Harbor Frost

F150 Swiper Big Tex Dirtbag joined YHC for a frosty AM in the gloom

Warmup, SSH, IST, veggie pickers

The thang:
Mosey to closest playground
10 pull-ups
10 dips
10 rugby sit ups
Short lap
Repeat twice

Mosey to sloped parking lot
Jacob’s Ladder: burpees and squats
Mrs Icebox Arms

Mosey to tennis courts
Pilates leg circuit
Run to the end of the 4 courts and back
Bear crawl to court 1, crab walk to court 2, bear crawl to court 3, crab walk to court 4, run back to start

Mosey to playground 2
10 irkins
10 slow elevated big boy sit ups, like real slow
10 dirkins
10 slow elevated big boy sit ups
10 dips

Mosey back to start for some Mary
Plank leg lifts
Ring of fire with hollow hold + rugby sit-up to 41
Slow Freddy Mercury’s
Uptown crunches

8 burpees to kill the last minute

YHC was disappointed to not see the #subarucrew after I promised light jogging and mumblechatter

Dirtbag was second guessing his decision to come out this AM when the first thing I asked him was “what do you want to do today”, admittedly YHC spent more time on building a playlist than thinking about the beatdown

Was a small intimate crowd, like when I used to spin acoustic covers at Glencoe back in the day but we got after it hard in the gloom

The ground had some frost on it so I announced at the start that we won’t be messing with that nonsense. F150 said that he wished Teasip would’ve been so observant yesterday

Not a lot of mumblechatter as we kept moving from spot to spot quickly to stay warm, solid full body workout

T claps to Big Tex who slayed the workout leading the PAX in just about every exercise we did today!

Announcements: CSAUPs are coming

Frosty Double Time

Swiper Michael Ryan and Slippy joined YHC for a frosty double time run this AM

The above mentioned, more athletic PAX cruised at a sub 8 minute pace and left me in their dust. So similarly to MRM I was alone but still managed to complete the loop twice before 0615

Mumblechatter was going strong after the run but a suspicious looking vehicle came in hot into the parking lot and beached themselves a few feet away from us so we called it a day

HBD Oatmeal!

Q of the Year Semifinal 1 – Old Fashioned Cage Match

AlrightAlright Aaarrrggghhh sound machine Meatball Oatmeal PowPow Rump Roast Slushii Special Sauce Stingray joined Teasip and YHC for the QOTY Semi Final Cage Match

Teasips’s Beatdown:
One PAX carries a coupon around tennis courts

Elvis meets Forrest

Carolina Dry Docks, then suicide
E2K, then suicide
Newton’s Cradle, then suicide

Mac Tar Jie’s
Alabama Ass Kickers
Not so lazy boys
All in

YHC’s Beatdown:
Suicide long to short – suicide short to long
Bear crawl court one, 10 merkins
Crawl bear back, 10 mountain climbers
5 burpees, run down and back, 5 burpees
Mrs Icebox Arms – 2 min
Suicide short to long, long to short
Crab walk forward court one, 10 Freddy Mercury’s
Crab walk backward back, 10 flutter kicks
Pilate Plank Routine – 2 min

If there was mumble chatter I didn’t hear much of it as the socially distant lineup along the tennis courts didn’t allow for a lot of interaction among the PAX

Stingray fulfilled his prophecy of showing up late and having to do penalty burpees and t claps to Rump Roast for doing them with him when no one else did

AlrightAlright figured that the Beatdown was going to be mild and decided to wear his ruck vest during the whole thing, and on top of that called out the PAX on the crab walks for being slow (someone is still getting over his #upsetalert vs Teasip last week).

Apologies for needing to b line it out as soon as the clock struck 0615 but the Jeep was about to turn into a pumpkin and I had 10 minutes to get home before the M changed the locks on me!

YHC is humbled to make it to the finals and look forward to an all-timer against either Special Sauce or Coach K, let’s all find the motivation to fight the fart sack and deal with some colder temps, I can guarantee that the Q’s this week will get us up and moving quickly!

