The Balboa… With a Side of Burpees

Date – 3/04/2021
Weather – 50° Moon still out and clear skies

Count-off & Name-O-Rama:
PAX –  Broadway Joe, Alright Alright, Aaaarrrrgggghhhh, Pow-Pow, Plus One, Agnes, Coach K, Classified, Sex Panther, Sound Machine, Ina, Sally, and Slusii & Bleep  decided to show up about 0600!
QIC –  Rump Roast
AO – Burleson Park
Disclaimer – Given 
Intro/ Warm-o-Rama:
SSH x20 (IC, DC)
IST x20 (IC, DC)
T-Merkins x20 (IC, DC)
Burpees x20 (OYO)
Mosey to the fountain = Burpees x10 (OYO)
Mosey to top of Dallas Hall steps x20 (OYO)
Burpees x50
American Hammers x100 (DC)
Lunges x150 (DC)
Big Boi Situps x200
Overhead Press x250
Air Squats x300
Mosey back to start
Circle of Trust (CoT):
 YHC prayed us out



What a way to celebrate… Yesterday way my 18th wedding anniversary and I decided to take it out on the PAX! (Joking, I’m a very lucky man to have an amazing wife that’s put up with me for as long as she has. Hoping I’ll grow up eventually)

Anyway, while I was STOKED to get Sally back out even if it was just a guest appearance, I was let down that my man Special Sauce and the #subarumafia were all MIA.  Was a ton of mumble chatter during the warm-up to the point I really don’t know how many IST’s we really did… Did anyone actually count?

I had planned to do 50 total OYO Burpees by the time we started the Balboa but, saved the last 20 for the end before we moseyed back to the start. There was some grumbling from AA that the double count lunges was a little too much. So once he was done with all of them I Omaha’d to move on to the Big Boi Sit-ups. I think that was about as far as we got before time was up. Slushii & Bleep FINALLY showed up at like 0550 or some where really close to the end but, honestly I was just glad to see them. More than I can say for someone…. 

Overall, it was a great turnout, I believe a record attendance for 2ndCT. Way to push yourself men. Thank you all for making me a better version of me.  

Texas Independence Day 18K – March 6th
GrowRuck Alamo – April 10th
F3 Golf 

Cole-“VID 19” Park

PAX: Alright Alright, Coach K, Draper, Generic (FNG – welcome!), Plus One
QIC: Teasip

AO: Cole Park
F3 DISCLAIMER & WELCOME: Given, with added COVID 19 disclaimer

SSH x15, IST x12, Daisy Pickers x10, warm up lap

Paint the lines, followed by bear crawl paint the lines. Followed that up with more tennis court work of 10 monkey humpers, lunge walk between two courts, 10 jump squats, lunge walk to the end, 10 squats. 

Next was Del Brown (10 merkins, crab walk between the two courts, 10 diamond merkins, crab walk to end, 10 wide grip merkins).

Mosey to the benches for Dirty McDeuce: 12 Step Ups, 12 Dips, 12 Jump Squats, 12 Irkins, with a lap around the pavilion in between. Finish up with Mary and mosey back to the tennis court

Penguin crunch x12, Uptown Crunch x10, Rugby sit ups x 13

We stayed spread out and YHC prayed for protection and us to do our part with COVID 19. Named Generic

5 PAX (1 FNG) braved the wet, and cold, as well as COVID 19 fears, to join YHC this gloom. Alright Alright was quick to question YHC’s clothing choice of the EY sweater (sans smell) and leggings. YHC gets cold rather easily and was prepared for the mid 50 temps. YHC did ditch the sweater at some point and probably would’ve been fine without the leggings as well. 

Not much other mumble chatter, though Plus One did appreciate doing his signature Del Brown exercises while he was in attendance. Several instances of “the what?!” after each time YHC mentioned to go/mosey/find a bench. Not sure if that joke will every die.

