Omaha Q

Teasip Ant Man Whoops Oatmeal Island Time Ina Siesta Nicky Roth PowPow Special Sauce sound machine
DFib Brutus joined YHC for an Omaha Q beatdown


Mosey to ring of benches

20 Bobby Hurley squats
10 dips, both exercises call by workout die

Mosey to quad
Partner up for
50 burpees
100 lunges
150 IST’s
200 merkins
250 plan jacks
While alternating running around the flag pole and back

5 minutes of interval abs, changing exercises every 30 seconds

5 minutes of Mrs Icebox arms, changing exercises every 30 seconds

Run out to flag pole and back

Mosey to ring of benches
15 Bobby Hurley squats
20 burpees, both exercises called by the workout die

Mosey back to park for slow county Mary
Freddy Mercury’s
Penguin crunches
WWI sit-ups

Luckily(?) for the PAX YHC and Dirtbag had talked about splitting up the Q last night so when Dirtbag KO’d himself during the EC run (possible delayed victim of murder bunny’ing up The Hill at Lindsley?) YHC was kinda sorta prepared.

Mumblechatter picked up in the second half when there was a lot less counting and we rocked out to SirusXM’s top 500 hip hop songs, I think we heard 478-465. Teasip went 2 for the first 10 on knowing the artist

I posed the question of what would happen if Rump Roast tried to use a speaker, interval timer, and dice during a workout and the consensus was that his head would explode

Thanks to the PAX for putting up with a half baked Q on a cold and wet day!

F3 golf
Grow Ruck

Murph Alert!

#backblast #murphaltert!

Sex Panther F150 Slushii Bleep Island Time Classified Jazzercise Rump Roast Shifty McCoy joined YHC for some Second Choice Thursday action

To prepare for this AM YHC asked Rump Roast last night what he wanted to work on and he said he was looking for a leg day. YHC thought hard about that and thought that a modified Murph would be able to get the job done

Warm Up
SSH, ISTs, Daisy Pickers

The Thang
4 laps around Burleson Park (a little debate about that being further than a mile, which it probably is, but it was my Q so thats what we did)

100 lunges (double count)
200 merkins
300 squats

4 laps around the park

maybe it was the debate on distance, maybe it was the long warmup, maybe it was because 2 lunges take longer to complete than 1 pullup, maybe it was because 4 laps was really was longer than a mile, but no PAX completed the modified Murph

I let Rump pick the first 30 minutes of music (rap, because what else does Rump listen to?) but after a song with particularly explicit lyrics I switched it up to Beach Music (aka a shitty version of Motown) for the last 15, was a huge motivator for me to finish reps and get back to running.

thankful to be back at it with y’all!

Announcements: Q Source and meats today at 1230 at the Meat Shop
Possible 2nd F tomorrow at Oatmeals
F3 Golf 10/3 or 10/10, best to block both days with the M so you can play twice in a month (or am I the only one who has to do that?)

Full Body Beatdown w/ Rump & Co.

Date: 09/10/2020

Temp: 73°  
Weather:  Cloudy a little rainy but felt great!

Count-off & Name-O-Rama:
PAX: Jazzercise, Splash, Ultra, Slushii, Bleep, Agnes, Island Time
QIC: Rump Roast

AO: Burleson Park

Disclaimer: Given – Today I wanted to focus on TUT – Time Under Tension // “Move with purpose”  Reps slow and controlled, but move inbetween reps and to places quickly.

Intro/ Warm-o-Rama:
10x Veggie Pickers (DC, IC)
12x Lunges (DC,IC)
14x Ranger Merkins (SC, IC )
16x Jump Squats (OYO) – EXPLODE on the jump! 
18x Carolina Dry Docks (SC, IC) – SLOW
20x Pop-Tarts (OYO) – Good form, Ankles even or in front of hands!

