Four Man Weave

PAX: Aaarrrggghhh, Alright Alright, Bleep, Coach K, Draper, Oatmeal, PowPow, Sex Panther, Slushii, Special Sauce, Tatanka (FNG – welcome!), Ultra
QIC: Teasip

AO: Glecone Park #glencofasho

SSH x20, IST x15, Windmill x10

5x4x5 (5 reps of 4 exercises, for 5 rounds). Pull ups, dips, swerkins & OH Press with coupon

Mosey over to the football field for the 4 man weave (copyright pending)

Groups of 4 (had one group of 5). PAX 1 started at the near side of the field doing Man Makers. PAX 2 started at the far side of the field doing curls with a coupon. PAX 3 started bear crawling from one side of the football field to the other. PAX 4 started at the near side of the football field, ran to PAX 2 and back, then relieved PAX 3 of the bear crawling, who ran and relieved PAX 2 of the curls, who then ran and relieved PAX 1 of the Man Makers, who started running. Continue that cycle for a couple more rounds with the below exercises:

Man Makers, Curls, Bear Crawl, Run

Squats, Lunges, Crab Walk, Run

Penguin Crunch, Elf on a Shelf, Crawl Bear, Run

Once everyone was done, had just enough time to mosey back to the start for 12 Burpees OYO, followed by Mary

Uptown Crunch x10, LBC x20

YHC prayed us out

YHC pulled in at 0525 after having enjoyed an extra 15 min of sleep and a shorter commute with the move back to civilization (read south of 635). YHC was greeted by what sounded like a reason for why Alright Alright missed Monday’s beatdown. Apparently, we may need a second F event where Plus One is our bartender as his margs led to the missed workout.

Some criticism from the PAX during the warm up as YHC mistakenly said that ISTs are standing curls as opposed to standing sit ups (YHC has curls on the mind for his girl/future M), then YHC was again laughed at for the apparent twang when saying “Windmill” (YHC has always had a different way of saying i’s, like in pillow). Regardless, the warmup was done and we transitioned to the 5x4x5.

The naming convention for this popular workout was discussion topic during it, as several PAX were unsure of how many sets to do. YHC has always thought it was reps x # of exercises x rounds, but YHC is flexible. The confusion was only a preview of what was to come.

YHC led the PAX to the football field for the 4 man weave, which after an explanation and demonstration, led to some expected confusion on who was to relieve whom (who? YHC can never get these right). After a few minutes, it appeared as though the PAX finally got the rotation down. Alright Alright’s group must have taken after him the night prior as there was some difficulty with crawling/crab walking in a straight line.

Once done, YHC felt like there was too much mumblechatter going on and decided to initiate burpee silence with 12 burpees which quickly quieted the PAX. 

Just enough time for some Mary before we named Tatanka (it was either that or something related to bears I think?) and the discussion over spelling started. Ultra and YHC liked the Lafawnduh style spelling “Ta-tawn-kuh”, but Pow Pow found the proper spelling. Overall a good time in the gloom and the 4 man weave will definitely be making another appearance. I may make it a goal to keep increasing the weave by 1 with ultimate goal of a full PAX weave.

1. Big D TID Beatdown (fka Texas Independence Day 18k) is this Saturday at 0700, kicking off from Riverchon Park
2. Q Source this Friday at 11:30 in Preston Center. This week is on the Jester.