Warrior Slayer Style

Date – 1/15/2021
Weather – 42 and windy AF, Google said it feels 37 and I agree

Count-off & Name-O-Rama:
PAX –  Dr. Suess, Slushii, Bleep, Stingray, Agnes
QIC –  Rump Roast
AO – The Harbor
Disclaimer – Given 
Intro/ Warm-o-Rama:
20x SSH
15x IST
12x Veggie Pickers

The Thang:
Tabata w/ an F3 Twist (2 rounds of each)
Mountain Climbers
Squat jumps
Diamond Merkins to Toe Grab
American Hammer
Elbow to High plank
Shoulder Tap Merkins
Big Boi Sit Ups
Plank Jacks
Jack Reachers
Broad Jump and Back Pedal
Standing to Plank (half Burpee)
Peter Parker Merkins
Merkins to Extension
Freedy Mercury’s 
Hold a Plank
Burpee Tuck Jump
Chuck Norris Merkins
Gorilla Squats
Penguin Crunches

Circle of Trust (CoT):
Stingray prayed us out

Slushii wore short and like a cut-off t-shirt under his hoodie so complained incessantly that it was cold. I have to say that it started out bumpy (Ice Box makes this stuff look so easy), between my speaker having a bad Bluetooth connection, my email kept turning sideways, and the interval timer I was about ready to say fuck it.  Then after the second round, it got better. I couldn’t hear much of the mumble chatter over the music and all those damn beeps! I heard some rumbling about Katy Trail and took that as a good sign that I was running enough in between rounds. Over all it was a great start to a Friday morning. 

BAMA Beatdown

PAX: Armpit, Avril, Classified, F150, Gambler, Oatmeal, Rump Roast, Slushii, Sound Machine, Special Sauce
QIC: Teasip


SSH x52, IST x12, Hillbilly x12 (52-24 final score in the Natty), then a warm up lap

Mosey over to the football field with coupons. As YHC mentioned, you have to pick your poison when playing Alabama, but it is “suicide” to leave Devonta Smith uncovered.

Thus, we did some coupon suicides. Run to the first light pole, come back and do 3 reps, then run to the next light pole and back and do 6 reps. Continuing until you get to the other goal line and back to do 12 reps (for the 12 catches Devonta had in the Natty)

Bicep Curls
All the way down Squats while holding coupons
Abs (curls while holding the coupon)

Since Bama when through the ringer of an all-SEC schedule (some say the toughest ever and the best final AP poll #4 team in human history) we did an OH press Ring of Fire to 55 (closest full round to 52)

Rugby Situps x12, Rosalita x12, Freddie Mercury x15

YHC prayed us out

YHC checked Band while clearing the mechanism in the AM and saw that Alright Alright became a father and thus was disappointed he was not there to post in the gloom. Special Sauce and several other PAX agreed and questioned Alright Alright’s commitment. 

YHC announced in the preblast that the beatdown would be Natty themed and the PAX realized once we passed 20 on the SSH that we would probably be going to 52 for Bama. YHC didn’t even have to point out the obvious that Ohio St lost by the exact same score as A&M and they didn’t even have to deal with a fully armed and operational Alabama offense like the Aggies did.

Several choice words from Rump (even said them via proxy through Sauce) during the suicides. Special Sauce also mentioned that Devonta Smith only played a half, so shouldn’t the suicides only be half of the workout, but YHC did not oblige. 

During the ring of fire, several eyerolls ensued from the PAX when YHC mentioned the toughness of an all-SEC schedule and how the Big 12 played defense now (from the flag bearers Oatmeal and Classified) and then some ACC comments too from Slushii.

1. 4x4x24 CSAUP Feb 5-6 starting at 1900 on Feb 5
2. TID 18k March 6 at 0700
3. GROWRUCK April 8-10 in SA

Q Source Beatdown – 1/9/2021

PAX: Splash, Alright Alright, Chairman Mao, Agnes, Special Sauce, Whoops, Dirtbag, Classified, Teasip, Kitty, Big Tex, DFib, Avril, Icebox, Nicky Roth, Siesta, Sound Machine, Cougar Bait, Plus One, Oatmeal
QIC: PowPow

AO: Burleson

One warm-up exercise for each Foundation Q Point

F1 Disruption: “Disturbance to the Status Quo”
Slaughter Starter – 20 Burpees OYO

F2 Language: “The Lexicon of Virtuous Leadership”
IST x 15 IC (During which Alright Alright explained to the PAX the meaning of a few words in the F3 Lexicon, I figured since he talks incessantly through the warm-up anyway, I might as well put his words to good use).