1. Vote for the F3 Golf Outing (assuming COVID 19 doesn’t wipe out the world)
2. Practice safe techniques to ward off and prevent the spread of COVID 19

MardiStrong – Backblast 2/25/20

Fat Tuesday, 2/25/20

PAX: Aaarrrggghhh, Abercrombie, AlrightAlright, Coach K, F150, Goop, Oatmeal, Plus One, Sex Panther, Special Sauce, Teasip
QIC: Sally

AO: Glencoe Park

SSH x 20
IST x 15
High Knees x 15

Ski Ab 1/2 Mile
-Run 1/4 mile, 12 ski abs
-Run 1/4 mile, 12 ski abs
-Indian Run Style, (2 linez)

Grab your coupons, to the field / benches. Yeah benches.

Partner Dora:
As a team, complete the following:

150 Groiners, hands on block
150 Rosalita Presses – lie flat on your 6, simultaneously perform a Rosalita and a coup chest press.
150 Apollo Oh-no’s (with coup, each leg is 1)
150 Step-Ups on the bleachers with coup

Partner 2 runs across to the other sideline, performs 1 burpee, and returns.

Switcharoo until done.

Dirty McDeuce:
12 Squats
12 OH press

Dr. W’s x 8
Flutter Kicks x 15
PAX’s choice (LBCs, Freddy Mercuries, & maybe one more)

check check

Sorry for the late backblast bruddas. Work has been a little, uh, volatile.

This was YHC’s first Q of the New Year. Happy to be back at it.

Having been focused on #Strength lately, YHC wanted to use the great opportunity of a Tuesday coup day to really set the PAX up for some strength gains.

YHC was reminded that this glorious day was to be Fat Tuesday, and as such pondered an appropriate Mardi Gras theme. After writing off KING CAKE and FAT T’s, YHC decided it would suffice to use ‘GRAS’.   Oh yah.

And out came the painful DORA you see above. YHC swears he tries to think about exercise counting when constructing his Q’s, but this would evidence otherwise. The Groiners, Rosalita Presses, and Apollo Oh-no’s were good exercises. All hit different and rarely-used parts of the body, too. The step-ups, however, quickly brought the realization that 150 reps of a 4-count exercise was going to suck.

And suck it did.

But all PAX pushed through. Took some serious mental and physical (aren’t they the same?) toughness, but probably added 1/2 inch to each of our thighs. #WorthIt, YHC envisions the PAX would say.

As always, thank you to the men who posted. It’s a privilege and opportunity to lead.

Apologizes, YHC doesn’t remember much mumblechatter. YHC did get some crap (he remembers one in particular – ‘What, so the goal was to get the PAX so sore nobody comes out the rest of the week?!’).

Stay healthy out there fellas. Practice that sweet Millennial “self-care” – eat well, wash your hands, get enough rest, and focus on the things that matter.

1. TID18K was a success. #TClaps to the PAX for either participating or thinking about us while we participated 🙂
2. QSource: Topic this week is the “M” – Friday lunch, likely Preston Center, 11:30
3. Happy Hour – Friday evening ~5pm, likely Ozona

Four Man Weave

PAX: Aaarrrggghhh, Alright Alright, Bleep, Coach K, Draper, Oatmeal, PowPow, Sex Panther, Slushii, Special Sauce, Tatanka (FNG – welcome!), Ultra
QIC: Teasip

AO: Glecone Park #glencofasho

SSH x20, IST x15, Windmill x10

5x4x5 (5 reps of 4 exercises, for 5 rounds). Pull ups, dips, swerkins & OH Press with coupon

Mosey over to the football field for the 4 man weave (copyright pending)

Groups of 4 (had one group of 5). PAX 1 started at the near side of the field doing Man Makers. PAX 2 started at the far side of the field doing curls with a coupon. PAX 3 started bear crawling from one side of the football field to the other. PAX 4 started at the near side of the football field, ran to PAX 2 and back, then relieved PAX 3 of the bear crawling, who ran and relieved PAX 2 of the curls, who then ran and relieved PAX 1 of the Man Makers, who started running. Continue that cycle for a couple more rounds with the below exercises:

