, and the interval timer I was about ready to say fuck it.  Then after the second round, it got better. I couldn’t hear much of the mumble chatter over the music and all those damn beeps! I heard some rumbling about Katy Trail and took that as a good sign that I was running enough in between rounds. Over all it was a great start to a Friday morning. 

Harbor Frost

PAX: F150, Swiper, Big Tex, Dirtbag 
Q: Icebox


SSH, IST, veggie pickers

The thang:
Mosey to closest playground
10 pull-ups
10 dips
10 rugby sit ups
Short lap
Repeat twice

Mosey to sloped parking lot
Jacob’s Ladder: burpees and squats
Mrs Icebox Arms

Mosey to tennis courts
Pilates leg circuit
Run to the end of the 4 courts and back
Bear crawl to court 1, crab walk to court 2, bear crawl to court 3, crab walk to court 4, run back to start

Mosey to playground 2
10 irkins
10 slow elevated big boy sit ups, like real slow
10 dirkins
10 slow elevated big boy sit ups
10 dips

Mosey back to start for some Mary
Plank leg lifts
Ring of fire with hollow hold + rugby sit-up to 41
Slow Freddy Mercury’s
Uptown crunches

8 burpees to kill the last minute

YHC was disappointed to not see the #subarucrew after I promised light jogging and mumblechatter

Dirtbag was second guessing his decision to come out this AM when the first thing I asked him was “what do you want to do today”, admittedly YHC spent more time on building a playlist than thinking about the beatdown

Was a small intimate crowd, like when I used to spin acoustic covers at Glencoe back in the day but we got after it hard in the gloom

The ground had some frost on it so I announced at the start that we won’t be messing with that nonsense. F150 said that he wished Teasip would’ve been so observant yesterday

Not a lot of mumblechatter as we kept moving from spot to spot quickly to stay warm, solid full body workout

T claps to Big Tex who slayed the workout leading the PAX in just about every exercise we did today!

Announcements: CSAUPs are coming

Friday Fun at the Harbor

#Backblast – 01/08/2021

PAX: Sound Machine, Big Tex, Ant Man, F150
QIC: Stingray


SSH x 15
Cotton Pickers x 10
IST x 10

Mosey to parking lot entrance

Merkin Escalator – 10x merkins at one entrance; run to the other entrance; 9x merkins… Repeato until 0x merkins

Mosey to the White Rock Trail hill

Jacob’s Ladder – Run Backwards up, 6 diamond merkins, Run down, 1 gorilla squat… Repeato until…. 1 diamond merkin…. 6 jumping bean squats

Mosey to LHHS Tennis Courts

Modified CATS
20x Carolina dry docks at one corner
Bear Crawl length of one full court to second corner
20x American Hammers at second corner
Mosey length of two full courts to third corner
20x T-Merkins at third corner
Bear Crawl length of one full court to fourth corner
20x Squats

Repeato for a Round of 19

Mosey to practice football field
Stingray Sling – PAX alternates throwing/punting football as far as they can; while the ball is in the air, PAX sprints toward the ball; once it lands, PAX lunge walks to where the ball landed; first PAX to get the ball throws it next

Mosey back to parking lot

MARY: 20x LBCs

MOLESKIN: Despite the chilly breeze, the PAX came ready to work. Good group w/ comparable fitness levels that kept everyone in the same group for the most part. As promised by YHC in the #preblast, the Stingray Sling provided some fun and smiles.

CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM: Completed – YHC prayed us out

2. 18K

A Little Tour of The Harbor 2021

PAX: Icebox, Stingray, Meatball, Armpit
QIC: F150
AO: The Harbor

24 SSH, 24 IST

Mosey to picnic tables

5 box jumps 1 merkin down to 1:5

Run to the trail
4 stopping points – 4 power poles
10 at each spot
Monkey humpers
Prime Time Merkin (one foot off ground)
After you complete a round bear crawl to get the 6

Rinse and repeat back to the beginning of trail.

Mosey to stairs at other side of school
P1 10 exercise
Squats, Merkins, SSH, LBCs
P2 Balls To The Wall

P1 10 exercises
Mountain Climbers, Superman, plank jacks, monkey humpers
P2 Ascending Testicals (15, 45, 90) 10 merkins each.

Mosey back to front of school
P1 Exercise, Wall Sits with over head press, clap, seal claps
P2 bear crawl up stairs to do
7 Scorpion Dry Dock (one leg in the air)
7 Up downs (10 count quick chops)

Growing Pains IC x10 (LBC, BBS, American Hammers, Flutter Kicks)

As men we need to make wise descisions not just the first options. We are leaders and someone is always watching whether our children, roommates, co-workers, people around us.


Always have gloves for a F150 workout


PAX: Big Tex, Oatmeal, Alright Alright, Plus One

QIC: F150

AO: The Harbor



21 SSH, 21 IST, 21 Arm Circles F &  4 R, 21 Annies


Wounded Bear Crawl parking lot

Mosey to playground

Humpty Dance – 100 Balboa, 100 step ups, 50 curls

Murder Merkins 50 yard and back (10 murder bunnies, 10 Manmaker Merkins)

Mosey back to flag


60 sec of A-Rods (J Lo, Pickle Pounder, J Lo)

Box Cutters x10

Hello Dolly x10


No matter what our view on Covid-19, remember our families may differ. We need to think creatively on how to engage our families and encourage them during this time. 

