The New Rump Heads North – McKinney

Date – 5/15/2021
Weather – 65° and beautiful  day to be alive

Count-off & Name-O-Rama:
PAX –  Eruzione, Walmart, Yogger, Maverick, Ultra, Agnes, DFib, Jobu, Shify McCoy, and Draper
QIC –  Rump Roast
AO – Bonnie Wenk Park | McKinney, TX
Disclaimer – Given 
Intro/ Warm-o-Rama:
Dynamic Warm-Up
20x Pop-Up Groiners OYO – (Omaha – Someone, @Walmart was one minute late. 15x burpees for him & AMRAP Merkins for the PAX)
Mosey to Workout Pavilion area 
20x T-Merkins (hold plank till all-in)
10x J-Lo’s IC, DC (Just for @Slushii)
Recover/Mosey thru the woods to the Y 
20x IST IC, DC
Pretty sure I did one more exercise but can’t remember!
Mosey to the Park swings
The Thang:
Break up in semi even groups (3 groups this morning)
5x Swerkins w/ the knee to chest
5x Pull Ups
5x Hand Release Merkins
Run up the stairs, across
Run up the stairs, across the bridge for 
5x Squats
5x DC Lunges
Five rounds of that.
Mosey to the field for Catch Me If You Can BLIMPS!!!
Partner up with someone you don’t know
Partner #1 Bear Crawls while partner #2 does 5x Burpees
When done with exercise run to “catch” the other partner
Then partner #1 has to compete, while partner 2 BC’s forward. 
Repeating until both partners have completed all
Going up by 5 on each new 
B – Burpees x5
L – LBC’s x10 
I – IST’s x15 DC
M – Merkins x20
P – Plank Jacks x 25SC
S – Squats x30
Wind Sprint across that ginormous field, touch the fence and back. This is where the HC’s got their prize. With a page out of the @Slippy book, I let them cut the sprint in half. But in Rump style had them burpee until we were done!
Had a little time left so did a “3 Corners” 
20x Squat Jumps OYO
Mosey across the field
20X Monkey Humpers (Thanks @DFib)
Mosey that length of the field
Ring of Fire  Merkins
Mosey back for Descending Mary
12x LBC’s IC, DC
11x Big Boy Sit Ups IC, DC
10x Penguine Crunched IC, DC…
Circle of Trust (CoT):
YHC prayed us out


A lot of comradery this morning. I was sucking wind all morning so I believe it was a good day. great coffee after

Carry the Load at Reverchon Park (I believe 30 May into 31 May Sunday to Monday)


Safari and Penalty Burpees

PAX: Alright Alright, Big Tex, Chairman Mao, Dfib, FNG – El Chapo, Jobu, Nicky Roth, Oatmeal, Poppy, Pow Pow, Rump Roast, Sally, Sex Panther, Sound Machine, Siesta, Slippy, Sweet Baby, Tik Tok, Trash Panda, Ultra, Whoops
QIC: Teasip

AO: Burleson
F3 DISCLAIMER & WELCOME: Given, with added disclosure for COVID

SSH x 20, IST x15, Hillbilly x12, warmup lap around the park

Red Barchetta across the field

1 penalty burpee for Sally being 1 min late and then 8 penalty burpees for Tik Tok being 8 mins late (more to come on the penalty burpees) 

Safari: Form two lines, then do the below exercises two rounds each

Native American Duck Walk, everyone in line hold an Al Gore
Native American Bear Crawl, everyone in line hold a plank
Native American Crawl Bear, everyone in line hold a plank
Native American Crab Walk, everyone in line hold a Wilt Chamberlain

Everyone sprint like a roadrunner to the sidewalk, then Native American Run around the park to the playground

Mosey to the tennis court, where half the group did a suicide while the rest did burpees. Flapjack. 

Next 10 Dry Docks, and at this point, the ECers joined us. They were 52 minutes late, so everyone did 52 burpees, then ended with 10 squats

We never did do the rugby sit ups

YHC prayed us out

YHC decided to take the PAX on a little safari this AM. YHC had thought about a big planned beatdown, but alas, was slammed with work this week, so that will have to wait. The Red Barchetta starter was a crowd pleaser and generated a few “FUs” from Rump. There were some issues with defining which fence and which trash can for a few of the sprints, so YHC knows why this exercise is normally done on a football field.

