Where is Williams Park?

PAX: Chairman Mao, Island Time, Oatmeal, Plus One, Sally, Sex Panther, Special Sauce, Teasip
QIC: Coach K
AO: Burleson – Williams Park
Mileage: 4.35

Disclaimer: given quickly but thoroughly for AlrightAlright and YHC
Warm-O-Rama: none, we had places to be

Tha Thang:
-Run down University Blvd to Williams Park Pavilion with a couple stops on the way
-Partner DORA with 50 burpees, 75 merkins, 100 squats
-Run to south portion of Williams Park for a Dirty McUno
-Run up McFarlin Dr back to the main quad at SMU with a couple stops on the way
-Jacob’s Ladder starting with 6 gorilla squats and 1 burpee
-AYG sprint up the Burleson parking garage
-Brief Mary and 10 burpees before moseying back for a 1-minute plank hold

YHC did some extra credit, which started off our lovely mumblechatter this morning getting called out for specifically creating a beatdown to avoid that. A little stressed this week, so YHC broke his own rule but still delivered a running intensive beatdown. PAX had some other comments about YHC he overheard, but we’ll let those fizzle out. YHC halted the chatter at 0700 on the nose and disclaimed the two workouts (disabled Alright Alright led a non-running alternative). The running group immediately took off. The run was your warm-up – best there ever was. PAX were surprised at the brevity of the intro and let their thoughts be heard before we stopped and did some SSH and ISTs on our route to Williams Park – you know, that place not close to Burleson. YHC promised Sally last night that we were going somewhere never before for a Saturday. Oatmeal and Special Sauce made hesitant jokes about running to Germany Park, but YHC will save that for a future workout.

Highland Park is notorious for quarter mile (slight exaggeration, but barely so) blocks, so there were only three brief stops for PAX to recover. A group of female runners caused us to part like the Red Sea, and they apologized saying “we’re just giving you extra time to catch your breath”. YHC responded that “they didn’t need it”. Pronoun choice was quickly noted, but YHC apologizes for nothing. We made it to the Pavilion and a few PAX reminisced about not having been to that AO in months before jumping right into the DORA. We started with 25, 50, 100 reps but YHC called an unfavorable audible because why the hell not? Once the six wrapped up, Island Time gave quite the rapid 10-count and off we ran to the southern portion of the park for a Dirty McUno with some Irkens, Derkins, and Dips. We carried on like wayward sons passing some really fine benches just around the corner. Everyone must’ve been a little delirious because we were all a little too impressed with the comparable comfort we could’ve been using.

Our trip back to Burleson was just as eventful. On the way to the first intersection Special Sauce called out that we need a six roundup. One of the PAX made YHC out to be the villain implying they should learn to run faster, which…we’ll circle back to in a short while. All the six were accounted for in true F3 fashion whereby 2-3 PAX who arrived early went back for the six while the rest were led in some ab/core exercise. This is the typical means by which PAX are picked up rather than the whole group returning – casual sidebar. We got caught at the longest light ever on Hillcrest before making our way to the quad staircase for a Jacob’s Ladder. Not too much chatter here except for some complaints when burpees were announced. There was a brief mention about Boy Scout politics before we got back to it. Sex Panther did us all proud EH’ing a Troop Leader (Scout Leader? Not sure what the title is). Oatmeal offered up a business card, so hopefully Plano will have a new addition in the forthcoming weeks.

With 10 minutes left, we moseyed to the garage before an AYG sprint to the top followed by some abs and 10 burpees to remind the PAX who YHC is. Somewhere in this endeavor Special Sauce mentioned that someone should’ve had a Go-Pro because the beatdown would’ve triggered some heavy FOMO for Alright Alright. Hopefully word of mouth and this garrulous backblast will accomplish the same thing. PAX finally corralled back at the flag for a 1-minute plank hold while time expired and we reunited with the rest of the crew.

Sauce clocked us in at 4.35 miles on the morning, which brings us back to some comments made this morning. Last night, YHC mentioned wanting harder workouts in the mornings to which people responded that others can’t keep up. If anything can be learned from YHC’s Amazing Race, the 220+ Burpee Beatdown, and today it’s that people can. We had a six today, but they were never left in the dust. Everybody completed every rep of the workout, and we did it together. While you certainly aren’t required, YHC would challenge Q’s to find one workout and do everything you can to beat the living shit out of the PAX the best you can because it makes us all better (you’ll also appreciate the schadenfreude). If 200+ burpees are the hardest part of your day, then YHC will argue that’s a pretty good day. And by now, unfortunately, every single one of y’all have proven that you can do it.

The two groups reunited giving Ant Man a hard time for being out and Chairman made a right-hand joke regarding a post-Valentine’s day CSAUP event. During the Name-O-Rama, an elderly scout woman walked into the circle and asked for directions. The Scouts were hosting some convention/meeting on SMU’s campus. One of the PAX gave the most nondescript directions telling her to “walk in that direction and eventually you’ll find them”. Sex Panther then offered to give her a ride. 5 minutes later, we could only assume that Sex Panther had EH’d this woman for some personal reasons, but he drove his truck back solo and joined the group as it made its way to Bubbas.

-2nd F this coming Friday. Harass Ultra for details
-CSAUP event February 15th

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