#backday with PowPow

PAX: Chairman Mao, Ant Man, Coach K, Draper, Siesta, Blistex (Willy Loman from Kansas City), Dem Apples (FNG Miguel)
QIC: PowPow

AO: Burleson Park (Sorority Row)

SSH x 20 (DC, IC), IST x 15 (DC, IC), Veggie Picker x 10 (IC), Baby Arm Circles Forward and Back x 20 each direction (DC, IC)

Mosey lap around east side of park then onto the tennis courts

Bear Crawl across both courts and Crawl Bear back to start – OYO

Partner Wheelbarrow stopping at 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 across for standing partner to do 2xShrugs

Crab Walk across both courts and Walk Crab back to start – OYO


Split into two groups of four PAX for a circuit workout at four different stations.

Station 1: Face Pull w/resistance bands 15 reps then 10 squats

Station 2: Pullups x 10

Station 3: Dumbbell Halos x 16 (8 each direction)

Station 4: Plank Walk to the right 10 feet then to the left back to start point.

Mosey small loop around tennis court after every station. Repeato until 4 rounds total are completed.

PAX choice: LBCs (YHC), Flutters (Blistex), Penguin Crunch (Chairman Mao), WWI Situp/Dying Cockroach Hybrid (Siesta), Crab Cakes (YHC). PAX took turns doing 1 arm rows on the resistance bands during Mary to get a few extra reps in for #backday.

The group bestowed the FNG Miguel with the name Dem Apples. Chairman requests that we keep those in China who are facing the Coronavirus outbreak in our thoughts and prayers.

Chairman showed up at his usual time. On the tennis courts Coach K pointed out that YHC sold the workout as “backday” and we worked shoulders yesterday with Alright Alright, but then YHC started out with Bear Crawls and Wheel Barrows.  FAIR POINT. But that was really just an extended warmup.

Blistex was in town for his 2.0’s soccer tournament in Frisco, little did he know he could have joined the Plano relaunch today and saved some driving time, but YHC and all the PAX were stoked that he came out to Burleson.

Sticking together with the 4 man group throughout the circuit made for some great Mummblechatter, our group covered Coach K trying out for the Bachelor, Ant Man and Draper’s soccer exploits, 90 Day Fiancee, among others.

Siesta got a small taste of Qing by counting cadence for the Mary exercise that he called. Good to see and looking forward to more of that from him.

1. Run Ranger Run – Sign up now to be ready for February 1.
2. Q Source (F3 leadership manual) meetings continue, we are back at the beginning of the curriculum again. Fridays at lunchtime. Reach out if you are interested.