The NA Duck Walk led to some discussion about the best human duck call in F3, where the consensus was Ultra would have it, with Sex Panther second. Sound Machine had a rather surprising good duck call, which he claimed is partially due to his first car having hooves.

In the middle of the NA Crab Walks, YHC turned to Alright Alright and asked if the ECers joined the beatdown, should YHC make the PAX do penalty burpees for them being 35 min late. Alright Alright said we should, which YHC kept in his back packet.

A lot of mumble chatter during the Safari, which led YHC to think that maybe the Safari wasn’t a sufficient beatdown, so YHC decided to ramp up the cardio with the NA run and suicide at the tennis court. We decided to split into two groups for the suicides and YHC took Alright Alright’s suggestion of the group doing burpees while they waited, which YHC happily obliged (insert more “FUs” from Rump Roast). 

YHC was going to just do a few exercises and some Mary, but the ECers joined right after the suicides, so YHC had to be consistent and fair and thus 52 penalty burpees were required for the ECers showing up 52 min late. This led to quite a bit of grumbling and a few cries of foul from the ECers saying we were late to the EC workout. However, YHC would like to point out that YHC did not join the EC group or workout at all, so YHC didn’t attend the EC workout. The ECers joined the workout that started at 0700, and thus the penalty burpees were instituted. 

FNG naming occurred. Potential other names were Wild Thing, Dorn (Jobu brought him, so another Major League theme), or maybe Loggins (he has a great head of hair). But El Chapo, mentioned he is a rock climber the rock climbing led to discussions about El Captain where free climbing occurs, and that led to El Chapo. 

Shoutout to the perfect weekers (Big Tex, F150, Slippy, and Sex Panther) and pour one out for Bleep and Special Sauce. Bleep is usually absent on Saturdays, so that’s understandable. Special Sauce was unable to return from beyond the wall in time, as he journeyed to the great North yesterday. Though he’ll probably be happy that he missed all the penalty burpees after requesting no burpees. 

1. F3 Grow Ruck in two weekends (April 9-11). Houston has scholarships available!
2. Carry the Load on Memorial Day, May 31
3. F3 Golf

Doomsday Clock 2021

PAX: Ultra, Nicky Roth, Rump Roast, Jobu, Big Tex, Whoops, Sound Machine, Sally, Agnes, Nate Hartman (FNG/Boggle), Isaiah, Pow Pow, Siesta, Bleep, Ina, Dirtbag, Draper, Avril, Special Sauce, Ant Man, Classified
QIC: Oatmeal

AO: Burleson Park


IST x15 IC

SSH x 20 IC

Windmill x 10 IC

1 penalty burpee for Ant Man’s tardiness


Mosey to Quad for the Doomsday Clock for approximately 40 minutes:

Making use of the 12 spokes (sidewalks) out from the fountain, YHC had PAX perform the following rotating around each spoke like clockwork. 

  1. 10 Pam Andersons (burpee nippler)
  2. 20 Squats
  3. 30 V Ups
  4. 40 Merkins
  5. 50 Rugby Situps
  6. 60 Gorilla Squats
  7. 70 Mountain Climbers (x2)
  8. 80 Lunges (x1)
  9. 90 OH Presses
  10. 100 Plank Jacks
  11. 110 OH Claps
  12. 120 LBC’s

Following each set of exercises, PAX ran the length of spoke, performed burpees x station number (total of 78 burpees) and ran back to fountain (hub) to start next station.  An exception was made following gorilla squats and OH presses, where PAX bear crawled the length of the spoke and back.  

YHC prayed us out.  YHC challenged the PAX to seek the input of each of their M’s about F3.  There has been a theme lately from several of us whose M’s have not held F3 in the highest regard for various reasons, which means that we and much more, I, have failed to properly bring back the tenets of the life-changing organization back to my home.  I challenged the PAX to bring back the feedback and vowed to create more 2F events that include the M’s and 2.0’s as we begin to emerge from Covid prison.  


YHC had the thought to roll this oldie out after not having completed it in over a year.  Many new PAX that had not felt the burn of the Doomsday Clock so why not!  PAX were spread around the circle and YHC heard several conversations (this tells me there is much more effort to be put forth if one can carry on a park walk chat).  YHC received several complaints and groans, but only one emphatic “FU” from Rump so I will assume that he is getting stronger and the workout isn’t a cake walk since it seemed to gas most everybody else.  TClaps to Classified and Special Sauce.  Classified kept a weight vest on the entire time.  This workout sucks without added weight.  Sauce brought a speaker and playlist with minimal notice.


