I Feel the Need for Speed! 02/20/20

PAX: AlrightAlright, PowPow, Coach K, Special Sauce, Draper, Ina, Pepper
QIC: Oatmeal

AO: La Madeleine/SMU Track
F3 DISCLAIMER & WELCOME: Given in a brain fog

SSH x 20IC


Windmills x 10IC

YHC had the PAX to the track for some much needed speed work.  We commenced the following with each PAX taking the lead for each length.  Should the “12” not finish in the given time, there was to be punishment.

400m@95sec, 60 sec rest when the “six” finished with 20 squats during rest period

200m@45sec, 30 sec rest when the “six” finished with 10 merkins during rest period

400m@90sec, repeat active rest period with squats

200m@44sec, repeat active rest period with merkins

400m@89sec, repeat active rest period with squats

200m@43sec, repeat active rest period with merkins

400m@88sec, repeat active rest period with squats

400m@87sec, repeat active rest period with merkins

Half bleacher run

Mosey back to La Mad


Homer/Marge with some mumble chatter by YHC adding a few exercises in throughout

Uptown crunch

Low dollie

YHC prayed us out.

YHC had a need for speed this morning and brought along the PAX for some fun on what was a blustery and wet winter morn.  The challenge was to get faster with each “rep” or face punishment.  Unfortunately, YHC did not set stretch goals to allow us to fail in a safe environment so we coasted through the workout without any punishment.  YHC did note that this workout created quite the excitement (or fear) to exceed the targeted times with each run.  So much so that the jumpy PAX false started numerous times on one particular 200m run so YHC thought 10 burpees would quell the skittish PAX.  It appeared to have the desired effect as there were no more false starts! 

Once again YHC had issues with the opening disclaimer.  For the life of me, I cannot understand why it is so hard to remember an announcement that we hear every morning.  Perhaps it’s the Gloom, my reduced posts or my age.  No matter, I shall endeavor to get my act together. 

Overall, I think the workout met my desired objective and I think we, as PAX, could use more speed work with faster times!