F3 Group: “A Voluntary Combination of Two or More People”
Native American run around park

F4 Leadership Development Process: “The Process Employed by a Group to Develop New Leaders”
SSH x 15 IC – Led by Big Tex

F5 Preparedness: “Getting Ready for the Expected While Being Ready for the Unexpected”
Mosey to field to get in position for Tha Thang

As a group, five minute sets of five exercises, 1 minute AMRAP each. Four different sets of exercises, one for each quadrant of the Q Source. Exercises drawn from the fitness test. Run a lap around the park after each set

Q1 Get Right – The The Pursuit of Proper Personal Alignment
Burpees / Calf Raises / Ski Abs / Merkins / Squats

Q2 Live Right – Dedication to Purposefulness
LBCs / Carolina Dry Docks / Russian Hammers / Nipplers / Jump Squats

Q3 Lead Right – The Practice of Virtuous Leadership
Mtn Climbers / Shoulder Raises / Dollies / Hindu Merkins / Squat Jacks
* YHC cut the Hindu Merkins due to lack of time

Q4 Leave Right – Construction of Legacy
Groiners / Burpees / Burpees / Freddie Mercury / WWI Situp

Done during workout, particularly Q4 as YHC Omaha’ed the Q4 set to Groiners/Freddie Mercury/WWI Situp, due to time (ie no Burpees).

Twenty-one PAX is probably an all time record for one of YHC’s Qs. It was an honor to lead today and thanks to the PAX for indulging me to run a workout that involved so much talking by the Q. I spoke a lot from the heart today because I am passionate about the Q Source because it can be such a positive force for improving men’s lives.

It was a pretty cold day, so having a lengthy warm-up that was broken up by mini-speeches explaining the Q Source and the Foundational Q Points was a bit painful for the PAX I’m sure. YHC had originally planned to do a timed plank for F5 Preparedness, but scrapped that in favor of getting to the main part of the workout. Thanks to Alright Alright and Oatmeal for helping with the explanations of the three groups within F3’s leadership model during the Native American run.

Big Tclaps to Big Tex for stepping up to help demonstrate the Leadership Development Process (LDP), he had no advance warning that I would put him on the spot and he did very well – it’s time for him to begin preparing for his VQ, I think. The mistake he made in starting the count without saying “Exercise!” was perfect because it helped demonstrate the fourth step in the LDP (1. Schooling; 2. Apprenticeship; 3. Opportunity; 4. Failure). In F3 (and in all other dynamic, effective organizations) we don’t just accept failure as part of our development process, we court it. Failure is a critical part of the learning process.

The PAX found a mini-football on the field at Burleson and entertained themselves by throwing it back and forth across the 50 foot wide Circle of Pain while waiting for the lagging Q to announce the next exercise and get his timer started. Several PAX impressed the crowd with their throwing accuracy and tight spirals. The breaks between exercises and the fact that we stayed in a group almost the whole workout meant there was an enormous amount of Mummblechatter this morning – unfortunately YHC can’t remember jack sh*t, so it will remain unreported. You just had to be there.

Huge turnout for Coffeeteria at Bubba’s, despite the nearly freezing temps.