  • GrowRuck Alamo 4/9-4/11
  • Carry the Load Memorial Day ruck – details will be forthcoming
  • F3 Golf…

More Hops Than an IPA

PAX: Rump Roast, Oatmeal, Jobu, F150, Special Sauce, Bleep, Slushii, Ultra, Chairman Mao, Avril, Dirtbag, Trash Panda, Gold Digger, Meatball, Swiper, Stingray
QIC: Slippy

AO: The Harbor

20 SSH, IST; 15 Merkins, Veggie Pickers, Windmills

Mosey to track

1 x lap Native American run

1 x lap Native American hop

  • Everyone in single file line in plank
  • Rear person in line hops over each person to get to front of line
  • First 100 meters = squat jump
  • Second 100 meters = right leg hop
  • Third 100 meters = left leg hop
  • Fourth 100 meters = burpee between each person

Mosey back to park

30 Merkins OYO

Flutter kicks of unknown count and duration

YHC prayed us out


1. Sign up for Grow Ruck San Antonio!

Avril VQ Groundhog Day

#Backblast Glencoe 03/09/2021

PAX: Alright Alright, Sex Panther, DFib, F150, Shifty McCoy, Rump Roast, Ultra, Gambler, Bleep, Oatmeal, Teasip, Draper, Agnes, Jobu, Slushii, Plus One, Classified, Stingray, PowPow, and Special Sauce 
QIC: Avril

AO: Glencoe

13x SSH IC

13x Daisy Pickers

13x Hillbillies



Indian Run around Glencoe

Groundhog Day:

Deadlifts x10

Overhead Press x10

Upright Rows x10

American Hammers x10

Squats x10

Short loop through Glencoe

Rinse Repeat

Finishing Touches:

Rifle Carry width of football field with 10 burpees then Rifle Carry back

Little touches of abs:

Commandos x13

Burpees x10

Flutter Kicks x20

Penguin Crunches x13

LBC x5


YHC thought about what should be touched on and that was upper body, back, and cardio.

MOLESKIN: YHC wanted to thank all the PAX that showed up for YHC first Q. Was exciting and focused on a mixture of cardio, upper body, and back. Ready for the next one!


  • Grow Ruck San Antonio 4/8 and 4/9

Full Body Beatdown w/ Rump & Co.

Date: 09/10/2020

Temp: 73°  
Weather:  Cloudy a little rainy but felt great!

Count-off & Name-O-Rama:
PAX: Jazzercise, Splash, Ultra, Slushii, Bleep, Agnes, Island Time
QIC: Rump Roast

AO: Burleson Park

Disclaimer: Given – Today I wanted to focus on TUT – Time Under Tension // “Move with purpose”  Reps slow and controlled, but move inbetween reps and to places quickly.

Intro/ Warm-o-Rama:
10x Veggie Pickers (DC, IC)
12x Lunges (DC,IC)
14x Ranger Merkins (SC, IC )
16x Jump Squats (OYO) – EXPLODE on the jump! 
18x Carolina Dry Docks (SC, IC) – SLOW
20x Pop-Tarts (OYO) – Good form, Ankles even or in front of hands!

Mosey around the Short loop of the park to soft-top

Split into groups for circuit work:
Station #1 – 5x pull-ups
Station #2 – 7x Big Boi Sit-ups
Station #3 – 5x Shoulder Tap Merkins
Station #4 – 3x Bulgarian Squats 

Mosey to SMU Blvd – Fountain & Stairs

The Thang:
Jacobs Ladder x11
At the Bottom @ the street – 10x Curtsey Lunges (DC)
Run to top of stairs
At the Top – 1x Rugby Sit-up
We didn’t complete the Jacobs ladder… I wanted to go to the tennis court for the below but, ran out of time. We finished with 3mins of Mary

Mosey to the Tennis Court
10x Foot Over Toes (IC, Each Leg)
Suicide Long to short
10x Pistol Squats (5x Each Leg)

Circle of Trust (CoT):
YHC prayed us out

PAX Choice –

Today for me was about planning something different. I’ve been posting for almost 2yrs ad Q’ing for maybe a year. I’m still a weak runner and have a desire to be better. I tried to focus on legs more and to run more than I like to. 
I was a little disappointed that without Alright Alright there, no one even seemed to notice that there was no SSH or IST’s! I was glad to see everyone that came out this morning. I feel like this one could use a little improvement but it was a good work out. I HAVE to get a new speaker as mine is terrible. 

