Creed 2

Tuesday’s #backblast

Trickle, Teasip, Alright Alright, Sex Panther, Sally, Special Sauce, Oatmeal, Ma Bell (Carpex) Rump Roast, Willie Loman from Louisiana joined Chairman Mao and YHC for a Creed 2 beat down

Warmup: SSH, IST’s

2 rounds of jump rope waterfall, one of these days we should see if Sauce and Sally could go 45 min straight

1st Creed/Drago fight, total carnage

Bear crawl the width of the football field and back, 30 burpees, 40 jump squats, 30 burpees, then bear crawl down and back again


Creed needed to strengthen his core for the 2nd fight so we did a bunch of Mary, first led by YHC then by Chairman

2nd Creed/Drago fight, the comeback

Mini solo Dora

Run width of football field and back, 25 merkins, run down and back 25 LBC’s, run down and back 25 squats

Finished with some lil baby arm circles wearing out the shoulders from all those fights

Not a lot of mumblechatter that I could hear, it was a pretty grueling beatdown for a large part of the workout

Chairman and I look forward to more movie themed co-Q’s in 2019!