Burleson 09032020

PAX: Agnes, Bleep, Island Time, Rump Roast, Shifty McCoy
QIC: Slushii

AO: Burleson Park 

SSH x 15 IC

Hillbillies x 15 IC

Produce Pickers x 10 IC

Mosey to SMU track and back to soft top – stopping every 100 yards and roulette exercises (each PAX called two exercises) 

Merkins, squats, DIRT (Derkins, Irkins, Reverse Merkins, T Merkins) Merkins on bench, stair runs, LBC’s, Big Boi Sittups, Mike Tysons, others???

J Lo x 10 IC

LBC x 15 IC

Flutter Kicks x 15 IC

Homer to Marge – until time

Thankful for another day with these men to get better physically and mentally

I could probably write on this for a while but a lot of the stuff was just some of those “had to be there” moments. The #mumblechatter was at an all time high this morning. Lots of chatter about the IPC and what it is doing to physically destroy your body…..we also hyped it up more than normal because Agnes hadn’t done it and is preparing to do it tomorrow. Island Time with the jokes this morning had everyone buckled over. The normal chatter that comes from Rump Roast always makes the PAX feel welcome. Bleep was finishing something during MARY but we still aren’t exactly sure what was going on over there in his little space. Shifty was going along for the ride and had a great time.  We all learned Agnes likes a hot dog coming in hot off the gill. I’ve never heard so much chatter about hot dogs and what does/doesn’t go into making them. I bet we spend 20 minutes on the “hot dog” conversation.  The original plan was to meet up with the KTT guys but after seeing the track closed we “made it up on the fly”. Thanks to all PAX who made it this morning! 

1. Bleep 50th birthday Q on Saturday – September 5th 
2. Golf tournament/F3 Growruck/F3 10year