MardiStrong – Backblast 2/25/20

Fat Tuesday, 2/25/20

PAX: Aaarrrggghhh, Abercrombie, AlrightAlright, Coach K, F150, Goop, Oatmeal, Plus One, Sex Panther, Special Sauce, Teasip
QIC: Sally

AO: Glencoe Park

SSH x 20
IST x 15
High Knees x 15

Ski Ab 1/2 Mile
-Run 1/4 mile, 12 ski abs
-Run 1/4 mile, 12 ski abs
-Indian Run Style, (2 linez)

Grab your coupons, to the field / benches. Yeah benches.

Partner Dora:
As a team, complete the following:

150 Groiners, hands on block
150 Rosalita Presses – lie flat on your 6, simultaneously perform a Rosalita and a coup chest press.
150 Apollo Oh-no’s (with coup, each leg is 1)
150 Step-Ups on the bleachers with coup

Partner 2 runs across to the other sideline, performs 1 burpee, and returns.

Switcharoo until done.

Dirty McDeuce:
12 Squats
12 OH press

Dr. W’s x 8
Flutter Kicks x 15
PAX’s choice (LBCs, Freddy Mercuries, & maybe one more)

check check

Sorry for the late backblast bruddas. Work has been a little, uh, volatile.

This was YHC’s first Q of the New Year. Happy to be back at it.

Having been focused on #Strength lately, YHC wanted to use the great opportunity of a Tuesday coup day to really set the PAX up for some strength gains.

YHC was reminded that this glorious day was to be Fat Tuesday, and as such pondered an appropriate Mardi Gras theme. After writing off KING CAKE and FAT T’s, YHC decided it would suffice to use ‘GRAS’.   Oh yah.

And out came the painful DORA you see above. YHC swears he tries to think about exercise counting when constructing his Q’s, but this would evidence otherwise. The Groiners, Rosalita Presses, and Apollo Oh-no’s were good exercises. All hit different and rarely-used parts of the body, too. The step-ups, however, quickly brought the realization that 150 reps of a 4-count exercise was going to suck.

And suck it did.

But all PAX pushed through. Took some serious mental and physical (aren’t they the same?) toughness, but probably added 1/2 inch to each of our thighs. #WorthIt, YHC envisions the PAX would say.

As always, thank you to the men who posted. It’s a privilege and opportunity to lead.

Apologizes, YHC doesn’t remember much mumblechatter. YHC did get some crap (he remembers one in particular – ‘What, so the goal was to get the PAX so sore nobody comes out the rest of the week?!’).

Stay healthy out there fellas. Practice that sweet Millennial “self-care” – eat well, wash your hands, get enough rest, and focus on the things that matter.

1. TID18K was a success. #TClaps to the PAX for either participating or thinking about us while we participated 🙂
2. QSource: Topic this week is the “M” – Friday lunch, likely Preston Center, 11:30
3. Happy Hour – Friday evening ~5pm, likely Ozona