Reminder: see PowPow’s post on the food drive, if able try to find a way to contribute to those less fortunate

The Return of the Sweetest of Babies

AlrightAlright Sweet Baby PowPow joined YHC and Mav for this AM’s ruck

Swiper teamed up with Oatmeal for Double Time action

AA texted me while he was clearing the mechanism asking what the plan was for the ruck. Seemed like he was interested in accelerating his rucking/baby bjorn’ing skills so told him we’d do the don’t get lapped challenge

F150 also texted me this morning while he was clearing the mechanism, but that was about taking a picture, must have needed more time to clear since he didn’t make it to MRM

Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes Sweet Baby pulled up to MRM like it ain’t no thang, PowPow was so jazzed to see him that he ditched the jogging shoes for the ruck and combined forces with the Sweetest of Babies.

Oatmeal thought he was going to run alone a la the last two Stingray vision quest rucks but Swiper came in to give him some company

The runners did some hill work so the don’t get lapped challenge wasn’t as exciting

Ruckers split up into two groups, the idiots running with rucks and the non idiots normal rucking.

Everyone finished up with 5-10 minutes to spare so we did an AMRAP of 5 Special Sauce horizontal rope pull-ups (to be Lexicon’d later), 5 LBC’s, and 5 crab cakes

Mav was pretty pissed to be tied up during the AMRAP

Oatmeal led a great COT where the PAX opened up with prayer requests

Tour de Harbor

#backblast #pureharbor

AlrightAlright Special Sauce Stingray Rump Roast Pepper F150 joined YHC for a tour of The Harbor this AM, here’s the thang:


Go paint the lines at the closest tennis courts

Playground 1: 5 reps of each exercise, 3 times
Rugby Sit-ups
Plank jacks

Mosey to other playground
12 irkins
12 dirkins
12 dips
x 3

Go to big tennis courts
Core Suicides
25 heels to heaven, Suicide court 1
50 big boy sit-ups, Suicide court 2 lines only
75 leg lifts, Suicide court 3 lines only
100 reverse crunches, Suicide court 4 lines only

Mosey back to parking lot

Total mileage: Approx 2.5 miles

Awesome morning today, Pepper was in the parkibg lot first so not sure if he spent the night in his car because the M kicked him out or not, but good to see him. I had a Ultra style burpee on burpee Jacob’s Ladder planned for after the core suicides but didnt get there, something to look forward to next time. Thank you F150 for inspiring me with the group of 4 tennis courts on Wednesday. T claps to Rump Roast for killing it this AM, i may have made a snide comment about him possibly dying when I saw him pull up 😉

Was good to do some core exercises again, won’t help with anything IPC related but might help me with my golf swing and at the end of the day I’d rather get back to shooting in the mid 80s than be able to complete 100 manmakers faster than some dude in SC

Good luck to all competing in the golf tournament tomorrow and T Claps to Ultra for organizing!

Trying to figure out how many more times I can reference golf since it’s driving F150 and Rump Roast nuts

Go Cubs, DJ Icebox out!

Free Therapy with MRM

Oatmeal joined YHC and Maverick for MRM

Went at a 16:07 pace, would’ve broken 16 min but dodged some cars that slowed us down

Thankful for some company this AM! Thought I’d be solo trying to compete against a Special Sauce Q

Oatmeal was kind enough to let me have a free therapy session, coversation wide ranging and many of the world’s problems have been solved. You’re welcome!

Boy Band Beatdown

Bleep and sound machine joined Slushii and YHC for our boy band beatdown

Here’s the thang

daisy pickers

Boy Band Dora
Group of 4 a la 98 Degrees

Took turns running a short lap around the tennis courts while the rest of the PAX completed the following exercises

100 of each (all in cadence…ie choreographed)
Upper Body (with block)
chest presses, curls, shoulder presses
Lower Body (with block)
Dead lifts, squats
Core (with block)
Freddie Mercury, sit ups, leg raises over coupon

A lot of fun putting this together with Slushii and Agnes glad to get a couple PAX to complete our vision

I saw Oatmeal at the corner of Mockingbird and Abrams at 0520 and tried talking him into coming to the fun workout this AM but he turned me down

A lot more coupon work than I’m used to, doing the exercises in cadence definitely made it harder. Not a ton of mumblechatter because we were counting the whole time

Bleep posed for the F3 #dadbod calendar and I got a good shot, my vote is for September since it’s his bday month

Murph Alert!

