Double Omaha with a Tour de SMU Stairs

PAX: Alright Alright, Draper, Flouride, Island Time, Pepper, Pow Pow, Siesta, Sound Machine, Special Sauce 
QIC: Teasip

AO: Burleson Park
F3 DISCLAIMER & WELCOME: Given, with the added COVID disclaimer

SSH x 20, IST x15, Vegetable Pickers x12

Omaha from the tennis court to the softball field for F3 baseball. Teams completed 40 or 60 of an exercise at each base. Doing all four exercises was a run. Each team had 2 runs and left guys on base. Exercises were: Merkins, Squats, LBCs and Burpees.

Mosey to the Quad where there was a graduate taking photos, so Omaha to the Engineering steps for Jacobs ladder with Squat jumps and Derkins. Quick feet on the stairs (both feet touch each stair)

We continued our Tour de SMU stairs with the other side of the engineering building which was a much bigger staircase so did 11’s with Carolina Dry Docks and Box Jumps onto the fountain. Stayed there after for 20 Dips OYO and 20 Irkins OYO. 

Mosey to the Pit of Misery for some abs (15 rugby sit ups, Uptown crunch x12) and some more box jumps up the stairs/amphitheater seats with 10 hand release merkins at the top (3 total rounds).

Native American run back to the park (thanks Sauce) and then a 4x5x4 (4 rounds of 4 exercises with 5 reps). Exercises were Dips, Swerkins, Pull ups and Dirkins. Ended right at 8 for COT.

Done at the Pit of Misery

YHC prayed everyone out


Some good EC with Alright Alright bear crawling a mile in 38(?) min, YHC bear crawling .6 miles and Pow Pow and Draper doing the Burpee Test and rucking 1.5(?) miles.

Lots of good mumblechatter this morning. Started off hot with Pepper strolling in looking like he chose to watch the entirety of the Mavs collapse against the Rockets, but #tclaps to him for posting this AM after watching that. That was followed by the Joe Kelly fan club proposing a re-enactment of the Kelly-Correa “faceoff” with Draper being Kelly and YHC (a big Stros fan) playing the part of Correa. The theme of Astros and cheating continued to the F3 baseball where Pepper accused the team of YHC, AA, and Island Time of cheating to which the observation was noted that YHC was a part of the team and thus that was the only explanation. 

The next plan was to park it at the Quad for a bit, but someone was taking graduation photos, so YHC decided to Omaha and explore some staircases. The PAX was going to go to the Pit of Misery (which YHC incorrecly called the Pit of Doom and was quickly corrected by Special Sauce who also wondered if YHC was a Bud Light guy. To which YHC answered that YHC is a fan of all free, cold beer, which has been Bud Light on occasion). The original plan was to just touch every stair, but that was potentially too easy, so we switched to quick feet/both feet every step. Except the stairs were rather small and per Alright Alright “we all have big feet. you know what that means?” to which YHC and Special Sauce quickly responded “yea we need big shoes and big socks”

We then had F3 Golf Talk officially unofficially sponsored by Lone Star (the official unofficial beer of F3 Dallas) to talk about dream pairings of Bryson with Patrick Reed or Brooks Kopeka. No ants were found in the Pit so we didn’t have to worry about free drops. 

Overall a good workout with lots of stair work and some Omahaing and YHC appreciated the PAX bearing with the changes.

1. GrowRuck in SA 9/19. Sign up ASAP!
2. F3 10th anniversary workout. No more coupon with picklejumper, but should still be a fun time. M’s and 2.0’s welcome!

3. F3 Dad’s and 2.0’s workout coming soon! Slushi posted a poll on band, so fill out which date works best for you.