QSource in a Workout

PAX: Aaarrrggghhh, Gambler, Hoser (F3 Franklin)

QIC: Alright Alright

Alternative Beatdown: F150

Disclaimer: Given

YHC sent out a preblast yesterday letting all of the PAX know that this workout would be an additional QSource lesson.  YHC thought that would be appealing the PAX.  Apparently it was not.  In fact, it seems that the PAX are seriously against this type of lesson, as Aaarrrggghhh and Gambler were the only Dallas PAX to join YHC for the educational #beatdown.

YHC is contemplating calling out all of the PAX that had committed to posting, and then did not…

#Tclaps to Chairman Mao for running the Katy Trail to join us for the Warm-o-rama only before heading immediately to the DMV for a less than efficient morning.


SSH x15

IST x15

Squats x10

Tha Thang

Mosey to the Bridge as a Community (a group that is close in proximity, but has no true purpose)

At the base of the Bridge partner up.  Partner 1 run across Bridge. Partner 2 does merkins until Partner 1 returns. Flapjack. This is an Organization (a group that has a purpose, but is not necessarily close in proximity).

Native American run across the Bridge and back. This is a Team (a group that is close in proximity and has a purpose).

Bataan Death March across the Bridge and back, with 3 burpees at the back of the line. This represents a Leech, an organization that is slow moving and dying. Individuals are looking out for their own survival in these organizations.

Native American Run across the Bridge and back. This represents a Bullfrog, an organization that’s purpose is solely to exist. Bullfrogs are happy with the status quo and truly enjoy comfort.

Timed Native American Run across the Bridge and back. This represents a Lizard, an organization that is dedicated to the effective achievement of its mission. Lizards are forward looking, they seek change through movement and disruption. The stopwatch certainly disrupted us.

Timed Native American Run across the Bridge and back with the mission of beating the previous time.  We did.

Celebratory individual run across the Bridge and back.

Community mosey back to La Madeleine.

In all we ran 4.2 miles.

YHC hopes the PAX learned something from this beatdown.

Let’s get better tomorrow men. No more excuses.