Dude, Where Are We?

PAX: Rump Roast, Special Sauce
QIC: Coach K
AO: Cole Park

SSH x20, IST x10

Tha Thang:
-Moseyed down Cole Ave, stopped for some Gorilla Squats at the light
-Continued on to Gloria’s for Bonnie Blairs
-Crawl up this steep ass ramp, claymakers at the top, bear crawl down
-Turn right on Hall Street over to Turtle Creek Park for some of this and some of that
-Weave through the park up to Oak Lawn and back over to Turtle Creek/Katy Trail
-Back up Lemmon with some hill sprints
-Final run up Cole Ave to the rally point

Dense dense fog this morning, as the drive in was not ideal. There was a distinct moment when YHC realized “if something’s in the road, it’s gettin’ hit”. Otherwise the weather wasn’t too shabby. Rump Roast rolled in fashionably late missing the first part of the disclaimer. He’s heard it enough times, and YHC likes to think we’re close enough for him not to sue me regardless. A simple OG warm up and off we went. As soon as we started running, Rump made a comment about not expecting running. Oh, my sweet summer child. (For never having seen GoT, YHC quotes this a lot…)

We ran down Cole and YHC was hoping the light gods would be favorable to Rump, but they were not all morning. As soon as Rump pulled up to a light it switched to green and onward we pressed. We paused at Lemmon for some Gorilla Squats and then carried onto Gloria’s for some Bonnie Blairs. Continuing down Cole, one of them noticed what might be the steepest grade in Dallas (only slightly exaggerating, but honestly the uptown area is packed with hills and grades both natural and parking garages). YHC immediately took to crawl bearing it because what else are you supposed to do with a monstrous incline? Sauce mentioned the workout studio around that area is packed with girls, but alas, none were spotted. A few claymakers in and Rump made a comment about his hips, which unfortunately would plague him the rest of the workout. We bear crawled down the ramp and onward to glory we ran. 

YHC believes at this point Rump Roast started cussing him out, which means YHC was doing his job. We turned right on Hall to explore the Turtle Creek park area. The fog was rather unforgivable and YHC had to lean on Sauce for directions. Even then, we got turned around a bit. We finally found an expansive area, but we only had time for a drive-by (we’ll be sure to revisit in a future Q). Navigating the park, we cut through some swank west end area where the house/mansion sits above what is presumably the servants parking garage. Must be nice. This is where YHC admitted that he got turned around, and it took a few seconds for Lewis and Clark to circle back to Lemmon passing a nice lawyer’s office and some fancy condos (surprisingly these high-rise condos rent out for only $2,200). 

Turning left on Lemmon we were on the home stetch. Sauce made me sprint up Lemmon Ave (yes up, it’s a hill). We circled back for Rump and carried on our wayward son. How many Kansas references can I shove in here? Whether there was peace when we were done is up for debate. We talked about the Katy Trail on our final Pilgrimage north commenting on potential runs Down the Road to Reverchon or runs up the Lonely Street La Madeleine – guess you could say Cole Park is a promising Miracle Out of Nowhere. But that’s just What’s on my Mind. Also discussed F3 Austin, and Rump’s progress down in California closer to The Wall and the People of the South Wind.

Only ran a couple minutes over, and we did some F3 broga with Sauce and Rump Standing Beside Me. Seemed to help loosen things up again, but YHC admitted to Rump that bad hips are what make us Hopelessly Human. That was just my unsolicited Two Cents Worth. We prayed it out encouraging Rump safe travels To the Other Side and to Stay Out of Trouble. We’ll only be Away from You till your beatdown on Saturday. Not like we’ll be Dust in the Wind by then. 

I know that was not nearly as fun for y’all as it was for me, but I do not care.