Lunging, Lunging, and More Lunging

DATE: 12/3/2019

TEMP: 38

WEATHER: pretty good. Not too breezy.


PAX: Walmart, Mookie, Maverick

QIC: Walmart

AO: Liberty Park



-SSH x25 IC

-Don Quixote x15 IC

-Cotton Picker x15 IC

-Bone the Fish

THE THANG: the Lunge Mile. PAX grabbed coupons and went to the track. PAX are to lunge across the curves of the track, and run down the straight stretches. 4 laps total, with 25 coupon squats after each lap.


-LBC x15 IC

-American Hammer x25 IC

-Leg Lift x15 on Q’s count

CIRCLE OF TRUST: Q prayed out.

MOLESKIN: good Mumblechatter about Mammon. 

ANNOUNCEMENTS: F3 DFW holiday party on December 15 at Desperado’s. 1400-1700. Plano is invited. Look on Band for an event reminder, and for information on who to Venmo to pay for your food.