5 Court Workout Deck

PAX: Mile High, Alright Alright, Coach K, Oatmeal, Sally, Teasip, Candy Land
QIC: F150

AO:La Madeleine

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Given at 0530

Side Straddle Hops IC x19
Cotton Pickers IC x19
Imperial Storm Troopers IC x19
Annie IC x19
Copperhead Squats IC x19

Mosey to the SMU Tennis Courts

Stopped for OYO Merkins at the cross walk between La Madeline and Tennis Courts to keep PAX together.

Tennis Courts for Workout Deck

A Card was drawn, the number indicated the number reps on each out of bounds line (doubles and singles lines – 4 per court), exercise was on the card. All PAX did each exercise on all 5 courts. All PAX were to return to starting point together, working on team. YHC left it up to the PAX of how to interpret team aspect.

7 – Monkey Humpers (140 per PAX)
3 – Chuck Norris Merkins (60 PP)
J – Dips (220 PP)
7 – Lil Baby Crunches (140 PP)
7 – Derkins (70 PP – PAX partnered together)
Lunge Walk distance of 5 Tennis Courts

Mosey back to La Madeleine

Stopped Peoples Chair at the cross walk to keep PAX together.

None was given due to some in workout and time.


Community//Organization//Team is the Q Source of the week. As a region we need to be looking at ways that are successful for us to grow and we can’t copy what other regions are doing. We must do what our PAX and Sad Clowns need and it will most likely look different than other regions. YHC is reading through the Bible this year with our church and we just made it through the burning bush chapthers. God only spoke through one burning bush experience to Moses, only one flood experience through Noah and family, only one man was and then was taken up by God and did not taste death – Enoch. Each was unique, just like what we must do within F3. YHC believes for the 1.5 years that I’ve been part of F3 if we can find the way that works for us, each as an individual, to invite men to a workout. Then we should, if we are a follow of Jesus, be able to invite men into a conversation about Jesus. That does not mean that we have to memorize five points or an analogy to share with them the Gospel, but just invite them into an ongoing conversation. It might simply start with a ‘What do you think happens after this life?’ and that be all of the conversation. It is a starting point for a much more personal and longer conversation. After all we are called to share the Gospel of Jesus, if we are followers of Him. YHC challenged the PAX to figure out their way to EH and invite someone into a conversation about Jesus.


There was some mumblechatter about the sets of 19 at the beginning of warm-o-rama, guess that will have to be settled at another date. Along with some harassment about the order of commands…what can I say a little rusty. Upon getting to the tennis courts there was some conversation about how the TEAM aspect of our workout would work. It was questioned if it meant that as long as the reps were done or how. This was an experiment in how the PAX would represent TEAM. Would the PAX only look out for self or would it be “Leave no man behind but leave no man where we find him.”?


  1. Run Ranger Run