1. Q Source study launch
2. Splash’s fastest F3-er workout on January 20th – includes a clothing donation drive. Look for info on Band.
3. 4 x 4 x 24 CSAUP on February 5 – 6th – See Special Sauce’s post on Band (Notices section) and start preparing!
4. Texas Independence Day 18K CSAUP on March 6th – Mark your calendars!
5. Grow Ruck Alamo – April 9th – 11th – Mark your calendars and start learning what Grow Ruck is all about –

Friday Fun at the Harbor

#Backblast – 01/08/2021

PAX: Sound Machine, Big Tex, Ant Man, F150
QIC: Stingray


SSH x 15
Cotton Pickers x 10
IST x 10

Mosey to parking lot entrance

Merkin Escalator – 10x merkins at one entrance; run to the other entrance; 9x merkins… Repeato until 0x merkins

Mosey to the White Rock Trail hill

Jacob’s Ladder – Run Backwards up, 6 diamond merkins, Run down, 1 gorilla squat… Repeato until…. 1 diamond merkin…. 6 jumping bean squats

Mosey to LHHS Tennis Courts

Modified CATS
20x Carolina dry docks at one corner
Bear Crawl length of one full court to second corner
20x American Hammers at second corner
Mosey length of two full courts to third corner
20x T-Merkins at third corner
Bear Crawl length of one full court to fourth corner
20x Squats

Repeato for a Round of 19

Mosey to practice football field
Stingray Sling – PAX alternates throwing/punting football as far as they can; while the ball is in the air, PAX sprints toward the ball; once it lands, PAX lunge walks to where the ball landed; first PAX to get the ball throws it next

Mosey back to parking lot

MARY: 20x LBCs

MOLESKIN: Despite the chilly breeze, the PAX came ready to work. Good group w/ comparable fitness levels that kept everyone in the same group for the most part. As promised by YHC in the #preblast, the Stingray Sling provided some fun and smiles.

CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM: Completed – YHC prayed us out

2. 18K

Black Diamond – Special Ops

#backblast #blackdiamond #attendancepost
PAX:Classified Dirtbag Icebox Meatball Oatmeal Siesta Special Sauce Swiper
AO: Lindsley Park

Side Straddle Hops x10
Imperial Storm Troopers x10

The team has four bombs to diffuse. They must select a Captain to choose people for specific roles throughout the workout. They elected Icebox the Captain.

Run to Icebox‘s house. Diffuse Bomb #1:
20 Burpees & 20 Merkins for each PAX (PAX can share burpees). One PAX must do all 20 Burpees with the bomb (coupon). Another PAX must do 20 nipplers on the bomb instead of their merkins. (diffusers: Classified, Dirtbag)

Run to opposite side of Grand and up the hill to touch the guard rail. 5 Burpees for each PAX to kill the enemy that is shooting at us.

Captain Icebox was KIA. (He could no longer speak strategically, but was still responsible for his reps)

Oatmeal takes the lead. Appoints himself, but the PAX don’t disagree and there’s no time for argument or speculation of some possible friendly fire that might have taken Icebox out.

Run to Oatmeal‘s house. Diffuse Bomb #2:
Same Exercises (diffusers: Oatmeal, Special Sauce)

Captain Oatmeal was KIA.

Dirtbag takes the lead.

Run down Ash and down Santa Monica to the Santa Fe Trail to return to the battlefield at Grand. Repeato the fire fight.

Run to Icebox‘s house. Diffuse Bomb #3:
Same Exercises (diffusers: Special Sauce, Alright Alright)

The bomb needed to be delivered to the Combat Outpost for further investigation, so Captain Dirtbag sent Oatmeal and Special Sauce to take the bomb to Lindsley. Not sure how he got the dead man to do it, but we didn’t have time to discuss.

Run to Oatmeal‘s house. Diffuse Bomb #4 or not…. we were working through the diffusion when it was clear that we weren’t going to get it done in time, so we decided to get the bomb away from civilians and back to the Outpost to diffuse it. We arrived at the Outpost at 6:14 and were able to get some of our burpees done, but not all of them. MISSION FAILURE

Punishment for failing: 54 burpees (6 per PAX) and 180 merkins (20 per PAX). The PAX decided to complete these before COT.

Mission Totals: 3.78 miles (Strava told me it was a 7:57/mile running pace), 90 burpees and 80 merkins.

Thanks to the PAX for putting up with my creativity or lack thereof for this one. The goal of this Black Diamond workout was to put in some serious miles in preparation for the CSAUP on February 5th and 6th. Future Black Diamond workouts might be more stationary or involve shorter running distances. The key for Black Diamond is to get the whole group to push themselves beyond a regular workout.

Merkins & Wind Sprints… Please!