#backblast #murphaltert!

Sex Panther F150 Slushii Bleep Island Time Classified Jazzercise Rump Roast Shifty McCoy joined YHC for some Second Choice Thursday action

To prepare for this AM YHC asked Rump Roast last night what he wanted to work on and he said he was looking for a leg day. YHC thought hard about that and thought that a modified Murph would be able to get the job done

Warm Up
SSH, ISTs, Daisy Pickers

The Thang
4 laps around Burleson Park (a little debate about that being further than a mile, which it probably is, but it was my Q so thats what we did)

100 lunges (double count)
200 merkins
300 squats

4 laps around the park

maybe it was the debate on distance, maybe it was the long warmup, maybe it was because 2 lunges take longer to complete than 1 pullup, maybe it was because 4 laps was really was longer than a mile, but no PAX completed the modified Murph

I let Rump pick the first 30 minutes of music (rap, because what else does Rump listen to?) but after a song with particularly explicit lyrics I switched it up to Beach Music (aka a shitty version of Motown) for the last 15, was a huge motivator for me to finish reps and get back to running.

thankful to be back at it with y’all!

Announcements: Q Source and meats today at 1230 at the Meat Shop
Possible 2nd F tomorrow at Oatmeals
F3 Golf 10/3 or 10/10, best to block both days with the M so you can play twice in a month (or am I the only one who has to do that?)

MRM is Back!


AlrightAlright and Plus One joined YHC and Maverick for this AM’s ruck. Temp was awesome, company even better.

Topics of conversation covered who’d you want to see 5 days in a row, Pepper was high on the list, but I’d love to see anyone 5 days in a row these days…Iron PAX cheaters and the shoulder/quad obsessed Greenwood PAX…who would be on the F3 Dallas All-Star Ruck team (where were you this AM F150??)…the meeting Oatmeal and I need to have with the M’s so we can make show up on the same day and make the Lindsley Park AO a reality

Good pace today, 15:21, motivated by not wanting to be lapped by PowPow

MRM is back, look forward to the coming weeks!

Club Rehab, #Beachbod Edition

#backblast 8/6

Slushii Lil Smokey and Bleep joined YHC for another rendition of #clubrehab

At 0524 YHC was alone wondering if the Ultra and Rump Roast HC’s for KTT were going to mean a solo workout, the SMU police stopped by the Jeep to see what was going on, apparently someone sitting in a car at that time without lights on is suspicious…YHC talked to the officer about what I was doing, but missed the EH opp as let’s face it, not really used to talking to cops that early in the AM but Slushii gave me a hard time for not putting on the press when I told him the story, next time I’ll give him a business card

The thang:
SSH (YHC pretty pumped to be able to do those again!)

Every Minute on the Minute (EMOM), 4 min
10 merkins, 10 Superman’s, 10 mountain climbers

As Many Rounds As Possible (AMRAP), 3 minutes
10 L cheek rugby sit-ups, 10 regular rugby sit-ups, 10 R cheek rugby sit-ups (AlrightAlright would have been pissed with that much tailbone friction)

EMOM, 5 minutes
10 right plank hip raises, 10 left plank hip raises, 10 dry docks

AMRAP, 4 minutes
10 squat jumps, 5 L leg dead lifts, 5 R leg dead lifts

3 minutes of arms “toning”

EMOM, 5 minutes
10 merkins, 10 Superman’s, 10 mountain climbers

AMRAP, 4 minutes
10 L cheek rugby sit-ups, 10 regular rugby sit-ups, 10 R cheek rugby sit-ups

EMOM, 4 minutes
10 right plank hip raises, 10 left plank hip raises, 10 dry docks

4 minutes of arms toning

Round robin of more shoulders per Bleep legs per Lil Smokey and more arms toning per Slushii

Keeping up the golf theme, the minutes for each circuit correspond with the par for the front 9 of Tenison Highlands

Decent mumblechatter since there wasn’t a ton of counting, always great to catch up with my #clubrehab crew and look forward to getting back into the routine in a couple weeks hopefully!