All I Want For Christmas Are Some Dirty McDeuces

DATE: 12/24/2019

TEMP: 40

WEATHER: no wind, clear.



PAX: Rabbit, Walmart.

QIC: Walmart.


AO: Liberty Park.





-Cotton Picker x15 IC

-Overhead Claps x15 IC

-Little Baby Arm Circles Forward x15 IC

-Little Baby Arm Circles Backward x15 IC

-IW x15 IC





Mosey to the playground.

Dirty McDeuces: follow each set with a lap around the playground.

-Pullups x24 OYO, LBC x24 OYO, Squat x24 OYO.

-Carolina Dry Docks x24 OYO, LBC x24 OYO, Squat x24 OYO.

-Irkins x12 IC, LBC x24 IC, Step Ups x12 IC.

-Swerkins x12 IC, LBC x12 IC, Squats x12 IC.


Mosey to the tennis courts.

Four Corners: each corner of one tennis court is a Pain Station. Bear Crawl on long stretches between Stations. Lunge on short stretches between Stations. Workout OYO.

-Corner 1: T Merkins x12.

-Corner 2: Frog Jumps x14.

-Corner 3: American Hammer x16 IC.

-Corner 4: Burpees x18.



-Flutter Kicks x15 IC.

-WWI Situp x15 OC.

-Box Cutters x24 IC.


CIRCLE OF TRUST: PAX shared their Christmas plans and excitement for the holidays. Q prayed out.

MOLESKIN: Rabbit shared about his vacation to Iceland to see the Northern Lights, making Q very jealous.

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