Man Makers, Curls, Bear Crawl, Run

Squats, Lunges, Crab Walk, Run

Penguin Crunch, Elf on a Shelf, Crawl Bear, Run

Once everyone was done, had just enough time to mosey back to the start for 12 Burpees OYO, followed by Mary

Uptown Crunch x10, LBC x20

YHC prayed us out

YHC pulled in at 0525 after having enjoyed an extra 15 min of sleep and a shorter commute with the move back to civilization (read south of 635). YHC was greeted by what sounded like a reason for why Alright Alright missed Monday’s beatdown. Apparently, we may need a second F event where Plus One is our bartender as his margs led to the missed workout.

Some criticism from the PAX during the warm up as YHC mistakenly said that ISTs are standing curls as opposed to standing sit ups (YHC has curls on the mind for his girl/future M), then YHC was again laughed at for the apparent twang when saying “Windmill” (YHC has always had a different way of saying i’s, like in pillow). Regardless, the warmup was done and we transitioned to the 5x4x5.

The naming convention for this popular workout was discussion topic during it, as several PAX were unsure of how many sets to do. YHC has always thought it was reps x # of exercises x rounds, but YHC is flexible. The confusion was only a preview of what was to come.

YHC led the PAX to the football field for the 4 man weave, which after an explanation and demonstration, led to some expected confusion on who was to relieve whom (who? YHC can never get these right). After a few minutes, it appeared as though the PAX finally got the rotation down. Alright Alright’s group must have taken after him the night prior as there was some difficulty with crawling/crab walking in a straight line.

Once done, YHC felt like there was too much mumblechatter going on and decided to initiate burpee silence with 12 burpees which quickly quieted the PAX. 

Just enough time for some Mary before we named Tatanka (it was either that or something related to bears I think?) and the discussion over spelling started. Ultra and YHC liked the Lafawnduh style spelling “Ta-tawn-kuh”, but Pow Pow found the proper spelling. Overall a good time in the gloom and the 4 man weave will definitely be making another appearance. I may make it a goal to keep increasing the weave by 1 with ultimate goal of a full PAX weave.

1. Big D TID Beatdown (fka Texas Independence Day 18k) is this Saturday at 0700, kicking off from Riverchon Park
2. Q Source this Friday at 11:30 in Preston Center. This week is on the Jester.

PowPow’s B-day Q

Friday – February 14, 2020

PAX: Agnes, AlrightAlright, Coach K, Draper, Special Sauce, Sweet Baby
QIC: PowPow

AO: Tietze Park

SSHx20 – ISTx15 – Veggie Pickersx10

Mosey on path that loops around the park to tennis courts

Paint the lines

Mosey back to parking lot to pick up late arrivals coming from the west (due to bad accident on 75)

Burpees x 10 (OH Claps and Squats while the late arrivals catch up on the burpees)

Mosey to tennis courts

Elevens:  Mountain Climbers x 10 – 1 / Monkey Humpers x 1 – 10

Burpees x 10

Mosey to benches under pavilion

Dips x 20 and Box Jumps x 15

Mosey east on Vickery

Squats and LBCs

Mosey south on Alderson then east on Llano to YHC’s house

Burpees x 10

Mosey south on Alderson then west on Palo Pinto

Knerkins x 8

Mosey west on Palo Pinto to Oatmeal’s house. 

Burpees x 10

Mosey north on Skillman back to basketball court at Tietze

BB Situps x 24

Burpee x 1 (with 2 HR Merkins)

YHC thanked the PAX for joining him on his 41st birthday and expressed his gratitude for the positive influence and acceleration F3 is bringing to his life. Spoke about the mini-tribute to Kobe Bryant – K(nerkins) and B(B Situp) for KB and 8 and 24 reps for Kobe’s jersey numbers. KB’s fearless and relentless pursuit of excellence is an inspiration for YHC.