Mosey around the Short loop of the park to soft-top

Split into groups for circuit work:
Station #1 – 5x pull-ups
Station #2 – 7x Big Boi Sit-ups
Station #3 – 5x Shoulder Tap Merkins
Station #4 – 3x Bulgarian Squats 

Mosey to SMU Blvd – Fountain & Stairs

The Thang:
Jacobs Ladder x11
At the Bottom @ the street – 10x Curtsey Lunges (DC)
Run to top of stairs
At the Top – 1x Rugby Sit-up
We didn’t complete the Jacobs ladder… I wanted to go to the tennis court for the below but, ran out of time. We finished with 3mins of Mary

Mosey to the Tennis Court
10x Foot Over Toes (IC, Each Leg)
Suicide Long to short
10x Pistol Squats (5x Each Leg)

Circle of Trust (CoT):
YHC prayed us out

PAX Choice –

Today for me was about planning something different. I’ve been posting for almost 2yrs ad Q’ing for maybe a year. I’m still a weak runner and have a desire to be better. I tried to focus on legs more and to run more than I like to. 
I was a little disappointed that without Alright Alright there, no one even seemed to notice that there was no SSH or IST’s! I was glad to see everyone that came out this morning. I feel like this one could use a little improvement but it was a good work out. I HAVE to get a new speaker as mine is terrible. 

Lots of stuff I don’t remember – 
College football at Ultra’s on Saturday 09/12
IronPax at The Harbor tomorrow | Alright Alright is Q’ing  9/11 alternative
Golf October 3rd… Ultra, thinks


Burleson 09032020

PAX: Agnes, Bleep, Island Time, Rump Roast, Shifty McCoy
QIC: Slushii

AO: Burleson Park 

SSH x 15 IC

Hillbillies x 15 IC

Produce Pickers x 10 IC

Mosey to SMU track and back to soft top – stopping every 100 yards and roulette exercises (each PAX called two exercises) 

Merkins, squats, DIRT (Derkins, Irkins, Reverse Merkins, T Merkins) Merkins on bench, stair runs, LBC’s, Big Boi Sittups, Mike Tysons, others???

J Lo x 10 IC

LBC x 15 IC

Flutter Kicks x 15 IC

Homer to Marge – until time

Thankful for another day with these men to get better physically and mentally

I could probably write on this for a while but a lot of the stuff was just some of those “had to be there” moments. The #mumblechatter was at an all time high this morning. Lots of chatter about the IPC and what it is doing to physically destroy your body…..we also hyped it up more than normal because Agnes hadn’t done it and is preparing to do it tomorrow. Island Time with the jokes this morning had everyone buckled over. The normal chatter that comes from Rump Roast always makes the PAX feel welcome. Bleep was finishing something during MARY but we still aren’t exactly sure what was going on over there in his little space. Shifty was going along for the ride and had a great time.  We all learned Agnes likes a hot dog coming in hot off the gill. I’ve never heard so much chatter about hot dogs and what does/doesn’t go into making them. I bet we spend 20 minutes on the “hot dog” conversation.  The original plan was to meet up with the KTT guys but after seeing the track closed we “made it up on the fly”. Thanks to all PAX who made it this morning! 

1. Bleep 50th birthday Q on Saturday – September 5th 
2. Golf tournament/F3 Growruck/F3 10year

#backblast Burleson 8/22. Siesta VQ


PAX: Isaiah, Island Time, Shifty McCoy, Rump Roast, Chairman Mao, Oatmeal, sound machine, Draper, PowPow, Plus One, Fluoride, Whoops, Classified, DFib

AO: Burleson



SSH x 17 IC

IST x 17 IC

Windmill x 10 IC

Indian run across the park (2 full laps)


16 burpees (the goal was to complete 46 overall, but some things got in my way)

Mosey to the track field (supposedly it was opened)

Stop to grab some benches on our way there for 46 reps overall:

16 box jumps

15 side lunges (left leg)

15 side lunges (right leg)

F3 relays

Once we got to the track filed it was closed –> crap!! :-(. But siesta got a plan B, doing the same F3 relays on the quad. 

The idea was to make teams of 3/4 PAX, spread out evenly around the track at four stations, each station with an assigned exercise, then run between stations as in a relay race. After some confusion, Chairman Mao and Oatmeal step up to clarify directions and we were able to complete 2 full laps.

Station 1 – Monkey Humpers (nobody seemed to like those)

Station 2 – Merkins

Station 3 – Carolina Dry Docks

Station 4 – Overhead Claps

Hopefully, this idea will work better when the track field is opened back.

Mosey back to the playground with a stop for:

8 Durkins

16 deeps


16 Rosalita

No time for more, but at least I had time for some bilingual counting.