Lots of stuff I don’t remember – 
College football at Ultra’s on Saturday 09/12
IronPax at The Harbor tomorrow | Alright Alright is Q’ing  9/11 alternative
Golf October 3rd… Ultra, thinks



COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA: F150, Draper, Aaarrrggghhh, Slushii, AlrightAlright, Plus One, Oatmeal, PowPow, Rump Roast, Bleep, Chairman Mao, Icebox, Ultra, Isaiah, Sound Machine, Jazzercise, Sex Panther, Froggy, B Cup

QIC: Classified

AO: Glencoe Park

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Given, made regretful ant bite disclaimer, karma below

Imperial Storm Troopers x 15 IC

Short coupon mosey to the field for the CLIMB

Crab Walk short side of the field and run back
     Curls with coupon x 20

Lunge Walk short side of the field and run back
     LBCs with coupon x 20

Inchworm short side of the field and run back
     Iso Squat with coupon x 10

Merkin Walk short side of the field and run back (Ant bite Karma and merkin agony shortened merkin walk to half way)
     Man Maker x 10

Bear Crawl short side of the field and run back
     Bonny Blair x 20

Coupon mosey to the pavilion

MARY: (Q fatigue sets in)
Mountain Climbers x 20 OYO
Penguins x 20 OYO (YHC tries Penguin 6-inches)
WWI Sit-Ups x 20 IC
J Lo × 0

YHC prayed us out, thankful for another double digit turn out and asked for strength and fellowship in the coming months. 

Very appreciative to everyone that came out this morning. Workout was supposed to be on the tennis court with motivators in between, but we improvised. Lots of grumble during the inchworm. Ant bite karma on the Merkin Walk. General disgust from pack leaders Aaarrrggghhh and AlrightAlright when YHC called the Merkin Walk when the rest of the PAX was halfway. Rump Roast claimed 7Fs on the scale. YHC was not informed of the beer/claw requirement this morning, which may have been why most of y’all showed up… but beers will be served tomorrow at the harbor!

Siesta VQ Saturday 8/22 at 7am, followed by 2.0 workout at 9am
F3 Golf October 10 (TX/ou Weekend). Ultra and Mulligan from FTW are Co-Q
Growruck postponed to April 9-10
F3 10 year January 15-17

Caddyshack – The Bill Murry

Date: 08/07/2020
Temp: 83°  
Weather: Clear skies and humid AF!

Count-off & Name-O-Rama:
PAX: Plus One, Sting Ray, Ultra, Sex Panther, Froggy, Shifty McCoy, Bleep, Sound Machine, Agnes, Slushii, Special Sauce, Double Pain, Alright Alright, Teasip
QIC: Rump Roast

AO: Burleson Park

Disclaimer: Given 

Intro/ Warm-o-Rama by Shifty McCoy:
Side Plank Hold for 60sec each side(IC)
Good Mornings  x9 (IC)
Split Squats x9 (each leg, IC)
NC Groiners x18 
Rump Challenge – Lap around the Park or Burpees till pax make the lap (Everyone ran)  

The Thang:
Rump’s version of the Bill Murray (Caddyshack / Golf Theme)
10x Merkins
10x Jump Squats
10x Big Boy/ WWI 
10x Burpees
Bear crawl across the field
Run/Sprint back

Circle of Trust (CoT):
Alright Alright prayed us out

No music this morning

OK, so maybe it was more “Ground Hog Day” than “Caddyshack” but, again, my knowledge of golf is limited at best! It seemed like a good idea last night. I think everyone heard that the warm-up exercises this morning were suggested golf exercises – The internet never lies… Right?
I noticed Bleep didn’t have a whole lot to say this morning. I believe @Ultra called me an A$$hole the first round across, @Special Sauce told me he was thinking about faking having to take a dump for the first time ever at an F3 workout, @Double Pain told me that he’d forgotten what round he was on reinforcing the “Ground Hog Day” movie comparison. It was a pretty epic beatdown. 
#acceleration #isi #giveitaway 

