17 & 7

PAX: Oatmeal, Kitty Cat, Coach K, Rump Roast, MySpace, Sally, Ant Man, Ina, Sex Panther, Alright Alright & Plus One
QIC: Plus One

AO: Burleson Park
YHC welcomed the PAX and provided the disclaimer.

Side Straddle Hop x 30 IC
Imperial Storm Trooper x 17 IC
Don Quixote x 7 IC

17 & 7
Partner 1: Run Long Lap
Partner 2: 17 Merkins x 7 Squats (Double Count since Tiger Woods hit 2 into the water in route to a quad)
Complete until each pax has completed 4 Laps

MARY (Part I):
LBC x 17 IC
Freddie Mercury x 17 IC
Reach Through x 17 IC

Mosey to Garage

17 Again
Level 1: 17 Groiners – OYO
Lunge Up 1 Ramp
Level 2: Ranger Merkins x 17 – OYO
Reverse Lunge Up 1 Ramp
Level 3: E2K x 17 (each side) – OYO
Lunge Up 1 Ramp, Reverse Lunge 1 Ramp
Level 4: Elf on a Shelf x 17 – OYO
Bear Crawl Up 1 Ramp, Crab Walk Remaining Ramp to Top of Garage
Level 5: Nipple Scrapers x 17 – OYO

Mosey Down the Stairs

Bench Work
Clay Makers x 7
Irkins x 7
Derkins x 7

Wind Sprints x 2

Mosey back to playground

MARY (Part II)
Uptown Crunch x 17 IC
Body Destroyer

The PAX circled up and YHC took it out in a word of prayer.

Mumble chatter was normal levels but volume grew louder at the sound of nipple scrapers. Although Sally made an official announcement for Chick-fil-a, there is never a question as to the location of coffetria on a Saturday morning post-workout.