YHC challenge the PAX to think who in the LH and surrounding area we need to be EHing. Some sad clowns will not cross 75 because of its mystical powers to those who live on either side of it to not cross it. There have only been a few brave Eastsiders to cross the mystical barrier. We have averaged 6 PAX for The Harbor workouts in 2020, there are men who need F3 in and around LH and surrounding areas it our job to EH them.


A lot of mumblechatter from Alright Alright about it would have been nice to know we were going to have coupons at this workout. YHC purposefully didn’t ask the PAX to bring coupons in the preblast, always bring gloves to a workout YHC leads. You never know if YHC will have coupons or not. Something about Starbucky hands was muttered, but YHC quickly ignored. Plus One mentioned that when he read the preblast he figured there would be coupons. Not sure what gave him that idea, except that YHC challenged the PAX to know who would HC. It was more for knowing what to plan for the workout. 

Even with the slight mist/rain it was a good workout. We can’t 


New Year’s Eve CSAUP workout – Dec. 31, 11:59 PM

7 AM New Year’s Day workout

February 5th-6th CSAUP

Sandbaggin’ it – 11/18/20

PAX: Stingray, AlrightAlright, Draper
QIC: Oatmeal

AO: The Harbor

SSH x 15 IC

Hillbillies x15 IC

Windmills (or the Praise Jesus) x 10 IC


PAX chose a sandbag and we began a camel pack mosey east to Fieldcrest for some 5x5x5 stops at each “corner” of the park:

 Fieldcrest: 5 sets: 5X burpees, 5X sandbag curls

Camel pack mosey to playground in SE corner of park: 5 sets: 5X sandbag step ups DC, run around perimeter of playground 5X dead bugs DC (x2)

Camel pack mosey to rec center parking lot: 5 sets: 5X HR merkins, backward run up hill with sandbag, 5X squats with bag

Camel pack mosey back to launching field for some body drags with the sandbags (approx. 20 yards) down and back x2 with 10 sandbag-free lunges thrown in at one end.


Freddie Mercuries x 20 IC starting on flat surface, up hill and highballing down the hill

LBC’s x 15 IC

 5x OHP with sandbag to wrap

Stingray commented on our pandemic journey equating it to his M’s experience running a marathon.  She hit a wall at mile 21.  With only 5 miles remaining, one would think you are so close to the finish that it should be smooth sailing.  However,  the last 5-6 miles of a marathon are the most brutal since most training never takes you beyond 20 miles at a time.  We are at mile 21 of the pandemic as hopeful news continues to flow about vaccines.  We must push through this phase and be diligent to not only finish the race, but be encouraging to our families and others we encounter!  YHC prayed us out

The mood quickly turned from hope to disappointment when only four PAX were present at launch.  What YHC had planned for a partner workout became a group exercise as the number of sandbags = number of PAX.  The grumbling quickly began when the PAX realized that with higher attendance the load of the sandbags could be shared with a partner, but alas, each PAX was responsible for his own 50lb “baby” throughout the workout.  With a focus on lower body, concerns quickly grew about the KTT workout tomorrow.  PAX can expect more sandbag workouts in the future as we slide into GrowRuck prep season!

Veterans Day – Chad 1000X

November 11th, 2020

PAX: Oatmeal, Big Tex, Stingray, Draper, F150
QIC: PowPow

AO: The Harbor

SSHx15 // ISTx15

Short mosey with rucks to pavilion

Step Ups x 25 IC – Remove ruck – mosey to handball court

Dirty Hookup (aka London Bridge)x10 IC // Chicken Peckersx8 IC – mosey back to pavilion and put on ruck

Steps Ups x 30 IC – Remove ruck – mosey SE to path near volleyball court

Merkins x 10 IC // OH Claps x 10 DC IC // Carolina Dry Dock x 10 OYO – back to pavilion

Steps Ups x 30 IC – Remove ruck – mosey to wheelchair path on west edge of park

Underdog on handrail x 15 DC IC – back to pavilion

Steps Ups x 30 IC – Remove ruck – mosey east to grass on far side of pool

LBCs x 20 DC IC // Crab Cakes x 20 IC – back to pavilion

Steps Ups x 40 IC – Remove ruck – mosey to handball court

Mtn Climbers (w/ feet on wall) x 10 DC IC – back to pavilion

Steps Ups x 45 IC – Remove ruck – mosey SE to path near volleyball court

Merkins x 10 IC // OH Claps x 10 DC IC // Carolina Dry Dock x 10 OYO – back to pavilion

Fluttersx15 DC IC // Freddie Mercuryx15 DC IC // Rosalita x 15 DC IC

Before the workout, YHC spoke about the purpose behind the PAX performing, as a team, the Chad 1000X WOD. Chad Wilkinson was a US Navy Seal who served his country for 21 years and who took his own life in 2018 due to the effects of traumatic brain injuries, blast wave injuries and PTSD; all suffered due to his numerous combat deployments. His friend and fellow Navy Seal, Dave Castro, created this Hero WOD to honor Chad upon hearing that he trained to climb Mt. Aconcaqua with this workout: For time – 1000 x 20″ box step ups w/ 45 pound ruck.