We still owe 30 burpees, that will be done on my next Q (first F3 anniversary, followed by a beer salute this time)


Adieu to Bachelorhood

PAX: Classified, D fib, Draper, Fluoride, Isiah, Island Time, Oatmeal, Plus one, Rump Roast, Sally, Shifty McCoy, Siesta, Sound Machine  
QIC: Teasip

AO: Burleson Park
F3 DISCLAIMER & WELCOME: Given with COVID disclaimer

8 Vegetable Pickers, 16 ISTs, 20 SSHs (Wedding date is 8/16/20)

Run a short lap around the field, then Squats x16, Pickle Pounders x16, Alabama Prom Dates x16, Monkey Humpers x8

Merkins x16
Apple Turnover (bear crawl half the field, switch to crab walk the rest of the way. Then reverse crab walk halfway back, switching to crawl bear halfway)
Reverse Crunch x16
Rugby Situps x16 OYO
Imperial Squat Walkers x16
ATMs (15 Alternating Shoulder Taps, 10 Tempo Merkins, 5 regular Merkins)
Groiners x16 OYO
E2K x8 each leg

Another lap around the field

We all ran a suicide with 4 stops and 5 burpees when you got back each time
Everybody do lunges across the field
Duck Walk halfway across the field and duck walk back
Double Merkin Burpee x16
Indian Bear Crawl
Nolan Ryan x16
Gorilla Humpers x8

Same suicide as earlier, but 4 merkins each time back (16 total), followed by more Pickle Pounders and Alabama Prom Dates x16 each

Done during the workout

YHC thanked the PAX for being there with him these last 3.5 (or 4.5, YHC can never remember) years with F3 and the improvement YHC has made in fitness (tummy fat loss) and general manhood. YHC would not be where he is today, about to marry the woman of his dreams without F3. Thank you

The jokes were funny and frequent of course. Several PAX mentioned YHC should only need about 3 reps of pickle pounders for the big night and there were probably wasn’t a need for any other type of exercise. During the Apple turnover, YHC mentioned to stop at second base, to which Sally and Draper responded “no now you can go all the way to home base” and the continuation of bases reached was asked to which YHC had no response. Draper requested I note these for the backblast, so feel free to comment if I missed some jokes. When lunges were announced, Draper had some not kind words for Oatmeal after their EC was apparently heavy on the legs with them carrying their coupon and ruck for over 2.5 miles. So #tclaps to them and PowPow (who had to leave early) for doing the EC. There was a heavy dose of Rump F-bombs today, which YHC always likes to hear since it means the workout is tough. The Double Merkin Burpees produced quite the groaning, as well as the burpee suicide. YHC appreciated everyone coming out to show support as YHC bids adieu to the single life.

1. Siesta VQ next Saturday, 8/22 at 0700. Come out and support him!
2. 2.0 workout to follow at 0900, should be about 30 minutes.
3. GrowRuck SA has been moved to the weekend of April 9-10

Double Omaha with a Tour de SMU Stairs

PAX: Alright Alright, Draper, Flouride, Island Time, Pepper, Pow Pow, Siesta, Sound Machine, Special Sauce 
QIC: Teasip

AO: Burleson Park
F3 DISCLAIMER & WELCOME: Given, with the added COVID disclaimer

SSH x 20, IST x15, Vegetable Pickers x12

Omaha from the tennis court to the softball field for F3 baseball. Teams completed 40 or 60 of an exercise at each base. Doing all four exercises was a run. Each team had 2 runs and left guys on base. Exercises were: Merkins, Squats, LBCs and Burpees.

Mosey to the Quad where there was a graduate taking photos, so Omaha to the Engineering steps for Jacobs ladder with Squat jumps and Derkins. Quick feet on the stairs (both feet touch each stair)

We continued our Tour de SMU stairs with the other side of the engineering building which was a much bigger staircase so did 11’s with Carolina Dry Docks and Box Jumps onto the fountain. Stayed there after for 20 Dips OYO and 20 Irkins OYO. 

Mosey to the Pit of Misery for some abs (15 rugby sit ups, Uptown crunch x12) and some more box jumps up the stairs/amphitheater seats with 10 hand release merkins at the top (3 total rounds).

Native American run back to the park (thanks Sauce) and then a 4x5x4 (4 rounds of 4 exercises with 5 reps). Exercises were Dips, Swerkins, Pull ups and Dirkins. Ended right at 8 for COT.

Done at the Pit of Misery

YHC prayed everyone out


Some good EC with Alright Alright bear crawling a mile in 38(?) min, YHC bear crawling .6 miles and Pow Pow and Draper doing the Burpee Test and rucking 1.5(?) miles.

