Doubletime Hills

PAX: Coach K, Sex Panther, Chairman Mao, Ina, Gold Digger, Sally, Peppa, United
QIC: Oatmeal

AO: Flag Pole Hill

PAX began #doubletime as usual with normal loop through wetlands and back to Goforth, past Gold Digger’s peacock farm gathering at the base of everyone’s favorite hill after picking up the six.  From here, YHC commenced a hill-tastic suicide drill.  PAX were instructed to run at “race pace” uphill, turn around and return to the bottom of the hill at each inlet of Goforth Cir, at Bargiames, where YHC had PAX turn right and run to Deer Trail and back down to hill to starting point.  The last length of the suicide was to the top of the hill at White Rock Trail, turning right and running back down hill.  Noting time when all PAX made it back down hill, YHC had PAX run to White Rock Trail once again before heading back to the park.  Being the HIM’s that we are, PAX and YHC arrived early to the rally point so to quietly pass the time, YHC had PAX run three hill repeats until ruckers rallied and time was called.

Still managed to get in 5 miles!!

YHC prayed us out.

PAX seemed to love YHC’s announcement of hill workout.  There was a little weeping and gnashing of teeth, but mumblechatter faded as the Hill worked its magic.  Common complaint to slowing down runners during #doubletime are the hills, so YHC thought it a good strength builder to face our demons.  Hill repeats at end of workout were a crowd favorite!