Date – 12/30/2020
Weather – 60° & a light rain/drizzle

PAX: Ina & Slushii
QIC: Rump Roast

AO: Coffee Park

20x SSH (DC)
18x NC Groiners (OYO)
14x IST (DC)
10x Veggie Pickers (DC)

Capoot WOD F3 Style
100x Merkins OYO (pick up the 6 or do 4×4’s)
4x 40yrd Sprints

75x Merkins OYO (pick up the 6 or do 4×4’s)
6x 40yrd Sprints
50x Merkins OYO (pick up the 6 or do 4×4’s)
8x 40yrd Sprints
25x Merkins OYO (pick up the 6 or do 4×4’s)
10x 40yrd Sprints

Slushii – 10x Box Cutters
Ina – 15x Rugby Sit Ups
Rump – 12x Big Boi Sit Us
LBC’s till time

Slushii prayed us out

A week or so ago, I believe Sex Panther had us team-up and run old fashioned wind sprints. Running isn’t my strong suit so I thought this would be a good one to build on that. I also enjoy tweaking these Hero WOD routines to fit an F3 workout and honoring guys that go out serve us so that we can have the freedom to get up and do this.  I would say the pax didn’t enjoy the Merkins as much as I hated the running. As with 40yd sprints in football practice, I appointed Ina to keep us honest and if we weren’t all giving 100% all the way thru to make us repeat. Luckily, we all pushed hard and didn’t have to do any extras. I’m pretty quick when I know how far I’m going… For an old guy!

F3 Golf, blah blah blah, F3 10yr delayed. Blah blah blah
Oatmeals NYE “Thing” 
CSAUP 4x24hr Comming up in Feb???? I think…


#backblast 12/22/2020
PAX: Aaarrrggghhh Armpit  Bleep Dirtbag Icebox Meatball Oatmeal Slushii Special Sauce Teasip Pokey
Q: Alright Alright

Mosey with blocks to field
6 Burpees for #BurpeeRule punishment
Curls x10
Side Straddle Hops x20

Tha Thang:
Murder Bunny the width of the field
Mosey to Bridge – 4 Burpee punishment
Burpees x5 OYO
Mosey Across Bridge
Lunges x10
Mosey to Stairs Leading up to The Nest
Crawl Bear up the stairs
Mosey to more stairs
Bear Crawl down the stairs
Mosey to benches
Irkins x10
Dips x10
Derkins x10
Box Jumps x10 OYO
Mosey to Garage
Imperial Storm Troopers x15
Burpees x5
Hillbilly x10
Merkins x6
Mosey full lap around garage
3 burpee penalty
Mosey to bottom of garage
Squats x15
Mosey to top
Burpees x5
Yeah Thrusts/Sky Pickle x15
Mosey to stairs
Bear Crawl down
Mosey to Bridge
Bear Hunt to the top (Partner 1 crawl, partner 2 burpee then run down partner, flapjack and repeato)
Mosey down bridge
Mosey back to Glencoe field
Murder Bunny the width of the field
1 minute of LBCs

Naked Man Moleskin:
YHC arrived early to stretch because YHC is getting old.

Much to YHC’s surprise, Teasip was in attendance after getting back from Boston yesterday.

At 0528 we still hadn’t seen the Westsiders and YHC was beginning to plan the Germany Park workout from Hell to punish them… fortunately for Rump Roast, Slushii and Bleep posted as we were about to launch.

YHC didn’t hear much Mumblechatter, but the groans were audible during the first set of murder bunnies.

Pokey joined us during our Bench session at The Nest, and put the PAX to shame for the rest of the workout.

Pokey told us that he just got out of prison and is trying hard to turn his life around. He told us that he needs a group of men to be a family for him and to help him grow. We told him that this is the group for him.

All in attendance learned what F3 is all about today. Pokey joining us is a great opportunity for this group to help a man change his life. And he’s also going to push us all to be better… especially physically… watch out Special Sauce.

#tclaps to Teasip for giving Pokey a ride back to The Nest after the workout and then downtown.

Pokey doesn’t have a phone and is going to need a ride to workouts in the future. We’re going to have to work really hard and think old school on how we can coordinate that with him. I think Bleep and sound machine can help us understand communication pre-phones.