Coach K and Special Sauce have the misfortune of living west of 75 and had to deal with traffic caused by a bad traffic accident. Thanks for sticking through the traffic and posting anyway gents! Better late than never.

At YHC’s house, his M and dog were out front to greet the PAX mid-workout with a message written in  chalk on the sidewalk. The PAX then impressed with great form on burpees in the street. Oatmeal circumsacked, but YHC tried texting him mid-workout to come outside of his house to meet the PAX for some burpees.  Unfortunately his phone was off, so we did the burpees in his front yard without him.

Knerkins in the middle of the street was not popular with the PAX working out sans-gloves. Sorry guys, think of it as enhancing your Toughness (Mental)…or would it be Toughness (Physical)? I’m not sure.

Tietze is a good AO except for the fact that it is sort of buried in the middle of the neighborhood, making it a bit inconvenient for those coming from Lake Highlands or west of 75. AlrightAlright counted 15 stop lights coming from his house, apparently.

I Feel the Need for Speed! 02/20/20

PAX: AlrightAlright, PowPow, Coach K, Special Sauce, Draper, Ina, Pepper
QIC: Oatmeal

AO: La Madeleine/SMU Track
F3 DISCLAIMER & WELCOME: Given in a brain fog

SSH x 20IC


Windmills x 10IC

YHC had the PAX to the track for some much needed speed work.  We commenced the following with each PAX taking the lead for each length.  Should the “12” not finish in the given time, there was to be punishment.

400m@95sec, 60 sec rest when the “six” finished with 20 squats during rest period

200m@45sec, 30 sec rest when the “six” finished with 10 merkins during rest period

400m@90sec, repeat active rest period with squats

200m@44sec, repeat active rest period with merkins

400m@89sec, repeat active rest period with squats

200m@43sec, repeat active rest period with merkins

400m@88sec, repeat active rest period with squats

400m@87sec, repeat active rest period with merkins

Half bleacher run

Mosey back to La Mad


Homer/Marge with some mumble chatter by YHC adding a few exercises in throughout

Uptown crunch

Low dollie

YHC prayed us out.

YHC had a need for speed this morning and brought along the PAX for some fun on what was a blustery and wet winter morn.  The challenge was to get faster with each “rep” or face punishment.  Unfortunately, YHC did not set stretch goals to allow us to fail in a safe environment so we coasted through the workout without any punishment.  YHC did note that this workout created quite the excitement (or fear) to exceed the targeted times with each run.  So much so that the jumpy PAX false started numerous times on one particular 200m run so YHC thought 10 burpees would quell the skittish PAX.  It appeared to have the desired effect as there were no more false starts! 

Once again YHC had issues with the opening disclaimer.  For the life of me, I cannot understand why it is so hard to remember an announcement that we hear every morning.  Perhaps it’s the Gloom, my reduced posts or my age.  No matter, I shall endeavor to get my act together. 

Overall, I think the workout met my desired objective and I think we, as PAX, could use more speed work with faster times!

Impromptu Q

PAX: Bleep, Chairman Mao, Coach K, Ina, Slushii, Special Sauce, Ultra, Beater (F3 Indy), Dontcha Know (F3 Greensboro)
QIC: Alright Alright

AO: Caruth Park

SSH x20

IST x15

Squats x10

Merkins x5


Merkins x5 IC


Merkins x5 IC


Merkins x5 IC

Burpees x6 for not picking up the 6


Merkins x5 IC

Burpees x3 for lollygagging


Merkins x5 IC


Merkins x5 IC


Merkins x5 IC

Mosey to Tennis Courts

Burpee Dan with Increasing Burpees across both courts and back

Dirty McDeuce

Alternating Lunges x12

WWI Sit Ups x12

Overhead Claps x12

Bear Crawl Across Both Courts

Crawl Bear Back

Repeato x3

Maybe, don’t really remember.