Lots of good mumblechatter this morning. Started off hot with Pepper strolling in looking like he chose to watch the entirety of the Mavs collapse against the Rockets, but #tclaps to him for posting this AM after watching that. That was followed by the Joe Kelly fan club proposing a re-enactment of the Kelly-Correa “faceoff” with Draper being Kelly and YHC (a big Stros fan) playing the part of Correa. The theme of Astros and cheating continued to the F3 baseball where Pepper accused the team of YHC, AA, and Island Time of cheating to which the observation was noted that YHC was a part of the team and thus that was the only explanation. 

The next plan was to park it at the Quad for a bit, but someone was taking graduation photos, so YHC decided to Omaha and explore some staircases. The PAX was going to go to the Pit of Misery (which YHC incorrecly called the Pit of Doom and was quickly corrected by Special Sauce who also wondered if YHC was a Bud Light guy. To which YHC answered that YHC is a fan of all free, cold beer, which has been Bud Light on occasion). The original plan was to just touch every stair, but that was potentially too easy, so we switched to quick feet/both feet every step. Except the stairs were rather small and per Alright Alright “we all have big feet. you know what that means?” to which YHC and Special Sauce quickly responded “yea we need big shoes and big socks”

We then had F3 Golf Talk officially unofficially sponsored by Lone Star (the official unofficial beer of F3 Dallas) to talk about dream pairings of Bryson with Patrick Reed or Brooks Kopeka. No ants were found in the Pit so we didn’t have to worry about free drops. 

Overall a good workout with lots of stair work and some Omahaing and YHC appreciated the PAX bearing with the changes.

1. GrowRuck in SA 9/19. Sign up ASAP!
2. F3 10th anniversary workout. No more coupon with picklejumper, but should still be a fun time. M’s and 2.0’s welcome!

3. F3 Dad’s and 2.0’s workout coming soon! Slushi posted a poll on band, so fill out which date works best for you.

The Wheel of Pain Co-Staring Oatmeal

Island Time, Special Sauce, Alright Alright, Draper, Sally, Ice Box, Siesta, Dem Apples, Oatmeal, 2 FNG’s Greenspan and Rainman. (I think I remembered everyone)

YHC, Rump Roast

46 degrees and beautiful 



SST’s x20 IC
IST’s x20 IC
Cotton Pickers x15 IC
Burpees x15 OYO (Because there was too much Mumbblechatter)

The Thang:
Mosey to the fountain at the Quad bro
Wheel – of – Pain (roughly 45min OYO)
Mosey back to Burleson
4mins of Mary

YHC prayed us out

Texas Independance Day 18K comming up in 2wks


The warm-o-rama had a lot of chatter that YHC self consciously took personally. So I decided to dole out some OYO Burpees to quiet the noise. Then we were off to the Quad and although our little clusters chatted it was much quieter. Once we got to the spot the chatter started again, especially, the fact YHC needed Oatmeal to explain the Wheel of Pain since even I had forgotten how awful it was. I heard about it that I didn’t have a speaker…. It was a rough crowd this morning! I believe Coach K would have been proud had he been present today. He was there in spirit.

I have to admit, I neglected to write everyone’s name down right after so I hope I didn’t leave anyone out. I also hope I got the FNG’s new names accurate. IT had been a while since I’ve lead a large group of men and it felt almost like a VQ. I hope I was able to mask that and pull off a solid beatdown. Until next week my friends! 



Where is Williams Park?

PAX: Chairman Mao, Island Time, Oatmeal, Plus One, Sally, Sex Panther, Special Sauce, Teasip
QIC: Coach K
AO: Burleson – Williams Park
Mileage: 4.35

Disclaimer: given quickly but thoroughly for AlrightAlright and YHC
Warm-O-Rama: none, we had places to be

Tha Thang:
-Run down University Blvd to Williams Park Pavilion with a couple stops on the way
-Partner DORA with 50 burpees, 75 merkins, 100 squats
-Run to south portion of Williams Park for a Dirty McUno
-Run up McFarlin Dr back to the main quad at SMU with a couple stops on the way
-Jacob’s Ladder starting with 6 gorilla squats and 1 burpee
-AYG sprint up the Burleson parking garage
-Brief Mary and 10 burpees before moseying back for a 1-minute plank hold