Right now we are working to get him a ride from the Target near City Place to tomorrow’s workout.

Sandbagging It

December 17, 2020

PAX: Oatmeal, Ina, Alright Alright, Special Sauce
QIC: PowPow

AO: La Madeline / Katy Trail

SSH x 15 DC IC // IST x 10 DC IC

PAX 1 picks up 120 lb GORUCK sandbag and starts mosey to tennis courts behind CVS. Remaining PAX jailbreak to tennis courts and back to PAX 1. First PAX to reach PAX 1 picks up sandbag and continues mosey to tennis courts.  Remaining PAX repeat jailbreak to tennis courts and back to PAX with sandbag. Repeato until sandbag has arrived at tennis court.

Let’s get warmed up with gassers and BLIMPS (no sandbag):

Gasser across the five courts to the other side – Burpees x 5

Gasser two lengths (other side and back) – Lunges x 10

Gasser three lengths – ISTs x 15

Gasser four lengths – Merkins x 20

Gasser five lengths – Plank Jacks x 25

Gasser six lengths – Squats x 30


Sandbag work

PAX 1 pick up sandbag and mosey across courts and back. When PAX 1 returns to start, he drops the sandbag for the next PAX down the line to pick up.

When not carrying the sandbag PAX cycle through rounds of BLIMPS: run across courts and back – Burpees x 5 – run again – Lunges x 5. Repeato through to squats and then start again on Burpees.

Reverse the sandbag carry / jailbreak to return to La Madeline.

Flutters x 20 IC // Alabama Prom Dates x 20 IC

YHC thanked the PAX for the inspiration they provide by living true to F3’s mission and purpose and exhorted the PAX to keep thinking about the impact they are having at home, with their friends and in their community.

Alright Alright was not happy to see the sandbag laying on the sidewalk when he got out of his truck, and to be fair the sandbag is approximately 80% of Alright Alright’s body weight so he’s at a disadvantage for sure.  YHC promised there would be a lot of running despite the inclusion of a sandbag, and with 3.5 miles YHC believes he made good on the promise.

We discovered that at 0530 the smell of bagels coming from Shug’s is very prominent on the tennis courts. YMMV as to whether it’s pleasant or just makes you feel weirdly hungry during the beatdown.

After the beatdown Special Sauce showed us the form we *should* have been using to Clean and Press the sandbag to get it in position on our shoulders.  YHC takes responsibility for that error, as the Q YHC should have demonstrated the form at the beginning.

1. Food drive – get your donations to PowPow this week! See the notice on Band
2. Holiday gathering at Glencoe on Sunday 12/20 at 1pm. Wear F3 gear, bring a gift for the gift exchange

Tenet Christmas


PAX: Oatmeal, Teasip, Special Sauce, Sound Machine, Siesta, Whoops, Ant Man, Ina, and DFib

QIC: Chairman Mao

AO: Burleson Park


Given in the Chairman Mao style. Amputations were offered if needed.


20 Side Straddle Hops

15 ISTs

17 Rice Pickers


This working was a modified version of the ’12 days of Christmas’ Crossfit workout that YHC is a fan of doing each year. Pax completed an additional exercise at each spot and repeated exercises performed at previous spots.