Core and Cardio on the Trail

PAX: AlrightAlright, Oatmeal, Goop, Teasip, Special Sauce, Aaarrrggghhh, Coach K
QIC: Ina

AO: La Madeleine


SSH x 15 IC

IST x 15 IC

Windmill x 10 IC

Mosey to Trail

Peter Parker with Merkin x 8 IC

1/4 mile – Toe Touch x 15 IC

1/2 mile – Freddy Mercury x 15 IC

1/4 mile – Right Side Crunches x 10 IC

1/2 mile (1/4 mile down and back) – Left Side Crunch x 10 IC

1/4 mile – LBC x 15 IC

1/2 mile – Native American Run – Rugby Sit Up x 15 IC

1/4 mile – 10 Burpees OYO

Mosey Back – 15 WWI situps OYO


Done during the workout

YHC prayed us out

YHC tried to cover more distance by incorporating some 800 m stretches on the trail. It was a nice, cool morning and we ran about 3.5 miles, got in some core work, and had a glorious workout.  Some comments were made about tailbone issues with the core work on the trail.  YHC doesn’t really notice tailbone issues but perhaps that is because I have more padding – not necessarily a good thing…Other than that I hope the PAX enjoyed the workout and got their daily dose of core and cardio on the Trail.  

1. Q source Friday at 11:30 in Preston Center

Dude, Where Are We?

PAX: Rump Roast, Special Sauce
QIC: Coach K
AO: Cole Park

SSH x20, IST x10

Tha Thang:
-Moseyed down Cole Ave, stopped for some Gorilla Squats at the light
-Continued on to Gloria’s for Bonnie Blairs
-Crawl up this steep ass ramp, claymakers at the top, bear crawl down
-Turn right on Hall Street over to Turtle Creek Park for some of this and some of that
-Weave through the park up to Oak Lawn and back over to Turtle Creek/Katy Trail
-Back up Lemmon with some hill sprints
-Final run up Cole Ave to the rally point

Dense dense fog this morning, as the drive in was not ideal. There was a distinct moment when YHC realized “if something’s in the road, it’s gettin’ hit”. Otherwise the weather wasn’t too shabby. Rump Roast rolled in fashionably late missing the first part of the disclaimer. He’s heard it enough times, and YHC likes to think we’re close enough for him not to sue me regardless. A simple OG warm up and off we went. As soon as we started running, Rump made a comment about not expecting running. Oh, my sweet summer child. (For never having seen GoT, YHC quotes this a lot…)

We ran down Cole and YHC was hoping the light gods would be favorable to Rump, but they were not all morning. As soon as Rump pulled up to a light it switched to green and onward we pressed. We paused at Lemmon for some Gorilla Squats and then carried onto Gloria’s for some Bonnie Blairs. Continuing down Cole, one of them noticed what might be the steepest grade in Dallas (only slightly exaggerating, but honestly the uptown area is packed with hills and grades both natural and parking garages). YHC immediately took to crawl bearing it because what else are you supposed to do with a monstrous incline? Sauce mentioned the workout studio around that area is packed with girls, but alas, none were spotted. A few claymakers in and Rump made a comment about his hips, which unfortunately would plague him the rest of the workout. We bear crawled down the ramp and onward to glory we ran. 

YHC believes at this point Rump Roast started cussing him out, which means YHC was doing his job. We turned right on Hall to explore the Turtle Creek park area. The fog was rather unforgivable and YHC had to lean on Sauce for directions. Even then, we got turned around a bit. We finally found an expansive area, but we only had time for a drive-by (we’ll be sure to revisit in a future Q). Navigating the park, we cut through some swank west end area where the house/mansion sits above what is presumably the servants parking garage. Must be nice. This is where YHC admitted that he got turned around, and it took a few seconds for Lewis and Clark to circle back to Lemmon passing a nice lawyer’s office and some fancy condos (surprisingly these high-rise condos rent out for only $2,200). 