YHC did some extra credit, which started off our lovely mumblechatter this morning getting called out for specifically creating a beatdown to avoid that. A little stressed this week, so YHC broke his own rule but still delivered a running intensive beatdown. PAX had some other comments about YHC he overheard, but we’ll let those fizzle out. YHC halted the chatter at 0700 on the nose and disclaimed the two workouts (disabled Alright Alright led a non-running alternative). The running group immediately took off. The run was your warm-up – best there ever was. PAX were surprised at the brevity of the intro and let their thoughts be heard before we stopped and did some SSH and ISTs on our route to Williams Park – you know, that place not close to Burleson. YHC promised Sally last night that we were going somewhere never before for a Saturday. Oatmeal and Special Sauce made hesitant jokes about running to Germany Park, but YHC will save that for a future workout.

Highland Park is notorious for quarter mile (slight exaggeration, but barely so) blocks, so there were only three brief stops for PAX to recover. A group of female runners caused us to part like the Red Sea, and they apologized saying “we’re just giving you extra time to catch your breath”. YHC responded that “they didn’t need it”. Pronoun choice was quickly noted, but YHC apologizes for nothing. We made it to the Pavilion and a few PAX reminisced about not having been to that AO in months before jumping right into the DORA. We started with 25, 50, 100 reps but YHC called an unfavorable audible because why the hell not? Once the six wrapped up, Island Time gave quite the rapid 10-count and off we ran to the southern portion of the park for a Dirty McUno with some Irkens, Derkins, and Dips. We carried on like wayward sons passing some really fine benches just around the corner. Everyone must’ve been a little delirious because we were all a little too impressed with the comparable comfort we could’ve been using.

Our trip back to Burleson was just as eventful. On the way to the first intersection Special Sauce called out that we need a six roundup. One of the PAX made YHC out to be the villain implying they should learn to run faster, which…we’ll circle back to in a short while. All the six were accounted for in true F3 fashion whereby 2-3 PAX who arrived early went back for the six while the rest were led in some ab/core exercise. This is the typical means by which PAX are picked up rather than the whole group returning – casual sidebar. We got caught at the longest light ever on Hillcrest before making our way to the quad staircase for a Jacob’s Ladder. Not too much chatter here except for some complaints when burpees were announced. There was a brief mention about Boy Scout politics before we got back to it. Sex Panther did us all proud EH’ing a Troop Leader (Scout Leader? Not sure what the title is). Oatmeal offered up a business card, so hopefully Plano will have a new addition in the forthcoming weeks.

With 10 minutes left, we moseyed to the garage before an AYG sprint to the top followed by some abs and 10 burpees to remind the PAX who YHC is. Somewhere in this endeavor Special Sauce mentioned that someone should’ve had a Go-Pro because the beatdown would’ve triggered some heavy FOMO for Alright Alright. Hopefully word of mouth and this garrulous backblast will accomplish the same thing. PAX finally corralled back at the flag for a 1-minute plank hold while time expired and we reunited with the rest of the crew.

Sauce clocked us in at 4.35 miles on the morning, which brings us back to some comments made this morning. Last night, YHC mentioned wanting harder workouts in the mornings to which people responded that others can’t keep up. If anything can be learned from YHC’s Amazing Race, the 220+ Burpee Beatdown, and today it’s that people can. We had a six today, but they were never left in the dust. Everybody completed every rep of the workout, and we did it together. While you certainly aren’t required, YHC would challenge Q’s to find one workout and do everything you can to beat the living shit out of the PAX the best you can because it makes us all better (you’ll also appreciate the schadenfreude). If 200+ burpees are the hardest part of your day, then YHC will argue that’s a pretty good day. And by now, unfortunately, every single one of y’all have proven that you can do it.

The two groups reunited giving Ant Man a hard time for being out and Chairman made a right-hand joke regarding a post-Valentine’s day CSAUP event. During the Name-O-Rama, an elderly scout woman walked into the circle and asked for directions. The Scouts were hosting some convention/meeting on SMU’s campus. One of the PAX gave the most nondescript directions telling her to “walk in that direction and eventually you’ll find them”. Sex Panther then offered to give her a ride. 5 minutes later, we could only assume that Sex Panther had EH’d this woman for some personal reasons, but he drove his truck back solo and joined the group as it made its way to Bubbas.

-2nd F this coming Friday. Harass Ultra for details
-CSAUP event February 15th