But, This Hurts!

PAX: AlrightAlright, Ant Man, F-150, Stingray
QIC: Sally

AO: The Harbor

SSH x 20
IST x 20

Begin mosey east.
At PAX request, stop moseying for alligator walk with merkin in between each step. ~1/4 block, then mountain climbers.

Descending curb crawl with derkins and irkins – from 10 down to 1; bear crawl in between. Then mountain climbers.

Mosey south.
Burpee dan ~1/2 block, 1 burpee to 4 lunges

Circle of Mary:
Rugby sit-ups, crab cakes, flutter kicks, and low dollies. All sloooowwww (& low?).

Alligator / Peter Parker walk – ~1/4 block

Run down big hill and back up; get the 6 when you’re done.

Mosey north.
25 gorilla squats OYO

Mosey west.
30 box jumps OYO, then irkins DC x 20

Continue mosey.
Crab walk ~1/3 block

Descending dirty McOcho: start with 8 dips DC, then do 7 box jumps, then 6 dips, etc.



Blustery morning, but not too cold. Tons of mumblechatter at the beginning of the workout, during which YHC was trying to keep PAX actually working out. Perhaps we need to change up the warm-up. YHC thinks this might be why, after moseying less than 1 minute, PAX came to the realization of oh crap we’re working out, and said “Sally you dropped something” – in reference to the 6 who was a whole 15 yards behind.

The Q was unfazed and continued on, but 20 seconds later came “What, are we marathon training?!” So we stopped for the alligator / peter parker walk. Turns out this was not fun either, and PAX began making comments about their Starbucky hands hurting. Next Q I’ll bring pina coladas and we’ll sit in the cars :).

Rest of the workout proceeded pretty well but uneventful. We were pretty much all out of breath.

Mumblechatter included talk about GrowRuck potentially coming to Texas, the supposed dearth of mumblechatter at some workouts nationwide, and other topics YHC was unable to take part in due to counting / planning.

Good time all around, and think we got in a pretty good workout. Lots of legs and lots of chest/shoulders, with a solid ~3 miles of running.

Thank you, PAX, for coming out this morning and allowing me to lead.

1. QSource today. Meat Shop at 11:30
2. Happy hour 1700 at Capitol Pub
3. Next weekend is F3 weekend – Martin Jingle & Mingle on the 14th, then marathon relay and holiday party on the 15th