Turning left on Lemmon we were on the home stetch. Sauce made me sprint up Lemmon Ave (yes up, it’s a hill). We circled back for Rump and carried on our wayward son. How many Kansas references can I shove in here? Whether there was peace when we were done is up for debate. We talked about the Katy Trail on our final Pilgrimage north commenting on potential runs Down the Road to Reverchon or runs up the Lonely Street La Madeleine – guess you could say Cole Park is a promising Miracle Out of Nowhere. But that’s just What’s on my Mind. Also discussed F3 Austin, and Rump’s progress down in California closer to The Wall and the People of the South Wind.

Only ran a couple minutes over, and we did some F3 broga with Sauce and Rump Standing Beside Me. Seemed to help loosen things up again, but YHC admitted to Rump that bad hips are what make us Hopelessly Human. That was just my unsolicited Two Cents Worth. We prayed it out encouraging Rump safe travels To the Other Side and to Stay Out of Trouble. We’ll only be Away from You till your beatdown on Saturday. Not like we’ll be Dust in the Wind by then. 

I know that was not nearly as fun for y’all as it was for me, but I do not care. 

#backday with PowPow

PAX: Chairman Mao, Ant Man, Coach K, Draper, Siesta, Blistex (Willy Loman from Kansas City), Dem Apples (FNG Miguel)
QIC: PowPow

AO: Burleson Park (Sorority Row)

SSH x 20 (DC, IC), IST x 15 (DC, IC), Veggie Picker x 10 (IC), Baby Arm Circles Forward and Back x 20 each direction (DC, IC)

Mosey lap around east side of park then onto the tennis courts

Bear Crawl across both courts and Crawl Bear back to start – OYO

Partner Wheelbarrow stopping at 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 across for standing partner to do 2xShrugs

Crab Walk across both courts and Walk Crab back to start – OYO


Split into two groups of four PAX for a circuit workout at four different stations.

Station 1: Face Pull w/resistance bands 15 reps then 10 squats

Station 2: Pullups x 10

Station 3: Dumbbell Halos x 16 (8 each direction)

Station 4: Plank Walk to the right 10 feet then to the left back to start point.

Mosey small loop around tennis court after every station. Repeato until 4 rounds total are completed.

PAX choice: LBCs (YHC), Flutters (Blistex), Penguin Crunch (Chairman Mao), WWI Situp/Dying Cockroach Hybrid (Siesta), Crab Cakes (YHC). PAX took turns doing 1 arm rows on the resistance bands during Mary to get a few extra reps in for #backday.

The group bestowed the FNG Miguel with the name Dem Apples. Chairman requests that we keep those in China who are facing the Coronavirus outbreak in our thoughts and prayers.

Chairman showed up at his usual time. On the tennis courts Coach K pointed out that YHC sold the workout as “backday” and we worked shoulders yesterday with Alright Alright, but then YHC started out with Bear Crawls and Wheel Barrows.  FAIR POINT. But that was really just an extended warmup.

Blistex was in town for his 2.0’s soccer tournament in Frisco, little did he know he could have joined the Plano relaunch today and saved some driving time, but YHC and all the PAX were stoked that he came out to Burleson.

Sticking together with the 4 man group throughout the circuit made for some great Mummblechatter, our group covered Coach K trying out for the Bachelor, Ant Man and Draper’s soccer exploits, 90 Day Fiancee, among others.

Siesta got a small taste of Qing by counting cadence for the Mary exercise that he called. Good to see and looking forward to more of that from him.

1. Run Ranger Run – Sign up now to be ready for February 1.
2. Q Source (F3 leadership manual) meetings continue, we are back at the beginning of the curriculum again. Fridays at lunchtime. Reach out if you are interested.