Tour de Harbor

#backblast #pureharbor

AlrightAlright Special Sauce Stingray Rump Roast Pepper F150 joined YHC for a tour of The Harbor this AM, here’s the thang:


Go paint the lines at the closest tennis courts

Playground 1: 5 reps of each exercise, 3 times
Rugby Sit-ups
Plank jacks

Mosey to other playground
12 irkins
12 dirkins
12 dips
x 3

Go to big tennis courts
Core Suicides
25 heels to heaven, Suicide court 1
50 big boy sit-ups, Suicide court 2 lines only
75 leg lifts, Suicide court 3 lines only
100 reverse crunches, Suicide court 4 lines only

Mosey back to parking lot

Total mileage: Approx 2.5 miles

Awesome morning today, Pepper was in the parkibg lot first so not sure if he spent the night in his car because the M kicked him out or not, but good to see him. I had a Ultra style burpee on burpee Jacob’s Ladder planned for after the core suicides but didnt get there, something to look forward to next time. Thank you F150 for inspiring me with the group of 4 tennis courts on Wednesday. T claps to Rump Roast for killing it this AM, i may have made a snide comment about him possibly dying when I saw him pull up 😉

Was good to do some core exercises again, won’t help with anything IPC related but might help me with my golf swing and at the end of the day I’d rather get back to shooting in the mid 80s than be able to complete 100 manmakers faster than some dude in SC

Good luck to all competing in the golf tournament tomorrow and T Claps to Ultra for organizing!

Trying to figure out how many more times I can reference golf since it’s driving F150 and Rump Roast nuts

Go Cubs, DJ Icebox out!