Adieu to Bachelorhood

PAX: Classified, D fib, Draper, Fluoride, Isiah, Island Time, Oatmeal, Plus one, Rump Roast, Sally, Shifty McCoy, Siesta, Sound Machine  
QIC: Teasip

AO: Burleson Park
F3 DISCLAIMER & WELCOME: Given with COVID disclaimer

8 Vegetable Pickers, 16 ISTs, 20 SSHs (Wedding date is 8/16/20)

Run a short lap around the field, then Squats x16, Pickle Pounders x16, Alabama Prom Dates x16, Monkey Humpers x8

Merkins x16
Apple Turnover (bear crawl half the field, switch to crab walk the rest of the way. Then reverse crab walk halfway back, switching to crawl bear halfway)
Reverse Crunch x16
Rugby Situps x16 OYO
Imperial Squat Walkers x16
ATMs (15 Alternating Shoulder Taps, 10 Tempo Merkins, 5 regular Merkins)
Groiners x16 OYO
E2K x8 each leg

Another lap around the field

We all ran a suicide with 4 stops and 5 burpees when you got back each time
Everybody do lunges across the field
Duck Walk halfway across the field and duck walk back
Double Merkin Burpee x16
Indian Bear Crawl
Nolan Ryan x16
Gorilla Humpers x8

Same suicide as earlier, but 4 merkins each time back (16 total), followed by more Pickle Pounders and Alabama Prom Dates x16 each

Done during the workout

YHC thanked the PAX for being there with him these last 3.5 (or 4.5, YHC can never remember) years with F3 and the improvement YHC has made in fitness (tummy fat loss) and general manhood. YHC would not be where he is today, about to marry the woman of his dreams without F3. Thank you

The jokes were funny and frequent of course. Several PAX mentioned YHC should only need about 3 reps of pickle pounders for the big night and there were probably wasn’t a need for any other type of exercise. During the Apple turnover, YHC mentioned to stop at second base, to which Sally and Draper responded “no now you can go all the way to home base” and the continuation of bases reached was asked to which YHC had no response. Draper requested I note these for the backblast, so feel free to comment if I missed some jokes. When lunges were announced, Draper had some not kind words for Oatmeal after their EC was apparently heavy on the legs with them carrying their coupon and ruck for over 2.5 miles. So #tclaps to them and PowPow (who had to leave early) for doing the EC. There was a heavy dose of Rump F-bombs today, which YHC always likes to hear since it means the workout is tough. The Double Merkin Burpees produced quite the groaning, as well as the burpee suicide. YHC appreciated everyone coming out to show support as YHC bids adieu to the single life.

1. Siesta VQ next Saturday, 8/22 at 0700. Come out and support him!
2. 2.0 workout to follow at 0900, should be about 30 minutes.
3. GrowRuck SA has been moved to the weekend of April 9-10