Veterans Day is a day to honor our veterans and thank them for their service.  GORUCK partnered with the Navy Seal Foundation to promote the Chad 1000X for Veterans Day to  honor Chad’s life and legacy and to raise funds and awareness for suicide prevention. We contributed to this mission in a small way through our participation today. For more information visit: https://www.goruck.com/pages/chad-1000x

YHC prayed us out with the Peace Prayer (or Prayer of St. Francis).

Each PAX completed 200 step ups during the workout, for a team total of 1,200. Getting to 1,000 individually would be quite a beatdown and very CSAUP-y, we should definitely try it sometime! Oatmeal demonstrated excellent leadership by example by picking up litter around the park during our moseys.

Not much mumblechatter, Draper joked that the Chicken Peckers (look it up in the Exicon) should only be done with Fluoride around….pretty good advice actually.

1. Turkey Trot coming up on 11/21

The Weatherman – 10/16/20

PAX: Icebox, Stingray, Swiper, Isaiah, AlrightAlright
QIC: PowPow

AO: The Harbor

SSHx15 // ISTx10 // Windmillx10 // Seal Jacksx10

Mosey to handball court – loop around court: side shuffle to the right along sideline, duck walk endline, side shuffle to left along other sideline, duck walk endline. Repeato.

Mosey to handrail – Australian pull-ups (inverted rows) x6 DC

Jacobs ladder on hill between lower parking lot and splash pad: Start with 10 Merkins at the bottom – run up hill – 1 Gorilla Squat – run down hill – 9 Merkins. Etc. Totals: 55 Merkins and Gorilla Squats

Partner up at playground: P1 perform 5 pull-ups and 10 Carolina Dry Docks while P2 does AMRAP of an ab exercise. Then flapjack and repeato until both  partners complete 5 sets of pull-ups & CDDs.  YHC called the ab exercises – Freddie Mercury then Sweat Angels then LBCs

Mosey a 1.2 mile loop from the NW corner of the park north past the stadium to the NW corner of the high school property then east on Lake Highlands Trail, then south on Royal Highlands Dr and west on Church Rd.  Stopping for four Circles of Pain: (1) OH Clapsx15  (2) Squats x15(3) Mtn Climbersx15 and (4) Crab Cakesx15

Finish with a Circle Burp at the Shovel Flag – 3 rounds

YHC asked each PAX to share something they are grateful for. Themes were family, the PAX of F3 Dallas and the nice weather.

Stingray rolled up looking rather sleepy at 5:28am. Mummblechatter included discussions of appropriate attire for the cooler temps, did Isaiah wear pants because PowPow’s preblast said it would be in the 40s? Also, height/long limbs being a disadvantage in F3 workouts. AlrightAlright’s claim that from an economics point of view the marginal cost of voting is greater than the marginal benefit and YHC offering up why voters in the DFW Metroplex have some of the highest “voter power” in the country (there are many very close/competitive Texas state house races in DFW and these races may determine which party controls the Texas legislature).

Thanks for the support today men, I had a blast leading this morning.

—- GO VOTE!!! ——

1. Need a location for the Blood Drive
2. Siesta’s Paella Fiesta on November 7th




Tour de Harbor

#backblast #pureharbor

AlrightAlright Special Sauce Stingray Rump Roast Pepper F150 joined YHC for a tour of The Harbor this AM, here’s the thang:


Go paint the lines at the closest tennis courts

Playground 1: 5 reps of each exercise, 3 times
Rugby Sit-ups
Plank jacks

Mosey to other playground
12 irkins
12 dirkins
12 dips
x 3

Go to big tennis courts
Core Suicides
25 heels to heaven, Suicide court 1
50 big boy sit-ups, Suicide court 2 lines only
75 leg lifts, Suicide court 3 lines only
100 reverse crunches, Suicide court 4 lines only

Mosey back to parking lot

Total mileage: Approx 2.5 miles

Awesome morning today, Pepper was in the parkibg lot first so not sure if he spent the night in his car because the M kicked him out or not, but good to see him. I had a Ultra style burpee on burpee Jacob’s Ladder planned for after the core suicides but didnt get there, something to look forward to next time. Thank you F150 for inspiring me with the group of 4 tennis courts on Wednesday. T claps to Rump Roast for killing it this AM, i may have made a snide comment about him possibly dying when I saw him pull up 😉

Was good to do some core exercises again, won’t help with anything IPC related but might help me with my golf swing and at the end of the day I’d rather get back to shooting in the mid 80s than be able to complete 100 manmakers faster than some dude in SC

Good luck to all competing in the golf tournament tomorrow and T Claps to Ultra for organizing!

Trying to figure out how many more times I can reference golf since it’s driving F150 and Rump Roast nuts

Go Cubs, DJ Icebox out!