Grow Ruck – sign up soon 
@Ultra trucking white Rock Lake for 6hrs next Wednesday – dets to follow
2.0 workout coming up soon stay tuned to Band – Ok, I forgot the dates!!
HH Officially moved to next week Friday, 14 Aug – Not sure if Q has been finalized 

Four Man Weave

PAX: Aaarrrggghhh, Alright Alright, Bleep, Coach K, Draper, Oatmeal, PowPow, Sex Panther, Slushii, Special Sauce, Tatanka (FNG – welcome!), Ultra
QIC: Teasip

AO: Glecone Park #glencofasho

SSH x20, IST x15, Windmill x10

5x4x5 (5 reps of 4 exercises, for 5 rounds). Pull ups, dips, swerkins & OH Press with coupon

Mosey over to the football field for the 4 man weave (copyright pending)

Groups of 4 (had one group of 5). PAX 1 started at the near side of the field doing Man Makers. PAX 2 started at the far side of the field doing curls with a coupon. PAX 3 started bear crawling from one side of the football field to the other. PAX 4 started at the near side of the football field, ran to PAX 2 and back, then relieved PAX 3 of the bear crawling, who ran and relieved PAX 2 of the curls, who then ran and relieved PAX 1 of the Man Makers, who started running. Continue that cycle for a couple more rounds with the below exercises:

Man Makers, Curls, Bear Crawl, Run

Squats, Lunges, Crab Walk, Run

Penguin Crunch, Elf on a Shelf, Crawl Bear, Run

Once everyone was done, had just enough time to mosey back to the start for 12 Burpees OYO, followed by Mary

Uptown Crunch x10, LBC x20

YHC prayed us out

YHC pulled in at 0525 after having enjoyed an extra 15 min of sleep and a shorter commute with the move back to civilization (read south of 635). YHC was greeted by what sounded like a reason for why Alright Alright missed Monday’s beatdown. Apparently, we may need a second F event where Plus One is our bartender as his margs led to the missed workout.

Some criticism from the PAX during the warm up as YHC mistakenly said that ISTs are standing curls as opposed to standing sit ups (YHC has curls on the mind for his girl/future M), then YHC was again laughed at for the apparent twang when saying “Windmill” (YHC has always had a different way of saying i’s, like in pillow). Regardless, the warmup was done and we transitioned to the 5x4x5.

The naming convention for this popular workout was discussion topic during it, as several PAX were unsure of how many sets to do. YHC has always thought it was reps x # of exercises x rounds, but YHC is flexible. The confusion was only a preview of what was to come.

YHC led the PAX to the football field for the 4 man weave, which after an explanation and demonstration, led to some expected confusion on who was to relieve whom (who? YHC can never get these right). After a few minutes, it appeared as though the PAX finally got the rotation down. Alright Alright’s group must have taken after him the night prior as there was some difficulty with crawling/crab walking in a straight line.

Once done, YHC felt like there was too much mumblechatter going on and decided to initiate burpee silence with 12 burpees which quickly quieted the PAX. 

Just enough time for some Mary before we named Tatanka (it was either that or something related to bears I think?) and the discussion over spelling started. Ultra and YHC liked the Lafawnduh style spelling “Ta-tawn-kuh”, but Pow Pow found the proper spelling. Overall a good time in the gloom and the 4 man weave will definitely be making another appearance. I may make it a goal to keep increasing the weave by 1 with ultimate goal of a full PAX weave.

1. Big D TID Beatdown (fka Texas Independence Day 18k) is this Saturday at 0700, kicking off from Riverchon Park
2. Q Source this Friday at 11:30 in Preston Center. This week is on the Jester.

Impromptu Q

PAX: Bleep, Chairman Mao, Coach K, Ina, Slushii, Special Sauce, Ultra, Beater (F3 Indy), Dontcha Know (F3 Greensboro)
QIC: Alright Alright

AO: Caruth Park

SSH x20

IST x15

Squats x10

Merkins x5


Merkins x5 IC


Merkins x5 IC


Merkins x5 IC

Burpees x6 for not picking up the 6


Merkins x5 IC

Burpees x3 for lollygagging


Merkins x5 IC


Merkins x5 IC


Merkins x5 IC

Mosey to Tennis Courts

Burpee Dan with Increasing Burpees across both courts and back

Dirty McDeuce

Alternating Lunges x12

WWI Sit Ups x12

Overhead Claps x12

Bear Crawl Across Both Courts

Crawl Bear Back

Repeato x3

Maybe, don’t really remember.