DATE: Tuesday 5/14/19

PAX: Pow Pow, Peppa, Teasip, Coach K, Special Sauce, Gold Digger, Oatmeal, Eli, Sex Panther, Icebox, Rump Roast, Thunderlips, Small Things (FNG)
QIC: Sally

AO: Glencoe (Fo Sho) Park

SSH x 20
IST x 15
Daisy Pickers x ?10

Mosey to goal line of football field


Group running / agility work:
On your stomachs;
On 3, run to first light pole. Then on your stomachs; wait for 6
On 3, run to second light pole. Then on your stomachs; wait for 6
On 3, run to goal line. Then on your 6; wait for 6

Reverso back down the field, but this time on your 6 instead of on your stomach

Reverso back down with one sprint down the length of the field

Partner Dora 1-1
Partner up; 1 partner runs to midfield and back, the other completes exercises

150 T-Merkins
100 Prisoner Get-Ups (from on your 6 to standing without using hands)

Tunnel of Love x 2

One more run down the field using the lightpoles to get on your stomach; started the first two with an army roll to the right and to the left prior to running

Mosey to Basketball Court

+Burpee broad jumps
+Bear Crawl and Crawl Bear
+Lunge Walk and Crab Walk
+2-line suicides (mid-court and full)

Mosey to Tennis Court

+Paint the Lines; Bernie style (1/2), normal (1/2)
+Suicides x 2 (long and short)

Low flutters
Dr. W’s (8)
Rugby sit-ups (slow and in control)

Gave thanks for all that we are able to do and all of the blessings we have; asked for guidance, safety, and servant’s mentality. Asked for help for those in need.

Welcome to FNG Small Things (First concert and theme music of his childhood was Blink-182)

Day started off like normal, with Rump and Sauce screeching into the parking lot at 5:30 on the dot. Heavy beats heard from the Rump Truck. Additionally of note, Coach K got out of his truck at least a minute earlier than he normally does.

An FNG rolled up, just like Oatmeal planned – except it was a different guy than he thought. Pleasant surprise as the other FNG had texted Oatmeal 15 minutes earlier with the “not this morning” text.

On the first exercises, some heavy initial resistance to putting oneself in the muck. It gradually became apparent that it was going to happen so we might as well wet down.

Turns out the lightpoles at Glencoe on the sides of the Glencoe football field are not symmetrical.

Modified the Prisoner Get-Ups from 200 to 100 because dang those are hard.

Tunnel of Love was not a fan favorite – completely unrelated, YHC got trapped underneath a couple PAX who just couldn’t quite hold it up any longer.

Coach K crushed the burpee broad jumps; he might have taken 5 jumps to get to the end of the court

Oatmeal stepped up to lead the Bernie Paint the Lines, kudos to him. Unfortunately the task was a difficult one and it turned out to be a rough leadership stint. He eventually offered his resignation after starting normal paint the lines.

DadHacks might be in the running for best Shield Lock name in F3.

Peppa is still on his way to #56InARow

Notable absentees included: Pepper, United, Chairman Mao, Alright Alright, Maverick

1. Sex Panther VQ tomorrow!
2. Q-Source groups Wednesday dinner and Friday lunch; we’re done with Getting Right and are moving on to Living Right. Will be good stuff, see if you can make it out.