AlrightAlright Flys In

AO: Caruth Park

SSH x20
IST x15
Hillbilly x15
Merkins x10 – slow count
Squats x10

Lieutenant Dan: (4 lunges, 1 squat, all the way from the flag pole to the soft top)

Bear Hunt:
Partner 1: bear crawl
Partner 2: 10 merkins then run after Partner 1
Flapjack and repeato across the field

5 laps with 5 burpees and 5 pull-ups each lap

Jacob’s Ladder
Run across both tennis courts, 7:1 T-Merkins, run back, 1:7 squats

Painting Bears
Bear Crawl Paint the Lines

LBCs x15
Low Dolly x15
Rosalita x15
Uptown Crunch x10 each side
Flutter Kicks x15
Protractor by Spread

PAX: Spread, Special Sauce, Ant Man, Ultra, Icebox, Coach K, Princess Turtlehead
QIC: AlrightAlright

YHC prayed us out, praying that God will help us recognize other men that need this group.

Before the workout began Spread immediately protested the Tunnel of Love. It was a perfect day for it.
We moseyed back to the soft top for Mary and found that our territory had been seized by a group of women. Clearly they missed the memo that we claimed this park way back in 2012. We decided to cede the territory peacefully this week, but if it happens again next week…..
Ant Man remarked that the women should be recruited for Females In Action… more to come on the F3 sister organization in the coming weeks.
It was agreed by some that 5×5 should happen more often.
Many complained the Painting Bears are impossible, yet we didn’t have any trouble completing them.
Several of the PAX were overjoyed to find YHC Q’ing for a second day in a row.

Talk to Icebox about Taste of Dallas with M’s and CBD’s

Next Happy Hour is July 13th. Mark your calendars. This one will not be at Ozona… Spread, splash…. be on the lookout for announcements from Pepper.