Then There Were Three

PAX: Coach K, Walmart
QIC: Sally

AO: Glencoe Park
F3 DISCLAIMER & WELCOME: Given. Special welcome to Walmart after having to study for finals x few weeks

SSH x 12
IST x 12
Windmill x 12
Mosey to the football field

Bridge Over the Nest: All PAX line up on the goal line. Two PAX start bear crawling toward midfield while the third did 10 merkins, 10 squats, and 10 LBCs. Third PAX then ran to the 50, turned around, and met the bear crawlers. At this point they switched – the bear crawlers got up, ran back to the goal line, and did their merkins, squats, and LBCs while the third PAX took over bear crawling. Repeato until the bear-crawling PAX get to midfield and back to the goal line (about 2-3 rounds of switching).
Repeato x 1.
Repeato x 1 with crab walk.

DMC: Duck walk, Merkins, Crawl bears – All PAX again line up on goal line. From the goal line Duck walk to the 10 yard line, do 5 Merkins, Crawl bear back to the goal line. Get up, duck walk to the 20 yard line, do 10 Merkins, Crawl bear back. Repeato to the 30, 40, and 50 yard lines continuing increasing Merkins by 5.

Mosey back to the playground area.

Ascending Curb Crawl: PAX line up on one side of the playground area facing opposite side. Bear crawl to other side, turn and place feet on elevated curb to complete one Derkin. Bear crawl back, turn and place feet on curb, complete two Derkins. Continue to 10 (Coach K got to 12).

Pull-Ups: Complete 120 as a team.

Cupid Shuffle: YHC played Cupid Shuffle (3:52 minute song): Do as Cupid commands from Plank Position. Right=right; Left=left; kick=alternating side kicks; Down=merkin; “Walk it by yourself”=alternating leg lifts

Prayers for guidance, purposefulness, and usefulness today and this week.

All PAX were warned at the warmup today was going to be a #beatdown; and a beatdown it was.

At first mention of BOtN, Coach K excitedly revealed that he actually created BOtN using the bridge at Glencoe. He said he did not even submit it to the #Exicon. It did somehow end up there, and is a cool thing given that YHC was searching for routines on the Exicon and thought it would apply to Glencoe this morning. In true honor to his beloved namesake, Coach K leaving a #legacy.

Once the PAX started BOtN, we each quickly realized the field was very muddy and very cold. Coach K did not bring gloves and YHC did not remember to remind him. Definitely a leadership mistake, YHC did not correctly empower the PAX to do their workout.

BOtN was tough and the crab walk after bear crawl x 2 took significant effort, but PAX really started struggling during the DMC. The Crawl Bears were very difficult – 150 yards in all, and the last two at 40 and 50 yards respectively necessitated stopping and resting from YHC and Walmart. Coach K provided moral and emotional support during the last Crawl Bear, which was awesome until PAX were told to “give it everything you’ve got,” “10 more yards,” and “5 more yards – almost there”;   and then realized we had reached the 10 yard line and not the goal line. Decently sure it was an honest mistake. The last 10 yards were just for character (?and muscle)-building.

The lesson from this is to prepare to go further and do more than you think you have to. #TheCountIsAlways100 is a way PAX can think about exercises to keep themselves going through the endpoint.

At mention of ascending curb crawl, one of the PAX suggested moving the exercise from the street to the playground for safety. A great idea; less great once we set our hands on the woodchip playground surface.

PAX did pull-ups today because at YHC’s last post, it was clear that both he and his partner were weak at pull-ups. Not sure, perhaps a good idea for PAX to Q according to their weaknesses?

Cupid shuffle – didn’t know that song could last so long, and probably don’t want to hear it again for a while.

Overall pretty solid workout. Happy to have a 3rd PAX on a Sunday, can maybe start increasing numbers over time.

1. Happy Hour was fun. Jello shots maybe not as much.

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