Stop 1: Playground

1 Kyiv (Cossack) Squat

Forward run to the next stop

Stop 2: Opposite end of Burleson Park

2 Burpees 

1 Kyiv Squat

Forward run to the next stop

Stop 3: Amphitheater

3 WW1 Situps

2 Burpees 

1 Kyiv Squat

Forward run to the next stop

Stop 4: Flag Pole

4 Merkins

3 WW1 Situps

2 Burpees 

1 Kyiv Squat

Forward run to the next stop

Stop 5: Quad

5 Mountain Climbers

4 Merkins

3 WW1 Situps

2 Burpees 

1 Kyiv Squat

Forward run to the next stop

Stop 6: Fountain

6 Squats

5 Mountain Climbers

4 Merkins

3 WW1 Situps

2 Burpees 

1 Kyiv Squat

Backwards run to the next stop

Stop 7: Parking Deck Level 2

7 Russian Hammers

6 Squats

5 Mountain Climbers

4 Merkins

3 WW1 Situps

2 Burpees 

1 Kyiv Squat

Backwards run to the next stop

Stop 8: Parking Deck Level 3

9 Ski Abs

8 Russian Hammers

7 Plank Jacks

6 Squats

5 Mountain Climbers

4 Merkins

3 WW1 Situps

2 Burpees 

1 Kyiv Squat

Backwards run to the next stop

Stop 9: Parking Deck Level 4

9 Ski Abs

8 Russian Hammers

7 Russian Hammers

6 Squats

5 Mountain Climbers

4 Merkins

3 WW1 Situps

2 Burpees 

1 Kyiv Squat

Backwards run to the next stop

Stop 10: Top of the Parking Deck

10 Star Jumps

9 Ski Abs

8 Russian Hammers

7 Russian Hammers

6 Squats

5 Mountain Climbers

4 Merkins

3 WW1 Situps

2 Burpees 

1 Kyiv Squat

Backwards run to the next stop

Reverse the workout

If you were running forward to a stop you now run backwards there and vice versa

At each stop count up instead of counting down i.e. at Stop 9 start with a Kyiv Squat and end with Ski abs


36 Burpees – We had completed 34 burpees during the workout; so, YHC decided to gas the PAX by adding that + 2 burpees because the holidays are coming!


YHC hoped that all PAX stayed off and enjoy the holiday season


While the workout may appear random here were YHC’s inspirations for each exercise.

1 cossack squat – Movie starts in a Kyiv opera house

2 Burpees – In a buddy film, you and your buddy need to be in good shape

3 WWI Situps – Movie is about preventing WW3

4 Merkins – You meet your nemesis, who is in a ‘its complicated’ relationship with your love interest, + you + your buddy = a merry gang of 4

5 Mountain Climbers – The movie took five years to write, which seems to YHC like climbing a mountain

6 squats – Can’t forget leg day before you hit up the beach

7 plank jacks – PAX were chasing after Plutonium-241

8 Russian Hammers – PAX needed to go to Russia for their final challenge

9 Ski Abs – Pax needed to escape down a mountain by skiing

10 Star Jumps – The director thought about the movie for a decade / the PAX just saved the world.

Reversal – YHC wanted to implement a Temporal Pincer Movement tclaps to Teasip for actually understanding this.

Movie Review: 3 Red Stars, if you like WTF action movies this is for you. If not, then there are likely better options.

Mumblechatter was mostly limited other than PAX asking YHC for his opinion of the movie and Teasip and I discussing it. YHC encourages more PAX to incorporate deceptively easy workouts with some backwards running to increase the difficulty.



10 year Anniversary is approaching

Growruck: Training will start in January

2nd Cocktail Class: 7pm on Wednesday at People’s Last Stand. Please let YHC know if you are able to attend. Cost: $20.

VQ Lindsley Park

PAX: AlrightAlright, Icebox, Meatball, Oatmeal, Slushii, F150, Big Tex, Bleep, Classified, Special Sauce, Siesta, Sex Panther, Sound Machine, Stingray, Double Pain
Q: Dirtbag

Side Straddle Hop, Abe Vigoda’s, High Knees, Should Streches, and a few duck calls from the PAX

Mosey to Shadyside field – Burpees x12, LBCs x20, Merkins x12 OYO

Mosey to THE HILL – 4 full sprints with one core and one arm workout to follow each. Rotated between merkins, derkins, irkins, bat wings and LBCs, flutter kicks, freddie mercuries. 2 modified shuffle sprints, lead with left leg, then lead with right. Final sprint was back pedal with bear crawl down the hill.

Mosey to Shadyside park and reverse order of THE HILL warmup – Merkins x12, LBCs X15, Burpees x10 in cadence

Mosey to SantaFe Trail half way point for more merkins (x10) and LBCs (x25)

Mosey to Lindsley Park picnic area for cadence leds merkins x10 – hold at the bottom final rep. Flutter kicks x20 double count, hold at top for final rep. Air squats x20, hold squat for final count.

Coffee and Breakfast Beverages for the PAX

1. F3 10 Year Anniversary