12 Angry Men


Title: “12 Angry Men”

Date: 2023-12-05

Day: Tuesday

Time: 0530

AO: #ao_jakes_revenge_tuesday

Q: @Griswold

PAX: @spacehammer @undercover @jumanji @howitzer @dragon @razr @ironman @fabio

Count: 9


  • Crystal clear skies, 40°F.
  • Gentle SW breeze, 3 mph.
  • Feels like 38°F due to windchill.
  • 50% humidity, comfortable coolness.
  • No rain expected.
  • Low UV index (0), but morning sun can be deceiving.
  • Light jacket/scarf for extended outdoor time.
  • Moderate pollen levels, allergy precautions advised.
  • Moderate air quality.
  • Sunset 5:41 PM.
  • Sunrise 7:24 AM



30s each

  • SSH
  • High Knees
  • Butt Kickers
  • Heisman
  • Zombie Kicks
  • Wood Chopper
  • Run in Place


Stretch O Rama

  • Up/down/up/down
  • Hands to ground/left/right
  • Hurdle left/right
  • Lunge left, alternating hands up
  • Lunge right, alternating hands up


The Thang 1

“Moving mini hairburners”


Repeat 3x

  • Coupon Push Left across Parking Lot
  • Coupon Push Right across Parking Lot




Repeat 3x

  • Coupon Pull Left across Parking Lot
  • Coupon Pull Right across Parking Lot




The Thang 2

“Copperhead Chaos”


Repeat 3x

  • Copperhead Curl 10x
  • Lunge 10x




Repeat 3x

  • Copperhead Press 10x
  • Copperhead Squat 10x




Repeat 3x

  • Skullcrushers 10x
  • Calf Raise, Normal/In/Out 10x



  • Oblique Crunches 60x



Plank for Announcerama


1st F

  • 12/8-12/10 Dallas Marathon @Gizzard
  • 12/14, Thursday, Expansion PM workout #ao_penitentiary


2nd F

  • Coffeeteria a truck
  • 12/7 Men at Work
  • 12/14 Pub Crawl

3rd F

  • Bring shoes for @cousin




QMoment: All PAX express gratitude


  • Healing from the bad
  • Gifts from above
  • Put us on the mountaintop. Protect us. Let us see all of the greatness you have for us.
  • Let everyone see you in us. 

1-2-3 Lead





It would appear that @dragon DOES listen to everything and take notes as indicated by the fact that he remembered the exchange yesterday about the lack of pulling exercises in bootcamps. Today, we cured that. What’s interesting is that because so many of us have been doing this for a while, that even coupon squats are easy. But, when you make a pulling exercise such as pulling a coupon across the payment, it crushes even the strongest PAX. 


@howitzer put up the cones for us today of which YHC is truly grateful for lest we be smashed by the Tuesday 1st of the month trash truck. Luckily, the cones deterred his approach and left us unharmed and unmoved. Thus, always Karen Kone it. That reminds me that we probably need another set to ensure coverage and protection for all of our workouts, including #ao_dark_forest and days when @macgyver or I are not at #ao_penitentary.


An important thang that all Qs should adopt is the practice of the Q Moment. Weave in some words of wisdom near the end of the workout. This can be anything of your choosing: life lesson, words of wisdom, scripture, famous quotes. But, take this opportunity very seriously as in the twilight between a good beatdown and coffeeteria, there exists an opportune time for instruction and shaping. Don’t waste it.


Speaking of not wasting it, our man @howitzer said something that is really important. “When I’m the Q, I no longer think about the workout the night before…I think about it four days before it.” Think about that. @howitzer is expressing something that is profoundly important here for the Qs. Leading is a serious undertaking. It involves planning, testing, reflection, inspection. If you are a Q, do not “Show up, and throw up.” That is, do not plan the workout AT the workout. Spend some time. Write it down. Overplan. Change it up. Reorder it. Make it perfect. There is no pride to be found in, “I’ve been doing this for so long that I don’t need to plan it.” Personally, I’ve been doing this weekly for four years and I STILL write it down. Join me.


Great job today guys. Way to not waste it and seize the day! Good luck out there.